Degrees of Want

I don't want you standing here...I received an iPod Touch as a Christmas gift in 2008. Since then, I have used and absued the thing at a level perhaps beyond what Apple ever intended. I’ve used it as a constant pocket notebook. I’ve used it as a podcast and music player every time I go on a walk (usually several times a week). I also use it as a pedometer to help record my exercise. I’ve used it to check email and reply to it. I’ve used it to entertain my children and for music in the car on long car trips.

A few days ago, on a long walk across town, my long-used and long-abused iPod Touch finally bit the dust. I was holding it in my (slightly sweaty) hand and dropped it. When I picked it up, it wouldn’t boot. I took it home, called the Apple Store, and they offered to perform surgery on it. Before I took it in, I tried everything I could find online to fix it, to no avail. After examining it, the person at the Apple Store told me that the motherboard and the battery were both shot.

What’s next? Do I buy a replacement (getting 10% off by trading it in), do I find a very low-end mp3 player for something to listen to while I’m walking, or do I buy nothing at all?

Clearly, such an item is a “want” item. I will continue to survive just fine without such a device, as I had for many years before having it.

The real question is when does something you want elevate to the level of a worthwhile purchase?

I don’t think there’s an easy answer to that question, and I think different people are going to come to different conclusions. When I’m thinking about such a non-essential purchase, I ask myself the following questions.

What is my financial situation? Am I having difficulty making ends meet? Are there high-interest outstanding debts that I should be paying down?

Do I know I’ll actually use this item a great deal? Have I used a similar item a lot in the past? Is this item a direct upgrade or replacement for something that’s in heavy use?

Do I have that much money available in my “free spending” account? By this, I’m referring to the fact that my wife and I each have small amounts of money we’ve each agreed that we can spend freely each month. Can I simply buy this item out of that “free spending” money? Is the item that urgent that I can’t wait for a while to replace it (assuming I don’t have enough “free spending” money)?

Is there a lower cost alternative to a direct replacement? Do I really only use a subset of features on the item, in which case a lower-cost alternative will do the trick?

After evaluating all of these questions, I came to a few conclusions about this potential purchase.

First, the thing I’m really going to miss is the ability to easily manage podcasts and listen to them while I walk. I listen to a fist full of podcasts and the thing I value most about my iPod Touch is that it helps me to listen to my unlistened ones easily and works with iTunes to manage all of those subscriptions. Not only can I get lost in the podcast while walking (helping me get into shape), but I learn a great deal from all of the podcasts I listen to. Sometimes, I do also listen to music (it can help me set a walking tempo), but I listen to many hours of podcasts a week on this device and that’s what I would miss without it.

Second, many of the other features are either relatively unimportant to me or are replaced by other things. I can carry a paper notebook in my pocket to handle notes. I have other things (like my laptop) to help entertain the kids in the car. I really don’t need any device for these things.

What’s my solution, then? I’m purchasing a lower-end mp3 player. I’m looking at a lot of options at the moment before I settle on one. Some of the options I’m considering include a SanDisk Sansa 2GB ($40; a lower-end choice), a Sony Digital Walkman ($75, a more feature-rich choice), and even an iPod Nano ($130, has every feature related to walking and listening I could think of).

While I haven’t made a firm choice there, I have decided not to replace the iPod Touch, which in itself will save me hundreds compared to any of the above choices.

It all comes down to understanding the degrees of importance of the things you want.

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67 thoughts on “Degrees of Want

  1. Miguel says:

    Why not get a shuffle? At $50, you can still listen to everything you had on your ipod touch. Sure, you don’t have a screen, but you don’t need one at all. Take a look at them … just an opinion.

  2. Josh says:

    Can your Samsung acclaim that you recently bought do all of this?

  3. KC says:

    I think you’ll miss the podcast features. I’ve got an iphone4 and I really use the podcast feature and love it. If you can answer all those questions you posed in a positive manner than spring for an 8GB touch.

  4. Patrick says:

    I think this is a mistake.

    Replace the iPod Touch with the new model.

    Think about it this way: all of those hours you logged on the thing, all of those hours that it entertained your kids, don’t you believe that you got your money’s worth out of it?

    I am quite frugal myself, but I would pay double for the device. It is that good.

    And the free games you can download for it…it is just nuts not to replace it.

    My 2 cents….

