Consumer Reports – February 2007

Consumer Reports has asked me to eliminate the content of my summaries and any other references to the content of Consumer Reports. I have complied.

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  1. Ann says:

    “All infant car seats (except for two) are death traps”

    Come on – please be a little more responsible in your summaries or I’ll find myself assuming all of your summaries are a waste of my time. What the article really says is that all the seats passed the federal test except one and only two passed the made up tests that consumer reports used. Give me a break. And I don’t want to read that you made the ‘good’ choice. Give me information I can use, like linking to the free article on their homepage.

  2. Trent says:

    From the article: “You’d think that in a car crash, infants in their cozy car seats would be the most protected passengers of all. But you’d be wrong, our tests reveal. Cars and car seats can’t be sold unless they can withstand a 30-mph frontal crash. But most cars are also tested in a 35-mph frontal crash and in a 38-mph side crash. Car seats aren’t. When we crash-tested infant car seats at the higher speeds vehicles routinely withstand, most failed disastrously.”

    That’s right at the start of the article, Ann. I think the conclusion that most infant car seats are death traps is a pretty accurate representation of the article.

  3. Doug Alder says:

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  4. JO says:

    I think Canon Pixma printers are all inkjet, not laser, correct? I’m getting the mp600 today ;)

  5. Owen says:

    I’ve contacted CU about where I could find the roll top table on the Feb. ’07 cover without success. Can anyone out there tell me where I should look?

  6. matt says:


    How can I receive a copy of the baby car seat report, “All infant car seats (except for two) are death traps. Thankfully, my wife and I were diligent when we bought ours and selected one of the two safe ones: the Graco SnugRide (which we highly recommend).”

  7. Ann says:

    Please note that CR has retracted the infant car seat study results. Turns out they misrepresented the speeds that the study used.

  8. Teresa says:

    My opinion about he car seats is that I have a graco 5 star harness for my 2 year old, and I really like that type of seat but sometimes it’s not the type of car seat you use; it depends on if you fasten it in the car right. About the way they test these car seats at 30-35 mph what about these people that are traveling 55-60 and someone hits them head on. Even children can get killed in the safest car seat with it buckled up right. Only God can protect you.

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