Nine Things to Do When the Going Gets Tough

Every once in a while, I get an email from a reader that rips my heart out. Through a long series of choices and decisions

Why Buying Things on Sale is an Awful Way to Save

For years, I’ve been on a closed email list with a group of like-minded people who enjoy sharing internet links with amusing comments (think of

The Retirement Perspective

Lois had an interesting question about retirement: I asked if, by calculating our monthly expenses, we could multiply that by 200, and if that would


Personal Finance 101: Money Market Accounts Versus Normal Savings Accounts

Kathleen writes in with a good question: A lot of personal finance books I read suggest putting your savings – especially stuff like emergency funds

Debt Freedom: A Personal Finance Startegy

I hear from a lot of readers who avidly follow Dave Ramsey. Many of them have taken his Financial Peace course, some got on board

How I Deal With My Financial Fears

Even though I write a lot about personal finance on here and elsewhere, I still have a lot of my own hang-ups about personal finance.

Learning About Money “The Hard Way”

Quite often, I get emails from readers who lament all of the mistakes they’ve made along the way, as though they’re symbols that they’ve somehow

My Material Weakness – And My Battle to Overcome It

Every once in a while, I’ll go through a short phase where I become obsessive about books, particularly ones not found at my local library.

Looking at Debt Repayment as an Investment

Quite often on The Simple Dollar, I’ll mention the advantages of getting your debt paid down. For most debts, paying them down is the best


The Things That Make You Feel Good – And What That Has To Do With Your Money

Just try this little experiment tomorrow. From the very start of the day, keep a little notepad with you and jot down everything that makes

Some Thoughts on Being Broke and Being Poor

A few days ago, I wrote a post where I responded to a reader who felt I had nothing to offer her because my income

Overcoming a Habit of Lying to Yourself About Money

After my recent article about how to deal with a partner that hides and lies about money problems, several readers made the astute point that

The Value (and Cost) of Experiences

One major theme I’ve observed in a large number of recent personal finance books and articles is the idea of valuing experiences over things. For

Another Major Milestone on the Road to Financial Stability

This morning, my wife and I sent in the final payment on her student loans, which was our primary personal finance goal for 2008 and

Class Warfare and The Simple Dollar

Marjorie wrote in recently: I used to enjoy The Simple Dollar until I read about your recovery from credit card debt. You paid off $17,000

What I Read to Keep Up on Personal Finance

A reader, Jimmy, wrote in with an interesting question recently. Where do you come up with your ideas? I know you read a lot, but

The Single Biggest Money Mistake I’ve Ever Made

The single biggest money mistake I’ve ever made was the day I decided that my future self would pay for stuff that I wanted (not

Credit Reports, Credit Scores, and Hard & Soft Pulls

Over the last few days, I’ve received a ton of questions about so-called “hard pulls” and “soft pulls” on your credit report and how they

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