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Six Money-Saving Strategies for Taking Advantage of the Holiday Aftermath

The gifts are unwrapped. The meals have been eaten. The family and friends have gone home. You’re left with a stack of gifts and a

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The Real Gift of the Holidays

Tomorrow, a lot of people all around the world will be celebrating Christmas. Many other people celebrate other holidays around this time of the year

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The Danger of the Word ‘Deserve’

I deserve to go out and have a nice dinner. Deserve. It’s a word that implies a pretty high opinion of oneself. It means that

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Ringing in the New Year with a Financially Smart New Year’s Resolution

One of the most common themes in messages from readers in late December is the New Year’s resolution. People everywhere seem to want to use

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Seven Things Everyone Should Know About Their Money

While watching a snippet of the Dr. Phil Show the other day, I heard a monologue that related intimately to personal finance. “You cannot change

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Nine Strategies for Cutting the Cost of Convenience

When I was in college, my academic advisor used to say something fairly often that didn’t really resonate with me at the time, but now

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Nine Frugal Strategies for Tackling the Winter Blues

Time for a confession: I get hit hard by the winter blues. Sometime in November or early December, I hit an absolute wall when it

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The Big Questions and the Little Expenses

Your Money or Your Life is, without a doubt, my favorite personal finance book. To say it had an enormous impact on me and how

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Using Personal Finance Data to Drive Smart New Year’s Resolutions

Each year, near the end of the year, I like to take a look at the personal finance data I’ve accumulated over the preceding 12 months

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Taking the First Steps Toward Saving for Retirement

It’s a pretty familiar story. A person doesn’t pay any attention to retirement savings at the start of their career, deciding usually on the spur

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Simple Doesn’t Mean Easy

The core principles of personal finance success are really, really simple. Spend less than you earn. Find smart ways to cut spending, especially on big

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Nine Strategies for Investing in Yourself Without Major Financial Expense

Spend less than you earn. That’s what I consider to be the fundamental rule of personal finance. Everything really comes down to that – frugality,

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The Burden of the Needy Family

I recently read a fantastic article from The Atlantic entitled Why So Many Minority Millennials Can’t Get Ahead. Although the article is demographically correct in

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Think Different: Meet Your Needs (and Major Wants) in New Ways for a Financial Reboot

Last week, I wrote an article about blurring the line between needs and wants, which is a reason that many people get into financial trouble.

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Financial Independence Around the Holiday Table

After the big holiday dinner has been served and Aunt Beatrice is on her fifth glass of wine and your cousin Will is well into

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Unnecessary Necessities

As I do most years, I spent some time looking at Black Friday flyers for a number of stores in my area, just to see


Spending Your Life

Recently, I had the great pleasure of reading an excellent article from Wait But Why entitled Your Life in Weeks. The premise of the article

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Making a ‘Future Self Friday’

A few months ago, I made a key change to my work schedule. I was feeling frustrated that I never felt as though I had

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