One Thing You Can Do Today That Will Put You In Better Financial Shape Tomorrow

I’m about to reveal a very key technique that anyone can use to ensure that their financial shape tomorrow is better than their financial shape

Treat It As A Bill: How I Made A Commitment To Saving Work For Me

Not all that long ago, if I wanted to spend money, I’d look at what was left in my checking account and spend it. I

SmartMoney Magazine’s “7 Money Mistakes” – And The Simple Dollar’s “7 More Money Mistakes”

I was leafing through the July issue of SmartMoney (the Wall Street Journal’s sister magazine) mostly because of the cover article, 7 Money Mistakes …

How To Calculate APR And APY In A Spreadsheet – And Why You Would Want To

In the past, I gave a brief discussion about the difference between APR and APY when talking about simple and compound interest. What I didn’t

Past Performance Is Not A Guarantee Of Future Returns

Quite often on The Simple Dollar, I’ll put up a description of a financial situation that one of my readers finds themselves in, or I’ll


Figuring Out Exactly How Much Your Time Is Worth

A couple of days ago, I made an offhand mention of the value of knowing what your time is worth so you can quickly determine

Questions From Anonymous Readers

Like any person who runs a popular website, I keep statistics on how many people visit The Simple Dollar (I get about 75,000 visitors on

If You Take Home Anything At All… Seven Fundamental Tips

I write about a huge variety of topics on this blog and I’m quite sure that not all of them are interesting to every reader.


The Furniture Dilemma

My wife and son and I currently live in a tiny apartment. I mean tiny. It nominally has two bedrooms, but the second one (used

Dealing With The Stress of Buying a Home

Right now, my wife and I are waist-deep in the house buying process and it is pretty stressful for both of us. Buying a house

The Longest Night

Over at I Will Teach You To Be Rich, Ramit is collecting stories about debt, and as the first anniversary of my financial armageddon approaches,


All Things In Moderation, Or Why You Shouldn’t Take All Of The Advice At The Simple Dollar

Recently, a reader contacted me via instant messenger and expressed some deep sadness as a result of reading and trying to do the things she


Fifteen Free Things To Do During A Money-Free Weekend

Yesterday, I wrote a well-received article about having a “money-free” weekend, which outlines the idea that you can not only save some money and entertain


Challenge Yourself To A Money-Free Weekend

For the last few months, my wife and I have been doing something every other weekend or so that we call a “money free” weekend,

The Economy of Melancholy and 10 Ways to Battle It

In the May 2007 issue of Harper’s Magazine (which should be on newsstands shortly – I am a subscriber), a fascinating cover article appears entitled


My Company Just Announced Huge Layoffs And I’m Afraid My Position Will Disappear: Seven Things You Need To Do Right Now

A friend of mine works for CitiGroup in South Dakota, which is about to experience some massive layoffs. He’s a bit worried about what’s coming

What Is Personal Finance? The Answer Might Be More Than You Think…

This is an interesting question that has been popping up again and again as I continue this blog. It’s becoming clear to me that my


Five Things That Seem Expensive – But Don’t Have To Be

While reading through the plethora of comments on my recent post on giving television the boot, I realized that there are many things that I