Review: The Little Book That Beats The Market

After thoroughly enjoying John Bogle’s The Little Book Of Common Sense Investing, I decided to go back and pick up the first book in the


Personal Finance 101: Capital Gains Tax

What Are Capital Gains and How Much Tax Do You Have to Pay? A reader wrote in wanting a simple explanation of a very hairy

Investment Risks: Going Into Debt To Invest Money?

Sam wrote in with the following question: I currently have no debt and am thinking of investing in the stock market. I can get loans


Dealing With Those Piles Of Old Baseball Cards In Your Closet

Like many people who were children in the late 1980s and early 1990s, I was an avid baseball card collector. I had numerous complete sets

Individual Stock Picking Advice

Last week, I wrote about Baby Steps For Individual Stock Picking, which gave starter tips on how one can invest in individual stocks. While I

Stock Picks: Baby Steps For Individual Stocks

One of the most regular questions I get asked is how I feel about individual stock picking. Should a good investor have individual stocks as


Taking Advantage Of Short-Term Opportunities

Several weeks ago, I had an opportunity to buy a Nintendo Wii at the suggested retail price. If I had taken advantage of the opportunity

Retirement Savings or Debt Repayment?

A few days ago, on my post about SmartMoney’s “7 Money Mistakes”, LTruslow left the following comment: I have always had a problem with those

SmartMoney Magazine’s “7 Money Mistakes” – And The Simple Dollar’s “7 More Money Mistakes”

I was leafing through the July issue of SmartMoney (the Wall Street Journal’s sister magazine) mostly because of the cover article, 7 Money Mistakes …


All The Opportunity In The World

I received an email from a college student today, who I will call Erica. She told me the following: I’m a 19 year-old university student.


Looking For A Way Out: “Can’t Quit” Syndrome, The Value of Job Happiness, And How To Escape

I received a very long email from “Tony,” a long time reader, who had this to say (among many other things): I absolutely hate my


Dollar Cost Averaging: How Does It Work?

For quite a while, I’ve been interested in how dollar cost averaging works for a regular, steady investment, so I spent some time and used


The New Roth 401(k) Versus The Traditional 401(k): Which Is The Better Route?

Recently, a number of readers have asked me about the new Roth 401(k). Is it really a good deal, they ask? In a nutshell, it’s

Past Performance Is Not A Guarantee Of Future Returns

Quite often on The Simple Dollar, I’ll put up a description of a financial situation that one of my readers finds themselves in, or I’ll


Ultra-Frugal? Still Need A 401(k) Or A Roth IRA?

An ultra-frugal reader writes in with an interesting question – why even bother with a 401(k)? My husband and I have been living on about


Did You Receive An Unexpected Windfall? Here’s Where To Put The Money

A recent article in Money lists 43 ways to deal with an unexpected windfall – in the article’s case, a $5,000 windfall. There are a


Why Savings Accounts – And Why Not

Over the weekend in a post answering anonymous reader questions, I wrote the following: Savings accounts are wonderful places to keep money that is very


I Have No Debt. When Can I Live Off Investment Income?

A young, forward-thinking man wrote to me and asked this simple question: Right now, I’m twenty years old. I am willing to take a large

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