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My Ultimate Guide to Free Things That I Love to Do

Dana writes in: What exactly is all of this “free stuff” you talk about doing all the time with your family and your friends? I’d

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Here’s What to Do If You’re in an Auto Accident

You’re driving along minding your own business when suddenly you smash into another car or into some other obstacle. Your car is damaged – and

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Money and Social Acceptance

Just the other day, I came across this great section on pages 45 and 46 of the current paperback version of Your Money or Your

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The Moment Versus the Big Picture

Recently, a reader who I’ll call Jenny sent me a very long and thoughtful message, of which one part has left me thinking for quite

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Can Money Buy You Happiness?

Yesterday, as I was sifting through my bookmarks for future Simple Dollar articles, I came across this wonderful article by David Short: Happiness Revisited: A Household


How to Cut the Cable (or Satellite) Cord and Save a Lot of Money Each Month

Here’s the reality: the average American cable bill is $100 per month. That’s the average, mind you: many people pay more than that, and some

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The Dance Between Your Present Self and Your Future Self

Almost every choice I make in my life boils down to a choice between my “present self” and my “future self.” Over the last decade,

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Make the Most of Your ‘Stay-Cation’

Right about the time you are reading this, I’m waving good bye to my family as they travel a bit during spring break. They’re going


Managing Expensive Hobbies So They Don’t Destroy You Financially

Ken writes: Golf really isn’t that expensive of a hobby if you do it smartly. My friends jokingly call me the “cheap golfer.” I mostly

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‘It’s Not Possible.’

I’ve read it in emails and Facebook messages from readers. I’ve heard it from people I talk to about The Simple Dollar. I even hear

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Loan Money to Family? Sure, If It’s Uncle Sam

You’ve gathered all the paperwork, and you’ve gone through all the TurboTax prompts (not to mention three cups of coffee). With one final click, here comes

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The Frugal Spectrum

When people think of the word “frugal” or define in their head what a “frugal person” is, they usually think of someone that is at


The Basic Toolbox Everyone Needs to Handle Simple DIY Tasks at Home

When we first moved into our house, the only tool I owned was a Leatherman Wave multitool that I kept in my pocket. Honestly, it

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The Power of Social Indifference

Yesterday, as I was doing a bit of research into my article about the traits of a typical millionaire, I came across a fascinating article

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Portrait of a Millionaire

Who is the prototypical American millionaire? What would he tell you about himself? In the early-to-mid-1990s, Thomas Stanley and William Danko conducted a long series

Changing Flat Tire

The Financial Trap of Buying Your Way Out of Life’s Little Challenges

A few weeks ago, someone close to me was driving home from work when suddenly one of their tires blew out. At that point, this

Costco detergent

30 Store-Brand and Generic Items I Use… and Five I Don’t

When I go to the grocery store, most of the items that I put into my cart are generic or store-brand items. I continually walk

Memories Frugal

Using Memories of the Past to Build a Memorable and Frugal Future

Step back for a second and make a brief mental list of some of the best moments of your life. Let’s say… 10 of them or

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