woman in office with too much work to do

Managing a Never-Ending Pile of Things to Do

In Monday’s reader mailbag, I answered a question from Marcus about how I manage my time these days. Here’s the question from Marcus, as well

kitchen stuff

The Challenge of Getting Rid of Stuff

I have more things than I need. Over the last several years, I’ve made a conscious effort to pare down my possessions. Most of the

blindfolded with $20 bill

10 Ways to Trick Yourself Into Saving Money

As adults, we shouldn’t have to trick ourselves into doing the right thing. Yet, most of us still do it all the time. Raise your

disconnect: marty mcfly

How to Avoid Feeling Disconnected from the Numbers

I’ve been saving for retirement in some fashion or another since I was 22 years old. That means I’ve been accumulating money in various retirement

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Spare Time: Higher Earnings or Lower Spending?

Sarah (no, not my wife) wrote in with a really good question: Let’s say I have a free weekend. Am I better off spending that

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Seven Books for Building a Whole-Life Perspective Regarding Your Money

Several days ago, I wrote an article entitled Why I’m Ignoring the Stock Market Downturn that generated some interesting discussion, but I wanted to highlight

top chef cooks

Take Action!

A few days ago, a friend of mine shared a wonderful older article from the New York Times Magazine entitled Out of the Kitchen, Onto

dinner party

How to Organize a Cost-Effective and Fun Dinner Party

Roughly once a month, my wife and I host a dinner party with a guest list numbering between four and 10 other people. These dinner parties


Financial Independence on a Smaller Income

Anyone who has read my articles on The Simple Dollar in the past few years knows that Sarah and I have set a personal goal

up and down road

Why I’m Ignoring the Stock Market Downturn

I can’t even tell you how many emails and Facebook messages I’ve received over the last few weeks talking about the downturn in the stock

save money on video games

How to Save Money with a Video Gaming Hobby

Charlie writes in: I loved your recent article on saving money on board games. Do you have something similar about video games? It is a

work sucks pin

Finding Meaning Within Your Job – Even If You Don’t Like It

Most people don’t like their jobs. Believe it or not, only 13% of people worldwide actually like going to work. That means seven out of

skateboarding downhill

Building Momentum

I want to start off by sharing two stories with you that might not seem to have very much in common, but they actually turn

kid jumping into lake


A few days ago, I had the pleasure of watching an excellent speech by Steve Harvey. Harvey gave this speech on the set of Family

roller coaster ride

Something to Think About in a Stock Market Downturn

Over the last week or two, as is always the case when the stock market dips a little, people write to me and ask whether

windshield wipers

11 Simple but Vital Home and Auto Maintenance Tasks That People Often Forget

About once a month, I spend part of a Saturday simply catching up on home and auto maintenance tasks that have fallen through the cracks.

powerball billion dollar lottery ticket

The ‘Billion-Dollar Lottery’ and You

Unless you’ve been in a media blackout for the past few days, you’ve heard that the Powerball lottery has set a new all-time high for

split the check at restaurants

Frugality, Financial Independence, and Social Situations

Maggie writes in: How do you handle social situations with family and friends who read The Simple Dollar and know about your financial state? Does

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