Changes You Can Make

One of the strongest memories I have from my childhood comes from when I was about seven years old. We were visiting my grandmother and

The Entrepreneurial Drive (Or Lack Thereof)

Whenever I write a post about careers, I usually receive a few comments or emails from readers who are heavily involved in entrepreneurship, chiding me

Positive and Negative Advertisements

I don’t comment on advertisements very often, and when I do, it’s usually to skewer it, as I did with Hyundai’s “Dollars and Sense” ad

Fearing Fear Itself

Over the last several days, many readers have asked for my take on the economic crisis. I’m not an economist – my opinion is just

Personal Finance Management on a Biweekly Pay Schedule

Many workers in the United States receive their paychecks every two weeks – many federal and state employees are in this group. At the same


Low Monthly Car Payments? Look at The Long Term

One of my friends bought a 2008 Cadillac CTS about a month ago. In order to pay for the $32,000 in debt he incurred, he

I Just Don’t Care About My Finances

It wasn’t all that long ago that I simply didn’t care about my money. It wasn’t something to think about or plan with – it


A Visual Guide to Saving Money with a Baby

I hear from a lot of expectant parents and parents of newborns who ask lots of interesting questions about what we actually do to save

Personal Energy and Frugality

Whenever I write about how I organize my life, I usually get several comments and emails from individuals who lament their lack of energy. “I

How To Get Out of Debt and Stay That Way!

“Max” is a friend of mine (I don’t like to “out” friends on this site, so I’m being pretty careful about what I say here

Surviving a Natural Disaster

As I’ve mentioned before, my hometown was flooded during the Mississippi River Flood of 1993. It was a painful yet formative experience, as it showed

The Twelve Biggest Personal Finance Mistakes People Make Over and Over Again

As I’ve mentioned before, I get tons of email from people describing the personal finance problems in their lives, commenting critically on things I’ve written,

Addressing Financial Worries in a Healthy Fashion

Most people have some degree of financial concern in their lives. How will I pay the bills? What will happen if I’m suddenly injured and

Why Many “Alternative Income” Ideas Aren’t Worth It

Quite often, I’ll get excited requests from readers who have stumbled upon some great idea for alternative income and want me to write about it.

Will My Money Be Safe?

I’ve heard from many, many readers over the last week worried about the country’s current financial situation and worrying whether their money is safe. My

Using TreasuryDirect for Conservative Investing

Over the last few days, with all the tumult on Wall Street (AIG and Merrill and Lehman, oh my!), several people have written to me

Friends and Goals

Roll back the clock to 2002, when I graduated from college. Virtually all of my friends graduated within a year of my graduation date and

The Least Important Bill

Recently, I happened to be leafing through Elizabeth Warren’s worthwhile personal finance book, All Your Worth, when I stumbled across an interesting statement on page

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