Basic Investing In A Down Market

While watching the stock market in free fall, a reader (Lily) writes in and asks about what to do with her 401(k): My 401k is


Is Not Spending Money Bad For The Economy?

Fairly regularly, a commenter on this site will chastise me and most of my visitors for being frugal, saying that hoarding all of your money

My Wife And I Debate Over Investing Or Paying Off Debt

About a week ago, I mentioned my investment plans now that we have a house. This post happened to be at the top of the


A Great Example Of Why “Better Returns” Are Often Not All They’re Cracked Up To Be

In a recent post about starting a savings account for a newborn, Jeremy Joslin left the following comment: I’m doing this for a best friend’s

Understanding Stock Options: A Brief Look

A reader (whose identity shall remain secret) writes: I had a question about stock options that I was hoping you could answer. I work for


How To Invest 50 Million Dollars (After Taxes)?

A reader wrote to me recently and asked how I would invest $50 million after taxes. At first, I assumed this was a hypothetical question,


Tying Investment Risk To Your Goals

After reading the comments on my portfolio post from yesterday (and being amused as to how they point in different directions), I wanted to point


Now That The Home Is Purchased, How Shall I Invest?

As many of you know, I previously had a small investment portfolio that I emptied out in order to make a house down payment and


Maximizing Frugality vs. Maximizing Investing

With a title like that, I’m sure to grab some attention, but it’s true – unless you are already rolling in the cash, frugal choices


Michael Wants A Ph.D.: A Deeper Look At Intermediate-Term Investing

Michael writes in and asks: I am planning to eventually get my PhD in 4-10 years. Should my savings be in a high-yield savings account

Review: The Little Book That Beats The Market

After thoroughly enjoying John Bogle’s The Little Book Of Common Sense Investing, I decided to go back and pick up the first book in the


Personal Finance 101: Capital Gains Tax

What Are Capital Gains and How Much Tax Do You Have to Pay? A reader wrote in wanting a simple explanation of a very hairy

Investment Risks: Going Into Debt To Invest Money?

Sam wrote in with the following question: I currently have no debt and am thinking of investing in the stock market. I can get loans


Dealing With Those Piles Of Old Baseball Cards In Your Closet

Like many people who were children in the late 1980s and early 1990s, I was an avid baseball card collector. I had numerous complete sets

Individual Stock Picking Advice

Last week, I wrote about Baby Steps For Individual Stock Picking, which gave starter tips on how one can invest in individual stocks. While I

Stock Picks: Baby Steps For Individual Stocks

One of the most regular questions I get asked is how I feel about individual stock picking. Should a good investor have individual stocks as


Taking Advantage Of Short-Term Opportunities

Several weeks ago, I had an opportunity to buy a Nintendo Wii at the suggested retail price. If I had taken advantage of the opportunity

Retirement Savings or Debt Repayment?

A few days ago, on my post about SmartMoney’s “7 Money Mistakes”, LTruslow left the following comment: I have always had a problem with those

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