  5. kat says: frequently has sansa players at deep discounts. Just yesterday, they had the 4 gig model for ~$28 (including shipping). I have a sansa clip (2 gig, refurb, received as gift) and the e280 (8 gig, expandable, purchased for myself) and have been 100% happy with them. I have no trouble loading podcasts onto either, but I don’t listen to enough to need a dedicated podcast manager – just get mine via RSS and load them up before I head out the door.
    The review of wants/needs you list here is what led me to get a Sansa over an apple product. At the time, the pods didn’t have FM radio, and that was an absolute must for me. Sansa to the rescue.

  6. Evita says:

    Treat yourself and get another iPod Touch Trent! :) You used and enjoyed your iPod TOuch so much that anything else will feel inadequate.
    You deserve it…….
    And you cannot have too much memory.

  7. Des says:

    I agree with Josh, why would you need (or even want) a separate mp3 player when you have a smartphone?

  8. Sara A. says:

    What about buying a refurbished iPod Touch?

  9. DaveOR says:


    I’m also looking to replace a dying MP3 player (Insignia brand), and listen mostly to podcasts, but cannot find any that offer bookmark ability – not just from files. For some reason that feature seemed to go away on current offerings. I’m stunned that podcasts and downloaded material are increasing but the ability to bookmark / hold you place is not. Do you have/use a bookmark much? Any reader suggestions also welcome.

    Thanks for all your info.

  10. JJ says:

    I agree with Sara @8. Many new-laptop purchases from Apple come with a free iTouch, and many people sell those on Craigslist for $100 to $150. Given the obvious use and pleasure you got out of this product (i.e., you know it’s not going to sit on a shelf), don’t you think an in-box or barely-used model would be worth it?

  11. Katie says:

    I agree with the general consensus. Of course you CAN go back to taking notes on a pad of paper and fumbling to get your podcasts without a screen that displays them and carrying an extra device around to entertain your children. But is saving a $100 over two or three years really worth the hassle of doing so?

  12. Tizzle says:

    This is following your principles to the max. I couldn’t make this decision.

  13. Becca says:

    I had an iPod that I used for 4 years before it died after being next to me during a chest xray. I replaced it with a Creative Zen Mozaic – it plays music and the battery goes on and on.

  14. Jill says:

    if you buy a cheaper mp3 player, thinking it will be adequate, what happens if 6 months from now you realize that it’s not, and now you want another ipod touch? then you spent that $40, or $75 for nothing.

    Christmas is around the corner…why don’t you ask for an ipod touch for Christmas this year? isn’t that how you got your first one?

  15. Ryan says:

    Wow I’m surprised! For how much use you got of it, I would think a new $200 iPod touch would be worth it.

    I use Evernote on my iPhone all the time, along with Google Calendar and that alone makes it worth it.

  16. Gretchen says:

    What Jill said.

    If you use something, you use something.

  17. Jenn says:

    Having managed podcast listening with and without iTunes I would not go back to a player that doesnt use iTunes. The amount of time I dont spend dealing with finding, sorting, and playing podcasts makes my nano well worth its price over the low cost mp3 player it replaced.

    Mine seems pretty durable and has held up for several years now which may make me inclined to look at used ones when/if it ever dies and I replace it.

  18. Maria says:

    I would argue that for any small electronics purchase, you should include the price of a really, really good case in your budgeting. Another $50 for a case may seem expensive, but it ends up being much, much cheaper than $400 for a new electronic whatnot. This is especially important for anything that you carry around and fiddle with constantly.

  19. Another Dave says:

    For reference I’ve had the Sansa E280 as mentioned above and it did an “Adequate” job. I used all of the 8Gb and was researching an expansion card to add more to it…Until it was stolen (along with my FM transmitter!) So now I’m looking into other options. But I wasn’t happy with the E280 for a few useability reasons. I think familiarity, and usefullness play a big key in purchasing a product. If you gained Satisfaction with it, and you Used it. I would get another. Personally I don’t appreciate the Apple products so I won’t be purchasing one.

  20. Wren says:

    WOuld I be bringing down the wrath of Apple-philes if I ask why the Zune wasn’t mentioned as an option along with SanDisk and Sony?

    I’m intersted in the answer because I don’t want a smart phone, but I’d love a mp3 player and can’t make up my mind which to get. (Don’t like the form factor on the new Nano. Why did they do that?)

  21. Courtney says:

    I respectfully disagree with your conclusion.

