Bulk Buying versus Clutter

I’m an enormous fan of buying many things in bulk. I make no bones about it. You can save a lot of money if you


Do Amazon Mail Order Subscriptions Save Money?

When I buy household products, I look at the cost per unit before everything else. I try to figure out the cost per ounce, the


Does Amazon Prime Actually Save Money?

Charlie wrote in with an interesting question. I wanted to see if you could run the numbers on this. My family is considering signing up


Stop Justifying Your Spending Yes’s

Imagine, for a moment, that you’re standing in a store. You’re holding an item you want in your hand. As you look at that item,


Online Buying, Impulse Control, and Amazon.com

Recently, I listened to a story on NPR (for the life of me, I can’t find a link to it on their website) where developers


Giving Gifts That Can’t Be Bought on Black Friday

Two Christmases ago, Sarah and I gave almost everyone we know gifts that we made ourselves, from scratch. It was the single most fulfilling Christmas


Six Simple Gifts to Make Between Now and Christmas

Two years ago, I ran a fall article series on homemade gifts, which I then gave out to relatives that Christmas. Naturally, some of the

Overcoming the Power of Branding

“Having preferences means having weaknesses.” – Magnus Carlsen, currently the number one rated chess player in the world Thanks to Adria Richards for the picture


How to Find Good Stuff at Goodwill (and Other Secondhand Stores)

I’ve mentioned quite often that I tend to shop at Goodwill/consignment shops/secondhand stores for various items. Whenever I mention this, I tend to get a


My Top Tactics for Reducing Online Shopping

I find it very easy to buy stuff online without adequate thought. I’ll click a few times and suddenly the item I want is on

15 Shopping Rules of Thumb

I recently read a wonderful post over at The Technium containing twelve simple shopping rules of thumb for various products, mostly technology related. Some of


Need a Frugal Gift for Someone? Relieve Some of Their Pressure

In July, my wife and I are attending a wedding for a couple that we’re very close to. As that date approaches, the couple is


Some Thoughts on Product Placement

Please take a moment and watch this YouTube video before we get started. I’d embed it here, but the person who uploaded it has disallowed


Cost and Quality

I’ll start this post out by showing you three chef’s knives from my kitchen. The top chef’s knife is a loose one that I picked


Homemade Gifts

In our consumer driven world, its sometimes nice (and cheap) to get and give homemade gifts. Throughout the fall, I ran a series of posts


Homemade Gift Series, Extra Edition: Photo Cubes

How to Make Decorative Photo Cubes This is a last-minute extra addition to the homemade gift series. Sarah and I have gone back and forth


The Egg Nog Dilemma

This past week, we spent quite a bit of time visiting Sarah’s parents. Her mother kindly bought several items that I would be able to


Homemade Gift Series #10: Homemade Cookies and Gift Bundle

In the coming week, we’re going to be giving a few early small seasonal gifts to people, so with that in mind, we put the

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