The Snowball Effect

I often write about how a person can save a few dollars here and a few dollars there by making a few little changes in

One Big Way to Get Intense About Financial Independence

You are going to be fired from your job this Friday. Read that statement again. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine if that


8 Energy Savings Tips For Your Computer

It only takes a few small adjustments in your routine to build up some significant energy savings, and one of the best places to start

Eight Personal Finance Regrets From the Past Year

Even though I research and write about personal finance every day, I still manage to make quite a few mistakes and poor choices in how


How Important is Fuel Efficiency When Buying a Car?

Julia wrote in a few days ago with the following questions. My question is about cars, inspired in part by your post this morning. We

Build a Strong Social Network in Your Area

Lately, several readers have expressed concerns in several different ways revolving the idea of “family” – or of a very close set of friends and

8 Questions About the Current State of the Economy

Over the last few months as the subprime lending situation has grown increasingly worrisome, a lot of people have written to me asking some very


The Value of Personal Trust

A really good discussion about personal trust and honesty developed out of the most recent reader mailbag that I thought was worth discussing on its

Ten Killer Tactics for Developing a New Skill

In our everyday lives, it’s very easy to become complacent and content with our current skills and abilities. We have busy lives and often have

Personal Finance 101: Comparing Debts and Developing a Debt Repayment Plan

Steps to Help You Get Out of Debt A reader wrote in recently: I have kind of a weird situation with our 2 credit cards,

The First Money Talk with Your Partner

At some point, as a relationship grows and becomes more serious between two people, questions begin to arise about long-term plans, particularly as it begins


Daycare: Responsibilities in Balance

One of the most controversial subjects that I often touch upon is that of daycare. Some people are adamantly opposed to even suggesting the topic,

Just Got Ripped Off By A Consumer Product? Five Things to Do Right Now – And Six Ways to Follow Up

Every once in a while, I’ll run into some kind of product that’s either defective or sold with completely misleading packaging. Depending on the severity

The Connections Between Mental, Physical, and Financial Clutter

This post is a guest post by Erin Doland. Erin is the chief editor and writer of one of my favorite blogs, Unclutterer, and a


Early Reflections on a Career Change

Friday, March 14 was my final day at my old job. I packed up my desk, said my goodbyes, and walked out the door into

Financial Information and the Middle Class

In my morning roundup today, I made an offhand reference to a comment from Hayden Tompkins about passive income: I think passive income, like most

Cosmetic Surgery as Investment

Recently, I received an email from a reader – let’s call her Denise. Here’s her story (edited slightly to remove a few personal details): Here’s

The Little Books Series: Which Ones Are Worthwhile Reads?

Over the last several months, I’ve had the opportunity to review all five entries in the Little Book investment series. For those unaware, the Little

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