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10 Financial Mistakes Too Many Parents Make

Every loving parent has hopes and dreams for their children, whether it’s about college, falling in love and starting a family, or finding their passion

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Your Game Plan for Escaping the Paycheck-to-Paycheck Cycle

Right off the bat, I want to say that I understand that this article won’t appeal to all of my readers. Many of you have

Credit cards

Five Money Mistakes We’ve All Made

It can be hard to admit you’ve made some financial mistakes, especially when those mistakes had embarrassing and expensive consequences. Using myself as an example:

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Why You Probably Don’t Need Rental-Car Insurance

Your bags are packed, you’ve found a sitter for the dog, and you’ve suspended your newspaper subscription for a few days. That can only mean one

How to Save Money When You’re Single

If you’re single and haven’t been told to buy a crock pot, consider yourself lucky. It’s probably a sign that you’re doing a fine job making


15 Ways to Boost Your Financial Outlook in 2015

Taking control of your financial situation can be very rewarding, though “taking control” can mean different things to different people. For some, it means using a

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Five Reasons Your Budget Isn’t Working

If you don’t use any kind of written budget, you have lots of company. According to a Gallup poll, only about a third of Americans prepared a

Eight Times It Pays to Be a Quitter

As children, we’re taught only the strong survive. Quitters are weak and cheaters never win. Those who take shortcuts in life usually fall flat on

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The Secrets Behind Successful Budgeting

Budgeting is one of the trickier issues of personal finance. It can be very tricky to make a budget work for you. For starters, you

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Small Business Money Traps to Avoid

First off, accept that you are going to make mistakes running your business. Calm down, we all do. And while it’s okay to lose a


The Gradual Savings Strategy

When the time arrives to sign up for a retirement plan at work or open a Roth IRA, people are pulled in two different directions.

Saving Money While You Travel, Part 3

In our past two posts, we’ve looked at ways to save money on flights and lodging. Now we’re going to talk about essential apps every traveler


How to Save for Your Child’s College Education

When families talk about college, the subject of money is never far behind. Seeing so many graduates overloaded with student loan debt, with 19% of borrowers owing

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Saving Money While You Travel, Part 2

After sifting through the matrix of flight options, it always feels like a winning a hand in Texas Hold’em when I finally find the flight I’m looking for,


18 Ways to Slash Your Utility Consumption in Half

When you tear open your utility bill each month, are you annoyed with the outstanding balance listed on the statement? If so, you aren’t alone.

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Is This the Perfect Investment for Your Kid’s College Fund?

How’s this for a sweet investment: Anyone can buy it, with no fees or commissions. Its value has gone up by about 130% since 2000

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Saving Money While Traveling, Part 1

I’m writing this post from a coffee shop in Jerusalem, less than a week into a month-long trip to the Middle East. This trip is something I’ve

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12 Surprising Ways to Save on Groceries

If you’ve been trying to cut costs to stop living from paycheck to paycheck, the food category was probably one of the first to take

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