Thoughts on Celebrating Valentine’s Day

Ever since the first Valentine’s Day that my wife and I spent as a couple (1998, for those curious), we’ve done a wide variety of

What to Do If You Have a Great Idea

A reader I’ll call Mitch has an interesting question: About a week ago, I was sort of daydreaming while watching television when all of a

The Bills Your Parents Didn’t Have

When I was young, my parents always managed to make ends meet, even though my mother was a stay-at-home mom (she had a less-than-ten hours

It Can’t Love You Back

A few nights ago, my wife had to work late, so I was charged with an evening at home alone with my three year old

The Need for Recognition

Nearly all of us work hard for a living. We go to work, throw at least some of our heart, soul, and energy into the


Making the Hard Choice

A few days ago, Seth Godin (my single favorite blogger by far) wrote the following: Think about how often your goal at a conference or

The “Super Bowl TV”: What a Difference Waiting a Year Can Make on a Big Purchase

An old friend of mine just dropped $2,000 on a large flat panel HDTV for his den, intending it to be the centerpiece of his

Doing the Wrong Thing

It is better to do the wrong thing than to do nothing. – Winston Churchill I have a strong tendency to overanalyze things, getting myself

The Iceland Scenario: What Can You Do?

For those of you who don’t follow international news very closely, Iceland suffered a very rough year in 2008. As recently as early October 2008,

Financial Success and Sacrifice

In the many articles I’ve written about my financial recovery, I’ve mentioned lots of things I chose to give up – buying DVDs, going out

How I Look at Economic News: Beyond the Talking Heads

As I’ve mentioned many times before, I’m not afraid of the current economic conditions. I simply don’t buy into the fear that is constantly being


Frugality, Freedom, and Hard Work

I spend a lot of time brainstorming articles for The Simple Dollar. Quite often, I don’t even have an article in mind when I’m trying

Thoughts on Inauguration Day

As many of you out there know, I’m pretty politically active in my spare time and I truly enjoy following and studying politics, both national

Personal Finance 101: How Much Money Is That Investment Really Earning Each Year?

Understanding the Annual Rate of Return and What it Means for You Quite often, when you see an advertisement trumpeting the amazing annual rate of


Recently, I wrote a review of Adam Shepard’s book Scratch Beginnings. In the book, Adam describes his attempt to “start from scratch” – employing nothing

The Secrets to Entrepreneurship? Or More?

Earlier this week, I stumbled across an October article from Inc. entitled Street Smarts: Secrets of a $110 Million Man. The article carefully outlined ten

Personal Finance 101: On Ponzi Schemes and Other Things

Understanding Ponzi Schemes and Making the Right Investments One of the biggest financial stories of the last month or so was the revelation that Bernie

A Mother’s Gifts

Recently, my mother celebrated her birthday in her usual quiet fashion. She likely never mentioned the day to anyone, remaining just happy to receive a

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