    For the amount of use you got out of that now defunct iPod Touch, I really believe you should replace it with the newest model. I definitely wouldn’t go back to pen and paper notetaking–I think you will greatly miss this feature.

    With the upcoming Christmas sales, I think you should watch for a great sale (Target often has these on Black Friday) and get yourself the newest model.

    You’re going to pay about $70 more for the new iPod Touch than the Nano–not that much over about 2 years of heavy use–it averages out to about 10 cents a day. Personally, it would be worth it to me.

    If you had not used it much, I would concur with your decision to replace with the lower-end model. However, given your intense use and multiple uses for the previous model, I personally see this as an important productivity tool and believe you should replace it.

  22. AnnJo says:

    This is probably partly generational and partly temperamental, but if I were in Trent’s situation, spending almost every waking minute reacting to (reading) or interacting with others in person or electronically, the last thing I’d want while going for a walk would be more social interaction (even passively via podcasts or music). When do you get to just BE?

  23. valleycat1 says:

    I’m with Trent on this one. There is life without an iPod, or Blackberry, smartphone, laptop, or whatever. If he’s decided most of the features on an iPod Touch aren’t that important to him, then the lesser item is all he needs. Not to say there may not be withdrawal pains, but he survived fine without it & can adjust to life in the slower lane again.

  24. Rebecca says:

    Im in favor of another iTouch. Esp with the kids there are tons of times that carrying a laptop is just way too much to lug around, esp if you have the touch with you anyways. Several Emergency room and hospital stays recently have taught us the benefit of a SMALL portable music and video player for our kids.

  25. Fauxthoreau says:

    As evidenced in this thread, there a lot of good arguments for and against replacing the Touch. The decision is, of course, yours alone to make.

    However, I will say that if you’re going to make a $130 Nano one of the replacement options, your decision to forgo a Touch will not necessarily save you “hundreds of dollars.” A refurbished 8gb 2G Touch can run as low as $160, so compared with a Nano, you’re only saving $30 while losing a number of features you enjoyed in a product you used constantly.

    A moot point if you go with a low-cost mp3 player, but if you decide to purchase the Nano I recommend you reconsider the value of a refurbished Touch.

  26. Tara says:

    What about asking for a new one as a Christmas present? If I bought something for someone who used it until it died, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another for that person if they really wanted it.

  27. asrai says:

    i have 2 creative products. one that I abused (dropped it in a toilet once) that both still work great. not as fancy as an apple, but i am sold on creative.

  28. Starshard0 says:

    What a total bummer! As much as I like going the frugal route, I have to agree with everyone clamoring for getting the new iPhone. From what it sounds like, you’ll get your money’s worth out of it.

  29. Sara says:

    This is an interesting dilemma, and I’m surprised that so many people are urging you to buy a new one. I received an iPod touch for Christmas last year, and I love it and get a lot of use out of it. I didn’t ask for it, and I never thought I needed one (or even wanted one) until I got it. If I hadn’t received it as a gift, I probably never would have considered buying it for myself, but now that I have it, if it broke, I would really miss it and might buy a replacement. It is really a case of lifestyle inflation.

  30. kristine says:

    The student loan issue:

    I am hoping that student loan restrictions have gotten much tighter, so that my daughter will not even be approved to take out the kind of massive debt this man did. She is gung-ho for Ivy League, but we only have 8K to give her. Scholarships likely, but not in total. I try to reason with her, but her dad keeps saying- “Don;t worry about it- that’s what it takes to make the big bucks”. I don’t want her to end up living in my garage.

    Aside: I see no photo credit for that image today. Is it yours? Product images are generally not squabbled over (it’s free publicity), but it includes the likeness of a person, by a pro photographer, on a money generating site. As a former Creative Director-you are likley in violation of copyright. There are a lot of photogs out there starving since flicker and google image search, and nabbing images is pretty hard to ethically justify. It’s just no different than pirated music.

  31. J. Davenport says:

    If the iPod Touch something that you’ll use, and you are concerned about price, why not just hit Craigslist? You can usually find some really good deals on there, eBay as well. Most of the personal technology items that I have I bought from someone on Craigslist or on eBay.

  32. Annie Jones says:

    For what it’s worth, I have a SanDisk Sansa 2G and love it. I had an iPod Shuffle for a short while and hated it compared to the Sansa. I use it exclusively to play music, and that music is from the MP3 files I saved from the hundreds of compact discs I owned before buying an MP3 player. In terms of loading that kind of music (as opposed to downloads purchased on line) I found it much easier to use than the iPod.

