Consumer Reports – January 2007

Consumer Reports has asked me to eliminate the content of my summaries and any other references to the content of Consumer Reports. I have complied.

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  1. Bill says:

    Oddly enough I’ve always felt like Borders was highly overpriced compared to Barnes & Noble.

  2. Well, Consumer Reports can’t always be right. The problem with cheap store brand detergents (even Walmart’s Value line) is that they either don’t clean, or they ruin clothes.

    I’ve tried several brands, and many didn’t even begin to clean until you used twice as much (negating the cheap price altogether), or they caused clothes to fade or wear quicker (even though there was no bleach or bleach alternative in them).

    Worse yet, I have skin that is sensitive to some additives (such as some perfumes they add), and I can’t wear clothes washed in some detergents (as I end up itching like crazy). Walmart is one that triggers this. Of course, YMMV.

    The only detergent I’ve found that actually cleans, doesn’t ruin clothes, and doesn’t aggravate my skin is Tide.

    In addition, Tide is not that expensive. Don’t buy the the Tides that have other non-Bleach-Alternative things in them (such as Febreeze or whatever else they add), and only buy the largest containers on the shelf: even if the containers are heavy, keep a small Tide container and refill it with the large one when it empties if you take your clothes to the laundromat.

    Also, their Borders comment may be redundant. Most towns don’t have a Borders, and it is often cheaper to just buy from Amazon, and order enough books to get their free S&H. Amazon has basically proved brick and mortar is dead for book stores.

  3. Bill says:

    Brick & Mortar dead for book stores? Hardly. I rarely order from Amazon, maybe B&N online once in a blue moon, but there’s a comfort in heading into the bookstore and being able to touch the book and flip through it before making that final purchase.

  4. Ed says:

    I believe that the Costco brand (Kirkland Signature) was a CR’s Best Buy, also at $0.12/load. It is basically the same as tide as far as quality and cleaning ability.

  5. J.D. @ Get Rich Slowly says:

    You know, I’ve been wanting to do a monthly Consumer Reports roundup for a while now, but I had an e-mail exchange with their legal department in which they basically said, “You can’t use any of our information. Ever.” This not only killed the story I’d been working on, but made me cranky enough with them that I haven’t bothered to tout them. (Though I love the mag.) Maybe I’ll rethink my position. “Can’t use our information.” Give me a break.

  6. Michelle says:

    For more on cosmetics etc., start with some of Paula Begoun’s work. (Next I want to find someone who can smooth my way into reading the dermatologic literature before I find myself in another argument as to whether it is more important in lip balms to include sunscreen or exclude petrolatum.)

  7. S. Damiana says:

    Re: Alltel. I cannot get them to respond. I have called and e-mailed. They are charging me for roam after they told be I wasn’t on roam when I called and asked. Said I didn’t call when my call is noted on my statement and I have witnesses. I think that their recording system failed to function. Main complaint: It is not my responsibility for my calls to them to be recorded. I did my part, now they won’t honor theirs nor will they return my calls. Where do I go?

  8. Dannyboy says:

    My experience with high efficiency front loading washers, having owned two different brands: maintenance nightmares. Stick with top loaders, they are vastly more reliable, and much less expensive to operate if you take repair costs into account.

  9. Sandra Durr says:

    Where can I find Great Value Liquid Washing
    detergent at Walmart. My stores in North Florida
    do not have it any more in the stores. I have always purchased it there and now it is not there. Why? I need it. I think it is as good as
    any that I have used in the last 47 years. I love it and give it a great report.
    Please , I want to order a case.

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