Consumer Reports: September 2007

Consumer Reports has asked me to eliminate the content of my summaries and any other references to the content of Consumer Reports. I have complied.

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  1. Dean says:

    > consider a Mac (a move I’m on the verge of making) – you can reuse your current hardware and it’s both free and safe

  2. Rachel K. says:

    First off–so glad I am a subscriber. I love this site.

    Second, Cacao Reserve chocolate is pretty good. However, my opinion is slightly swayed since the only reason I got it was due to the “Try it Free” coupon our paper had. I am in a coupon sharing group and no one else noticed so I got to try it free 6 times!

  3. Tom says:

    I’ve never heard of that ClamWin anti-virus package. I checked out it and it looks pretty good, thanks for sharing! :)

  4. tom says:

    “Never, ever click on a hyperlink in an email – if you must see the link, copy and paste it.”

    I think this is a little bizarre. At least in my mail program (Apple Mail), hovering over a link reveals the actual URL. And on the rare occasions when I’m on my Windows machine, I use AVG Free and avoid Internet Explorer — that combo seems to keep the PC virus- and spyware-free.

    I’m continually surprised at the climate of fear and hysteria that Windows seems to have created. I’d say definitely go ahead with your plans to switch to a Mac, or look into Linux as Dean suggested.

  5. B1FF says:

    “Never, ever click on a hyperlink in an email – if you must see the link, copy and paste it.”

    Actually, you shouldn’t even do that. Quite often, the CGI/other programs running at spam website URLs serve a double purpose: linking you to the correct “offer”, as well as validating your email address. If you see a URL such as:

    .. it more often than not will be a hashed form of your email address, or a reference to it in some database, which, upon access, it will verify that your email address worked, and a human (or other program) received the message and followed the link. This will only serve to increase your spam in the future.

    If you *MUST* do so, possibly copy and paste the URL, WITHOUT the trailing directory information, to find out what the site is about. And even then, this may still hold true if the host uses virtual domains, with one host per user target.

    Basically, just don’t even follow any unsolicited links unless you really know what you’re doing. A funny picture is almost never worth the headache.

  6. Ryan says:

    That Cacao Reserve really IS that good. I was lucky enough to pick up a big one at the dollar store, too.

  7. Aaron says:

    Quick comment about Trend Micro-I used to sell IT equipment and software until last year. Trend Micro was the only antivirus product I would even sell. I refused to sell Symantec and McAfee because of all the nightmare stories I would hear from customers. Glad to see its finally getting the recognition it deserves. Thanks for the right up!

  8. Aaron says:

    sorry…’write up’

  9. Lazy Man says:

    Looks like the issue wouldn’t be that exciting for me. My biggest take-away from this was trying to figure out where you stored your fresh-air popcorn popper when you had your small place. We have a few too many specialty kitchen appliances and it means that we store them out of sight which means we never use them.

  10. Matt says:

    What do you mean by “if you know how to set it up.” for ClamWin? Can you explain what you mean, and how to set it up right?

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