  33. Sara says:

    Have you considered buying one of the reconditioned ones on the Apple website. I have had one for a while and it works great. For me, the ipod touch fills a need to check e-mail and have internet access when at school. I have been using it for a ton of other things beside music including keeping track of my spending. A reconditioned one isn’t all that much more than a nano.

  34. Michelle68 says:

    My husband bought me my first iPod Touch recently. It is a 8GB, 2nd Gen and cost $100 for a practically new one on EBay. (It came bundled with the seller’s Mac Book and he already had one.) I’m enjoying it and I hope it lasts quite a long time, but when it finally dies, I’m not sure if I’d buy another one. For music while walking, I tend to use my Sony Walkman MP3 player more because it’s more compact and the sound quality (IMO) is superior to the iPod. I do enjoy the wifi feature, the calendar,organizer and various apps. But are they necessities? Definitely, not. Unless I received another one as a gift, I’m not sure I could justify spending the money on one.I totally see where you’re coming from, Trent.

  35. Almost there says:

    I have a 1G ipod touch. I think you should buy the newest version for the features that you are used to and then some. Why settle for a lesser model mp3? Can you not write off the touch as a business expense?

  36. Piggy Bank says:

    The fulfillment curve, is the best guide. How much fulfillment would you get from the item. I like to use the fulfillment curve as my basis for determining things that are wants. My rule of thumb however is that I have to replace the item by cutting back on other items that have already passed the fulfillment curve test.

  37. Matt says:

    I have the Sansa e280 sitting in my junk drawer ever since buying the iPod Touch. No regret whatsoever. The music sycn-up was cumbersome, the “operating system” was finicky, and it crashed quite a bit. The resolution wasn’t good enough to play any games (not like that’s really even an option on that thing).
    You always talk about $/hour and getting it below $1/hour makes things a great deal. I hope you don’t regret your decision on a Sansa if you do go that route…

  38. Matt says:

    @ my previous post:

    And, don’t forget the 10% trade-in Trent would get for his old iTouch. He could probably get a refurbished one at the Apple Store for $140-$150.

  39. Esme says:

    I agree with the ‘get a new iPod touch’ side as well. It seems silly to have an item that you use constantly and really enjoy (and therefore would be a worthwhile purchase) and when it breaks, you decide to go for something that is cheaper but can’t do what the original item does. The iPod a worthwhile investment if its THAT useful to you!

  40. Kevin says:

    Note that the new Nano doesn’t do video, so if that’s important to you, keep that in mind.

    I think you should buy a used 3rd gen iPod Touch. Since the 4th gen just came out, the bulletin boards are flush with people unloading their 3rd gens. You should be able to easily find a 16 or 32 gig Touch for around $200 today. Clearly, you’d get a lot of value from it. And I don’t think you’d be influenced by the features of the 4th gen Touch, since you’ve been getting along swimmingly with an older version.

  41. Heidi says:

    I think the best thing about this post is that Trent would pause and reconsider what has become a device he relies on in life.

    It seems this is a very individual decision based on money, use, and quality of life, but I’m surprised at the parenting aspect.

    Is it healthy for kids to grow up seeing their parents always “connected?” My 4 year old son thought the calculator was connected to the internet and needed to load up. Its great to encourage technological saavy but a bit alarming to think kids couldn’t be comforted with another person’s company, taught songs or listen to stories as they ride along, etc…I’m not saying these things aren’t happening, too, merely wondering how a generation growing up without visual downtime will experience life.

  42. Gail says:

    Could someone please explain to me why such an expensive item breaks so easily? I’m not impressed with Apple products AT ALL. Their functions are great, but the quality and longevity of their products are horrible.

  43. Katie says:

    Could someone please explain to me why such an expensive item breaks so easily? I’m not impressed with Apple products AT ALL. Their functions are great, but the quality and longevity of their products are horrible.

    I’ve had the opposite experience – my old Dell broke every two months, and I’ve had zero problems with my Apple laptop for three years.

    That said, I do think it’s worth getting a case for all their portable electronics. My iPhone gets dropped semi-regularly (because I’m clumsy), but with the case designed to take that kind of abuse, it hasn’t been a problem.

