Money and Depression

I have a confession to make. The last few months have been the happiest for me in several years. I am convinced that the biggest


What Can I Do Today To Make Me Rich In The Future?

In an ever-changing fast-paced world, most of us are accustomed to doing things now, and long-term financial planning is often difficult for us to wrap

Lying About Money – And Telling The Truth

In some ways, most of us lie about money. We create an appearance to others of having more than we do in order to build

When Should I Begin Investing?

Lots of people who begin putting their financial house in proper order quickly begin to wonder when they should start investing in high-return items with

Readers Reveal Painful Truths About Credit Card Debt

Recently, several readers of The Simple Dollar have emailed me and asked questions about managing and reorganizing their debt. These individuals are trying to find

Time, Money, and Values

I used to feel really guilty about the ways in which I spent my money. My solution to this guilt was to spend even more

Cash That Just Gathers Dust: A Technique For Paring Down Your Media Collection

When I was spending money like it was water, I was buying about ten CDs and DVDs a week. I was a media addict, buying

Explaining Simple Interest, Compound Interest, APR, and APY

Recently, my niece was trying to calculate how much money would be in her savings account in six months. She was using the APY as

How To Save Money: 5 Ways To Put Money In Your Pocket

Many people think about saving money, but decide that it’s too much work or it interferes too much with their lives. I’m usually this way,

Making A Simple Budget – A First Timer’s Guide

There are a lot of people in Generation Y that have never actually attempted to make a budget and have never experienced the usefulness of

Know Someone In Financial Armageddon? Seven Pieces of Advice

When I found myself deep in financial meltdown, I threw myself into learning as much as I possibly could about personal finance. I was quite

If I Could Do It All Over Again: Advising Myself At Age Eighteen

Ten years ago, I was in the midst of my freshman year in college. I had very little concept of money or what to do

Setting and Meeting Daily Personal Financial Goals

Ever since I was young, I have had a number of daily goals for myself. Most of them seem rather mundane: commit a random act

How to Build Credit in College

While I was reading a thread at The Consumerist on ways to get started with credit, I found myself repeatedly shaking my head at the

The Road to Financial Armageddon #9: The Road to Recovery

Yesterday, I described my financial meltdown, when I reached a point where there was more money going out each month than coming in with no


Two Banks Enter, One Bank Leaves: ING vs. HSBC in … Direct Thunderdome

Over the past few months, I signed up with both ING Direct and HSBC Direct in order to try out their online savings offerings. I

52 Personal Finance Books in 52 Weeks

I’m constantly astounded by the huge number of personal finance books that are out there, and it seems like every week I discover a new

The One Month Challenge

I used to waste tons of money on silly little things. I did it so often and so regularly that I didn’t even realize that

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