Christmas Is Over – Now Is The Time To Capitalize!

Now that Christmas has passed, department stores are drastically dropping the price on Christmas decorations and other seasonal materials in order to clear out floor space. As a frugal individual, now is the time to capitalize so you can save big money next year!

I’ve prepared a shopping list of items that you can pick up on very steep discount right now at your local department store. You can save as much as 80% on these items if you go shopping right now and place them in storage until next December.

Christmas lights I always pick up a couple replacement strands for the next year, as our old ones often wind up with a burnt-out bulb or some other problem when we bring them out of storage after Thanksgiving.

Christmas cards I am a big fan of Christmas card sending (with a personalized handwritten note inside each one, if time permits), so I stock up on these at a huge discount in the days right after Christmas. I can usually buy four boxes for less than one box cost on December 1.

Wrapping paper I’m not one who uses wrapping paper (I tend to use other things), but if you’re the type that uses paper, you’ll never find Christmas wrapping paper cheaper than in the week after Christmas.  Stock up and buy a few rolls now!
Christmas decorations My wife loves to rummage through Christmas decorations at various specialty shops at this time of year. The prices are right to get some amazing stuff for next year’s Christmas.

Ornaments Our extended families have a tradition of getting Christmas tree ornaments for our godchildren each year. We usually select this ornament from Hallmark as their inventory is now on sale at an amazingly low price.

We will probably spend less on all of the stuff we need for next year than we would have spent on just a few decorations if we had shopped early this month.

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  1. Josh says:

    Hello? Wrapping Paper!

  2. Trent Trent says:

    I KNEW there was something I was forgetting! Thanks, and I even updated the post.

  3. Credit Guy says:

    Hmm…those are actually some good tips for saving money.

  4. maggie davis says:

    I grew up in a home with four children until I was nearly eleven and then there were five of us. My parents limited Christmas to what they saved in a Christmas Club account. They bought the Grandparents gifts and each other a gift. We as children, were given three gifts each. We woke to receive these gifts under the tree from Santa. All our friends received many more gifts and we always felt left out. We knew our self-worth was not related to this b/c we all were bright, had many friends, and lots of cousina, Aunts, Uncles and were Religious and Church was big in our lives. But the gifts always left us feeling left out of the festivities of the other children and the excitement and anticipation, and playing with new toys. I do not believe any of us wanted a room full of gifts but a few more than three would have definitely been nice. When we were young my brother two years younger than me, and I rewrapped our gifts just to experience “anticipation” even though we knew what was in the package. I have always always given my children more gifts even if it was something they needed….clothing etc so they could have the fun of seeing the Christmas Tree filled with gifts. Everyone has to create their own family and individual meaning of what Christmas means to them. My brother and his wife who have no children enjoy the gift giving as much as any child ever….it is all what you want i out of this SPECIAL HOLIDAY. If Religion is part of Christmas, the gifts given to the Church are special also. Try something different and see if giving children more to anticipate gives them a special Blessing…..I believe they share more with others if the emphasis is not stressed
    negatively. When going back to school after the Holiday is over, the teachers let each child tell the class what they received. When the child is made to feel so different, they can be teased unmercifully. And it still happens even in our affluent times. Thank you

  5. rodgerlvu says:

    Hmm…those are actually some good tips for saving money.

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