Tactics for Handling Greeting Card Occasions

A while back, I wrote about making your own greeting cards as a solution to the over-the-top expense of greeting cards, but merely using a

The Courage to Ask

When you ask for a bargain, the worst thing that can happen is that they say “no,” which is effectively what happens if you don’t

Please, Recommend a Personal Finance Product to Me!

All the time, I get requests from readers asking me for recommendations of financial products. What bank should I use? Where should I put my

Financial Success Isn’t About Stuff

Yesterday, I was reading a largely spot-on article over at Steve Pavlina’s blog with the rather New Age-y title How to Raise Your Financial Vibration.


Our Path to (Finally) Merging Our Finances

After six years of dating followed by five years of marriage, my wife and I finally decided to merge our finances together into the same


Charting a Course to Go Back to School

Amanda writes: After taking a serious re-evaluation of my life over the last year, I finally realized what I should be doing with it. I

Creation versus Consumption

On page 52 of his book Debt Is Slavery, Michael Mihalik makes a point that has been running through my head for several days. Be

Why One-Budget-Fits-All Doesn’t Work – And Why It’s Difficult to Compare Spending Between People and Families

Whenever I leaf through a personal finance “workbook,” I usually wind up getting frustrated. Such workbooks provide “example budgets” and “recommended percentages” that completely miss


Let me tell you a pair of stories about opportunity. When I was fifteen years old, I had a long heart-to-heart discussion with my parents.

Some Thoughts on Plasma Donation

One of the most frequent “quick money” tips I see bandied about is plasma donation. Go to a plasma donation center, complete a questionnaire, get

It’s Never As Hard As It Seems

Yesterday, I had a long IM conversation with a reader (that I’ll call Joel) who was asking for advice on how to invest some extra

The Personal Finance Secrets “They” Don’t Want You to Know About

I get asked to review all sorts of crazy personal finance books, plans, programs, and schemes all the time, ranging from the reasonable to the

How to Avoid the Trap of Splurging as a Reward for “Being Good”

Before I got control over my spending, I used to splurge all the time on small things that I wanted. I’d buy a new book

Everything’s So Easy for Pauline

My father has the most innate, natural grasp of mathematics of anyone I’ve ever known. He can’t tell an equation from Greek, but when you


Your Child’s College Education Fund

One question I often get from new and expectant parents is how much they should be saving each month for their child’s college education. Obviously,

Nine Things to Do When the Going Gets Tough

Every once in a while, I get an email from a reader that rips my heart out. Through a long series of choices and decisions

Why Buying Things on Sale is an Awful Way to Save

For years, I’ve been on a closed email list with a group of like-minded people who enjoy sharing internet links with amusing comments (think of

The Retirement Perspective

Lois had an interesting question about retirement: I asked if, by calculating our monthly expenses, we could multiply that by 200, and if that would

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