The “Seed Money” Idea: A Different Way of Looking at Saving for Your Child’s Future

A few days ago, I had lunch with a person in the local community whose opinion I respect quite a bit. He has two adult


How to Get Started Investing in Index Funds

For some of you, this topic will seem almost shockingly trivial, but I have received this question three times now and that, to me, means

Should I Pay Off Low-Interest Debt or Invest?

This week, The Simple Dollar attempts to address challenging questions in personal finance by looking at both sides of the story and figuring out some

Should I Invest After a Small Dip in the Stock Market?

This week, The Simple Dollar attempts to address challenging questions in personal finance by looking at both sides of the story and figuring out some

The Pump and Dump Stocks Email Scam Explained

A reader wrote to me recently asking about the proliferation of spam emails concerning individual stocks: I often get two or three spam emails a

Why I Focus on Debt Freedom over Investing

Over the last few weeks, my wife and I have taken some serious looks at our overall financial state, our happiness with our current lifestyle,

Review: The Little Book That Makes You Rich

The Little Book That Makes You Rich is the fourth in a series of investment books that each strive to explain in layman’s terms a


Increasing Your 401(k) Contributions: Benefits and Drawbacks

Lately, I’ve had a lot of fun playing with this 401(k) contribution calculator. Ever wondered what sort of impact changing your 401(k) contribution would have?

Review: The Four Pillars of Investing

I’ve been excited to review this book for a while. I remember the first time I picked it up, in a bookstore early this year.


How I’m Investing For Our Dream Home

As I’ve mentioned frequently on here, my wife and I have defined a very specific long term goal for ourselves – we intend to buy

Should I Pay Off Debt or Invest?

The one personal finance issue that I debate internally over quite a bit is whether one should pay off debt or invest if all they

Why Does Everyone Preach About Index Funds? What They Are And Why They’re Good – From The Very Beginning

A reader asked me recently why so many people write glowingly about index funds. I even do this – in fact, all of my investment

Review: The Lazy Person’s Guide to Investing

I’ll admit to picking up this book solely because of the title. I’ll also admit that I decided to read and review this book solely

Review: The Little Book Of Value Investing

In the past, I reviewed the other two books in the “Little Book” series: The Little Book Of Common Sense Investing covers in detail the

I Want To Buy Shares In An Individual Company. What Do I Do?

I’ve been regularly contacted by readers who want to invest some of their money specifically in the stocks of an individual corporation for various reasons,


Investing In Precious Metals: Is It Worthwhile?

Several readers have written to me recently about investing in precious metals. Here’s one: While perusing the internet, I came across a political movement towards

The Savings Bond Dilemma: Cash Them In Now Or Wait?

While going through some boxes after the move, I discovered four Series EE savings bonds, each with a face value of $100. They were given


Two Commenters Disagree: Why Risk Is Interesting

Recently, two commenters disagreed strongly in a thread about 15 year versus 30 year mortgages. I thought they both made a worthwhile point in a

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