Internal and External Signals

Over Thanksgiving and the following weekend, my wife and children and I went back to our home town to visit our families. There were many

The Balance of Happiness and Saving for the Future

This past Saturday, I was a dinner guest at the home of a family friend of my wife’s parents. Over dinner, the conversation was lively

Clutter Is Money

Recently, I was browsing through the Creative Commons pictures on Flickr (those that have been given permission to be shared freely) and I came across


When a Treat Stops Being a Treat – and How to Get It Back

I’m writing this article in a coffee shop, one that I hadn’t set foot in for several months. I’m sipping on a big cup of

Turning Short-Term Intensity Into Long-Term Intensity

“Eric” writes in with a question/suggestion: We all want to attack our debt, but can we be “gazelle intense” for the next 10 years (or

Personal Finance 101: Deflation and You

Addressing Questions You May Have About Deflation Michael writes: I’ve read several articles recently that claim the United States is headed into a period of

Investing in Yourself: Fear of an Apocalyptic Economy

Four or five times a day, I get an email from a reader who is worried about some absolutely apocalyptic prediction about what will happen

Some Thoughts on Personal Finance Coaching

Several people have written to me recently asking questions about programs such as Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University and other such personal finance coaching programs.

Taking Dramatic Change One Day at a Time

When I first realized I needed to turn my financial life around, the changes that needed to be made seemed immense. Just thinking about the


Who are you accountable to? I’m accountable to my family. The choices I make, both positive and negative, impact their lives directly and indirectly in

Readers Speak Out

A few days ago, I mentioned my single best action for saving money in my own life – utilizing the library. I also encouraged readers

Lessons from that Old Coffee Can over the Kitchen Sink

I have this strange little memory from when I was about six years old… I was sitting at the counter at my grandma’s house when


Uses for an Old Cell Phone

A friend of mine was about to chuck her old cell phone in the trash, without a second thought. When I suggested that she might


Your Single Best Action For Saving Money

Yesterday, I was doing an interview with a newspaper when the interviewer asked me “What’s your single best tip for saving money?” You would think

The Suitcase Test

Over the weekend, my parents came to visit. At one point, we were talking about the experiences I had during my college days, and they

Reading This Article Won’t Make You Rich

I’ve read (literally) thousands of personal finance articles that say just the opposite of the title of this one. They all offer some great path

Having a Money Revelation

I’ve mentioned many times how my first child was a revelation to me when it comes to money issues. It wasn’t that I didn’t know

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