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Five Reasons Your Budget Isn’t Working

If you don’t use any kind of written budget, you have lots of company. According to a Gallup poll, only about a third of Americans prepared a

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Four Tips for Using FSA Money Before New Year’s

At the end of the year, we can all get a little scatterbrained. Between work deadlines, gift shopping, baking treats for the kids’ holiday parties, making travel

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What a Deal: Groupon for Essentials

It’s easy to dismiss Groupon as a service aimed at getting you to waste your hard-earned cash on frivolous splurges and bargains of questionable value. After all, some


Seven Practical Gifts for College Students

The holiday season is well under way. If you’ve got someone on your list who’s headed to college next semester or already there, here are


Are You Spending Too Much on Groceries?

If there is such a thing as an average family of four, there’s nothing average about how much that family spends on groceries. According to

What Is a Credit Card Sign-Up Bonus?

Unless you’ve opted out of junk mail or targeted offers altogether, you’ve probably gotten at least a handful of credit card bonus offers in the

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Cheers to the Holidays: Food, Beer, and Wine Gift Guide

We’re in prime gift-buying season. Your list of who to buy for probably includes a foodie, beer lover, and/or wine enthusiast. This is a fun


25 Gift Ideas Under $10 I’d Be Happy to Receive

Whenever I see a typical gift idea list, I have two immediate frustrations. One, the gifts on it are often expensive. If there’s someone out


How to Maximize Your Meal Planning Dollars with Bulk Buying

Sammi writes in: I really loved your article about meal planning for busy families. My husband and I have adopted this strategy and have been

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10 Heartfelt Holiday Gifts for People Who Don’t Need More Stuff

We’re all guilty of it: You put off buying a present for a loved one, and suddenly it’s too late — so you just throw


Seven Strategies I Use on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

I’ll be honest: since about 2009, I haven’t left the house on Black Friday. Instead, I usually sleep in after a long evening spent eating

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Best Black Friday Deals for 2014

Love it or hate it, Black Friday ain’t what it used to be. Time was, you’d gather with friends and family on Thanksgiving to over-indulge in food

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Cost-Cutting Tips for Thanksgiving Dinner

You may have recently mastered the art of budget-conscious grocery shopping, but preparing for Thanksgiving dinner is a whole other ballgame. Carving off some savings

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12 Surprising Ways to Save on Groceries

If you’ve been trying to cut costs to stop living from paycheck to paycheck, the food category was probably one of the first to take


Balancing Spending, Saving, and Social Situations

Each year, I go to Gencon (a convention in Indianapolis held every August) with a fairy large and ever-shifting group of guys ranging in age


Wine, Blind Taste Tests, and Your Money

You’re standing at the grocery store looking at a large selection of wines. You know you want a red wine to go well with your

Ten Questions to Ask Yourself Before Making a Purchase

There are few things that leave me feeling worse than an impulsive purchase that wound up being a piece of junk or wound up sitting

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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Free Kid’s Clothes

In 2009, I had my first child, a girl I named Lydia Rose. She was beautiful and dainty just like a baby doll, and I

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