  44. Chuck says:

    Hey, one option that I didn’t see mantioned is that a lot of banks in my area are giving these out for free when opening a new account. Sure you have to deposit 50-100 dollars but it’s still yours and you get a free Ipod touch…. cheaper than any of your listed options.

  45. Nick says:

    I’m going to join the people saying you should get a new iPod Touch. If you used it that much, then it is probably a worthwhile investment – provided you can afford it (which from following your blog, I believe you can).

    I’m a pretty frugal guy who barely spends anything on wants – but I will spend the money when its that important.

  46. I’ve also come up with a slightly different category—what about a “want” with a “need” slant to it.

    For example, I want to weatherstrip all my doors and windows, and do some other energy-saving projects.

    I don’t technically “need” to do it, but investing money in these projects now will save me more in the long run.

    Better I spend money on these projects than the next electronic gadget that comes out…

  47. kate says:

    my 2 cents:

    I have a smartphone and because of that I bought myself the sansa fuze 4GB that I use for running and exercising. I actually like the fact that I have this rugged little machine that doesnt weigh much on my arm, when I see people that have to haul their iphones or pods or whatever around. They can drop, they might get moist from the sweat, someone might rob you. Too much risk for listening to music imo.
    My sansa’s most awesome feature i.m.o. is that I can record and save from FM radio to mp3 and also serves as a digital voice recorder. It broke once and customer service gave me a new one without any problems
    For everything else I use the smartphone. Why would you need both?

    Resist the hype! I think this apple greed prevalent in the US is somewhat disturbing.

  48. Leah says:

    yes, #43 — I’ve had my macbook for 4 years, and it’s still working great. okay, to be fair, I did replace the hard drive — but it gave me ample warning that it was dying, and it is super easy to replace the hard drive. Compared to the PC laptops I used to own that would brick completely at the two year mark (and I know how to fix a computer!), I am super happy with my macbook. Plus, apple care is the most affordable and awesome care plan ever.

    Trent, over that much use, I really don’t think you’re saving much. I’ve found that it’s not worth it to nickel and dime on expensive purchases. I’ve “gone cheap” a few times and always cursed myself for not just getting what I really wanted. Of course, if you really don’t want a new touch, then don’t bother. But I would get an apple device for better ease of syncing with itunes, and I’d look to apple’s refurbished items page to get the best deal.

  49. Tyler says:

    Usually when a person wears out a product from overuse, they determine it’s time to UPgrade. You are suggesting it is time to DOWNgrade? This makes no sense, especially given the value you get out of the product, given the extent you went to try and revive it.

  50. valleycat1 says:

    Tyler @ #49 – See Sara’s comment #29 – lifestyle inflation is not necessarily a given in everyone’s life. Sometimes one decides to downgrade once you’ve done what you can to, as you put it, revive the item. It’s been amusing to me to see all the comments against Trent’s decision, when so many people are equally adamant about decreasing TV use or totally living without a tv (rather than always buying a bigger & better one).

  51. DanT says:

    If you do go with the Sansa, put the RockBox firmware on it. MUCH better interface than the Sandisk firmware, adds support for additional audio formats, etc. I have the 2G model (w/a 16G SDHC card in it too) and have my entire music collection on it, along with a few games (which I never play, but they’re there.)

    That said, if you have a bunch of songs you purchased from iTunes, I think you need an Apple product just to be able to play them, right? If so, the replacement cost of those tunes might be enough to make some form of Apple player the obvious choice.

  52. Melissa says:

    My ipod recently bit the dust and I’ve been happy using my sansa 2 gb clip. I might get a sansa 8 gb with sd option to load more music and audiobooks. It wasn’t worth it to me to get another ipod at their prices. Even when I had both, I found that I was using my sansa more.

  53. Jeremy says:

    I don’t chime in very often, but I’m in the replace the iPod Touch camp for all the reason that you stated you used them for.

    I would recommend that you purchase an Apple refurb from the Apple store, which will save you $80 on the 8GB model. I have bought countless refurbs from Apple (more than 15 so far) and never once had a problem.

  54. Telephus44 says:

    Clearly the iPad Touch is a want. You can go walking or running without one. You can take notes on a pad of paper. You can listen to blogs by sitting at your computer. You don’t need one to entertain your kids. By carefully examining the features each alternative offers, you are clarifying which features you want more than others. Ultimately, if product A has X features and costs $200, and product B has X + Y features and costs $300, you are deciding if Y features are worth $100. This to me is a different question than when does something you want elevate to a worthwhile purchase? Whether a purchase is “worthwhile” is how you justify spending money on a “want” item. You know – the “Oh, it’s worth it because I’ll use it all the time/be more productive/will get me in shape/help me spend more time with the kids/etc.”

