Consumer Reports – April 2007

Consumer Reports has asked me to eliminate the content of my summaries and any other references to the content of Consumer Reports. I have complied.

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  1. Here in Portland, the Prius is everywhere. Especially in the community north of where we live, it seems like every other car is a Prius. I call that area of town “Prius-land”. My wife has informed me that her next car will be a Prius. And I have to admit that I’ve considered one for myself.

    But then that issue of CR also touted a Mazda something or other that sure made me drool, too. (Can you tell I’m not a car guy? “A Mazda something or other…”)

  2. Over the years, have you found CR to be fairly objective? I ask b/c I know some who really question how Toyota and Honda are *always* on top, as far as CR is concerned, and in opposition to these people’s experiences.

    What are the thoughts of readers here?

  3. Trent says:

    CR has been quite objective as long as I’ve ever read it. Their biggest criteria, it seems, is reliability, and their reliability surveying seems to almost always put Honda and Toyota on top.

  4. Amie says:

    Did I miss an announcement? Last I read, you were “carefully considering the possibility of adding a second child”. In this post I see “a toddler of our own, and another on the way”. Well?

  5. Ed says:

    Love CR, no ads, I even like the way that they publish who’s suing ‘wm and why! The Suzuki Jeep thing was a riot – the basic premise was “Our badly designed toy-poodle sized jeeps keep flipping over and killing our customers so were suing you because you told everyone.”

    Saved thousands of $$$ on the purchase of a Toyota Corolla in 2003 using the leverage from one of their custom auto reports ($10).

  6. Ponz says:

    I don’t subscribe to CR, but as a routine part of researching a purchase, I find that Googling “Consumer Reports Best Buy” and the product gets the information for free. For instance, “Consumer Reports Best Buy vacuum cleaner” pointed me to the Eureka 4870.

  7. Dustin says:

    I own a vacuum shop and know good vacuums. Some of the vacuum cr suggest I would not give to my worst enemy. But usually about half of there suggestions are good vacuums. As far as the mini van I just bought one. It was between the honda odyssey and the toyota sienna (I drive a toyota tacoma) after spending a lot of time doing research and blogging I found that the sienna was not as reliable as most toyota. The biggest problem was they made these tires that you could drive on flat (they did not want to take room by having a spare) and everyone was saying those tires went out every 10,000 miles are were very expensive. Nothing but good things were said about the odyssey and the sienna was made to compete with it so we went with the odyssey. Thats the problem I have with CR is the test these things when they are new. They need to test them used and see how they hold up. Thats the same problem I have with some of the vacuums they suggest. Most of them are not even running still in 3 years.

  8. milan says:

    “Most of them are not even running still in 3 years.”

    Well which ones do you recommend?????

  9. Brad says:

    The Prius is overrated and a boring appliance. I have a 1975 Citroen 2CV which gets 41-45mpg when driven hard, and is actually really fun to drive and also cheap to repair. 2CV owners also recycle parts/body pieces. I wouldn’t call a Prius “green” since building a vehicle is far from a “green” act. It’s a substantial use of resources, and then add a giant battery to the mix? To me, higher mpg is the only positive in the Prius.

  10. Steve says:

    CR consistently prefers Honda and Toyota. These are great cars in terms of reliability (I currently drive a Toyota) but Toyota is WAY overrated. A recent survey of claims by a major warranty company covering 450,000 vehicles found that Mazda (and not Toyota or Honda) actually had the least claims for vehicle failure over the last 3 through 9 years, weighing in at a minimal 8 claims per 100 vehicles. Honda was just behind Mazda, also at 8, and Toyota was 3rd with 15 per 100. This suggests to me that overall, as a company, Toyota is living on reputation and not fact (although 3rd is not bad). Also, the fact that CR gives favorable ratings mostly on expensive cars that regular folks would probably never buy due to price. I would like to see their reviews of cars under, say 23,000 invoice ( which is still relatively high for many.

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