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Assessing Your Financial Progress With Honesty but Without Negativity

I’m going to let you in on a couple of dark secrets about financial improvement. First of all, it’s a slow road. Once you get

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Have an Amazing Family Summer Without Breaking the Bank: 20 Low-Cost Family Summer Activities

We have three children. My wife is a teacher. I have a fairly flexible job that gives me freedom to work whatever hours I like

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Seeking ‘The Best’ Versus ‘Good Enough’

Recently, I had the pleasure of reading Tyler Cowen’s excellent book The Complacent Class: The Self-Defeating Quest for the American Dream. In it, Cowen makes

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Jewels of Financial Wisdom From Ancient Religious Texts

There are a few basic tenets to follow if you want to grow your wealth without compromising your integrity: Save more than you earn. Watch

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12 Non-Financial Books That Will Help You Cultivate a Mindset of Financial Independence

Over the years, I’ve written about many personal finance books that have been incredibly valuable to me and to many others in terms of helping

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Some Thoughts on the Battle Between Minimalism and Preparedness

One of the biggest struggles I have in my life is this constant battle between two guiding values: minimalism and preparedness. I see great value

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Six Simple Steps for Cooking at Home If You’ve Never Really Done It Before

Several years ago, I wrote a brief article on the first steps someone should take if they’re new to cooking at home. For some reason,

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Is an Instant Pot Really a Worthwhile Frugal Purchase?

Over the last few years, a hybrid pressure cooker and slow cooker called the Instant Pot has become quite popular in some circles and, as

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A Guide for Busy People Who Want to Build New Income Streams

John writes in: Recently, you mentioned in this article that you’ve set up some additional income streams to the point “where any income stream can

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Balancing Financial Success and Life’s Big Moments

A little over a week ago, I responded to a mailbag question from Mary, who was struggling with the decision about whether to go on

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Wealth Is Not a Route to Happiness. What Is?

I recently read a great article by Peter Singer on the general topic of effective altruism entitled The Drowning Child and the Expanding Circle, which

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Thoughts Become Desires

One of my biggest work distractions is looking at interesting websites, particularly ones that I think will help improve my life (this might sound an


The Dirty Dozen: My 12 Biggest Financial Mistakes of the Last 10 Years and How I Wish I Had Done Things Differently

When I write about my own personal finance experiences, it’s easy to report on the things I did well. Writing about the good moves makes

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Putting the Checklist Manifesto to Work for Better Financial and Personal Habits

Several years ago, I read a wonderful book called The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande. I thought highly enough of the book after reading it

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Eight Money Mistakes the Middle Class Keeps Making

About half of Americans lived in middle-income households in 2014, according to Pew Research. This demographic includes families with incomes two-thirds to double the U.S. median household

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The Imitation Game

“You are the average of your five closest friends.” – Jim Rohn I often use that quote on this site because it really hits home

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12 Ways to Use Spring Break to Tidy Up Your Financial Life

In the coming month, many Americans of all ages – not just children – are going to be enjoying spring break. Students, teachers, school employees,

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How to Write a Great, Simple Business Plan for a Small Side Business

Several weeks ago, I wrote an article on starting a side business as part of my larger 31 Days to Financial Independence series. In that