    The bigger question for me would be, when is it ok to spend money on a want? If I have my retirement fully funded, no credit debt, no student loan debt, no car payment, and a 6 month emergency fund, then is it ok to spend $300 on a want? If I have $300 in my allowance or “mad money” account, then is it ok to spend $300 on a want? What if I still have credit card debt but I’m paying over the minimums?

  55. getagrip says:

    Put the item on your wishlist for Christmas. Why deny someone the ability to purchase you something they know you will use and enjoy?

    Make do for the next two months without it.

    If you don’t get one during the holidays, then make the decision at that point.

  56. Lynn says:

    My husband loves his Sansa Fuze, if it helps. :)

  57. Briana @ GBR says:

    I’m in (almost) the same boat. I can’t find my iPod touch, and even if I did, it’s been used and abused, and has some glitches. I feel like I need another one when in reality it’s a want. I’m trying to think do I want to replace it with the new model (honestly I don’t use all the features and apps I used to when I first got it) or will I settle for a cheaper model? Especially when it comes to podcasts, which I developed a recent interest for.

  58. Tall Bill says:

    I keeping with your values that you’re teaching us: Put it on the Christmas Wish List & Hope. Accept with love whatever comes.

  59. littlepitcher says:

    You can play podcasts on a “generic” mp3 player and save them to a microSD card. Quite a few podcasters issue their work to podcast sites other than iTunes.
    That said, I’d still recommend a reconditioned iPod Touch for all of its features. My last Touch was purchased reconditioned from eBay–a 16 GB for just over $200–and I believe that you can currently get a new 16GB 3rd gen at WalMart for the same two hundred bucks. A reconditioned via eBay should be even less.
    Bluntly, I wanted the upgrade to 32GB and the camera. I love the idea of a handheld computer, and this replaces my laptop about half the time. I do keep mine in a leather bifold case, which reduces the risk of breakage. I also recommend the seriously ugly-fied padded armbands. Saves a bunch of wear and tear on the machine. Your decision, though.

  60. DaveOR says:

    Does anybody use a bookmark feature? I love the ability to stop a podcast/book/etc and hold that place to come back to it later after listening to something else? Most systems have dropped this feature and will only hold the place if you don’t change what you’re playing – pause or on/off. So you have to fast forward/rewind thru 30-45 min of program to listen to the last part – if you can remember where you were.

    I’m also post #9 – Please help if you have any info on MP3′s with bookmark abiltiy.


  61. Anitra says:

    I completely understand where you’re coming from on this one, Trent. I went through a similar calculation in downgrading from a 80GB iPod “Classic” to a $50 8GB iPod nano. I don’t use my iPod nearly as much as I did when I worked outside the home, and the only video I watch on it is the Sesame Street podcast (when waiting in dr office, etc) with my toddler.

    I decided it was worth it to give up the ability to have my entire music collection for something that was going to be more hardy as well as more compact… and significantly cheaper than a straight replacement or upgrade.

  62. Kevin says:


    Again, just a reminder that Apple quietly removed video playback capability from the current-generation Nano. You cannot watch videos on the new Nanos. If you want to watch video, you MUST buy a Classic or a Touch. Those are the only 2 that will play video now.

  63. 8sml says:

    @ #60 DaveOR: With my iPod & iTunes, podcasts remember your last position by default, and for other files you can turn on the “remember last position” feature for each file. However, I have used some open-source software that does not have bookmarking capability. So it depends on the software that you’re using.

  64. Kim says:

    I would get another iTouch. I have both an iTouch and a Sansa. The Sansa software is not seamless like Apple’s. Even my computer support person had problems. Plus there was the expense of buying a charger for the car, etc.

  65. DanT says:

    To #60. Check out the RockBox site to see which players are supported. The RockBox firmware has a bookmark feature. I don’t listen to podcasts so I can’t comment on how well it works. But IIRC, you can have multiple bookmarks for a file.

  66. Troy says:

    Buy it….use it….abuse it.

  67. Christine says:

    Christmas is only a few months away. Why not put the iPod on your wish list? Maybe you’ll even get some cash gifts and you could apply those to the purchase price if you don’t receive the iPod.

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