Salt Lake City - Utah homeowners insurance

The 3 Best Utah Homeowners Insurance Companies

Luckily for Utah residents, homeowners insurance premiums in the state are among the lowest in the country. The annual state average is roughly $580, compared to

Vermont homeowners insurance

The 3 Best Vermont Homeowners Insurance Companies

Vermont isn’t just ice cream, maple syrup, and picturesque fall foliage. The Green Mountain State also experiences its fair share of turbulent weather. Harsh New England winters

Graceland in Memphis, TN - tennessee homeowners insurance

The 3 Best Tennessee Homeowners Insurance Companies

According to research conducted by HomeInsurance.com, Tennessee has experienced the largest increase in homeowners insurance premiums of any state, with annual averages for 2015 hovering above

Portland, Oregon - homeowners insurance

The 4 Best Oregon Homeowners Insurance Companies

The mild Pacific Northwest climate in Oregon makes it one of the states with the lowest risk of natural disasters. As a result, the Beaver

Maine homeowners insurance - portland light

The 4 Best Maine Homeowners Insurance Companies

Lucky for homeowners in Maine, the state has among the lowest premium rates in the country despite the harsh New England weather. In 2012, Mainers paid

hawaii homeowners insurance

The 3 Best Hawaii Homeowners Insurance Companies

In 1992, Hurricane Iniki struck Kauai, inflicting nearly $2 million of property damage. The unfortunate reality following Iniki was that many Hawaii homeowners were either

delaware homeowners insurance - sand castle on bethany beach

The 3 Best Delaware Homeowners Insurance Companies

Delaware’s location along the Eastern Seaboard increases the likelihood of damage from hurricanes and flooding. Despite these risks, Delaware residents pay among the lowest homeowners insurance rates

newport, rhode island homeowners insurance

The 3 Best Rhode Island Homeowners Insurance Companies

Rhode Island is the second most high-risk state in the country for natural disasters, according to a study conducted by Providence Business News. From hurricanes

New Orleans houses

The 3 Best Louisiana Homeowners Insurance Companies

In the decade since Hurricane Katrina left Louisiana homeowners devastated in its wake, the state has been focusing on rebuilding “smarter, safer, and stronger” than

new hampshire foliage

The 3 Best New Hampshire Homeowners Insurance Companies

Known for pastoral college towns and its iconic “Live Free or Die” mentality, it’s no wonder New Hampshire is a popular location for homeowners. Lucky for

north carolina homeowners insurance

The 4 Best North Carolina Homeowners Insurance Companies

Unlike some of its neighbors, North Carolina has been blessed with mostly mild weather and, as a result, relatively low homeowners insurance premiums. The average

missouri homeowners insurance covers lightning strikes

The 3 Best Missouri Homeowners Insurance Companies

Missouri’s extreme weather — from summer thunderstorms and tornadoes to heavy winter snowfall — makes finding affordable coverage in the state a Herculean task. In

alabama theater - alabama homeowners insurance

The 4 Best Alabama Homeowners Insurance Companies

From hurricanes to tornadoes, Alabama homeowners have faced their fair share of natural disasters. It’s not surprising, therefore, that the average annual premium in the

wisconsin homeowners insurance: house with green bay packers logo on it

The 3 Best Wisconsin Homeowners Insurance Companies

In addition to cheese and beer, residents of the Badger State can also enjoy some of the lowest homeowners insurance premium rates in the country.

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I’ve Got House Envy, But Is Remodeling Worth the Cost?

Just like many homes built in the 1980s, ours has two separate living rooms and a floor plan that is far from “open concept.” But

albert einstein

If You Want Different Results, You Have to Try Different Approaches

Albert Einstein is widely credited with saying, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” While

downtown seattle

The 4 Best Washington Homeowners Insurance Companies

The state of Washington claims five of the eight U.S. cities with the lowest risk of natural disasters, according to the New York Times (though the area isn’t

houses in Richmond, Va.

The 4 Best Virginia Homeowners Insurance Companies

The state motto “Virginia is for lovers” isn’t about the commonwealth’s affinity for low home insurance premiums, but it could be. The average annual rate for homeowners