Resetting the Scale

One of my passions is food. If you’ve been reading The Simple Dollar for long, you know that I love spending a couple of hours

The Simple Dollar Podcast #8: My Top Personal Finance and Personal Development Book Picks

The eighth episode focuses on the ten personal finance and personal development books that made a difference during my personal, financial, and professional turnaround. Hopefully,

The Simple Dollar Podcast #7: Lying About Money

The seventh episode focuses on lying to others – and to yourself – about money. I relate several personal stories about lying from my own

David Ortiz

“They pick me [to be tested for steroids] every time. I don’t know why. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a big guy, or

9 Ways I Use Google Calendar For Bill Payment

Over the last year, I’ve been gradually moving away from a paper calendar (I used a Moleskine desk diary for it) to using Google Calendar

The Simple Dollar Podcast #6: Games People Play

The sixth episode focuses on gaming, a surprisingly fun way to save money. Along the way, I highlight tons of my favorite games to play

Your Heart and Your Bottom Dollar

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you might be aware that two well-known fifty year old men passed away this past week. Michael Jackson

How I Use Evernote to Improve My Finances

Over the past several months, I’ve gradually come to use Evernote for all kinds of tasks, from managing my writing to jotting down grocery ideas

Tips for Making Money with Amazon Mechanical Turk

Over the last month, tons of readers have written to me asking me about Amazon’s Mechanical Turk service. Can you actually earn reasonable money with

The Simple Dollar Podcast #5: Talking to Parents

The fifth episode focuses on talking to parents about money and their estate planning as they get older. Along the way, I mention my own

The Best Money Advice, in Ten Words or Less

About a week ago, I challenged my followers on Twitter to give me their best single piece of money advice in ten words or less.


Blending Work and Family: How We Do It

One common question I’m asked a lot is how we actually balance our work lives and our family lives. Barb sums it up best: How

Personal Finance 101: Why Do I Need Credit At All?

Samantha writes in: I don’t understand why I need credit at all. Credit just gets you into debt and you wind up paying interest to

The Two-Account System for Automatic Savings

Millie writes in, describing her interesting system of making herself save: I have my paycheck direct deposited into ING Direct. It comes in like clockwork

The “Lake Wobegon” Effect

Where the women are strong, the men are good looking, and all the children are above average. – Garrison Keillor, A Prairie Home Companion Sure,

Friendships and Financial Responsibility

When I first started writing The Simple Dollar, one of the biggest struggles I had was figuring out how to redefine some of my friendships


Money and Power

Charles writes in: The real reason people want to be rich isn’t so they can buy stuff. It’s so they can have power over others.

The Simple Dollar Podcast #4: Food

The fourth episode of The Simple Dollar Podcast focuses on food. I talk about ten tactics for reducing your food bills without reducing health and