Festival of Frugality #58

Welcome to the 58th Festival of Frugality! For those unaware, the Festival of Frugality is a series of weekly posts hosted by various blogs in which we highlight great posts on frugal living.

Usually, when I go to read a carnival or festival, I scan the article titles quickly and only click on ones that are really interesting and give short shrift to a lot of blog articles that don’t have titles that grab me right off the bat. This time is a little different: I picked out one sentence from each entrant in the festival and included it in this post, so you can get a flavor of everyone’s writing style before you click! (I did do a bit of editing on a few sentences so that pronoun references made sense and so forth). So let’s get started!

They make regular hiking trips to the meadows to pick up exquisitely tasty wild mushrooms.
- Seriously Thrifty? Some Wild Ways To Save (Part 1) (@ the digerati life)

While I was happy with Vonage, my loyalty is in saving money, so I again ran the numbers: the $99 SunRocket special was for the first year only plus a $39.95 equipment charge, which equals $138.95 per year or $11.58 per month, a savings of over 50% vs. Vonage.
- Saving Money On Telephone Costs With VoIP (@ trying to get it right)

The classic: Macaroni and Cheese (tip: use the garlic butter left over from your Papa John’s pizza).
- Top 10 Cheap Foods/Drinks For The College Student (@ campus grotto)

The piece then offers five strategies to get you on the path to achieving both your financial and physical New Year’s resolutions.
- Want To Get Rich? Get In Shape (@ freemoneyfinance)

To test shopamex.com, I’ve decided to use the latest Apple iPod 80GB White model as a test case.
- How Good Is ShopAmex.com? (@ ask mr. credit card)

As a peace offering I installed a curtain rod on the ceiling and made a floor-to-ceiling curtain to divide the corner closet area from the rest of the room as a dressing booth.
- It’s Curtains For Them (@ scribbit)

You get a tax break, landfills have less junk, and the net proceeds of your donated car/truck/SUV/boat will help people in need so it’s a win win situation.
- Get Paid To Be Green (@ american inventor spot)

Rather than aim for absolutes and risk failing miserably, incorporate frugality in your life in small doses.
- Conquering The “Frugal Living Myths” (@ personal finance for students and fresh grads)

People say that mentioning the word “wedding” doubles the price of an item, and I think the term “tourist” does much the same thing.
- Does Your Vacation Mentality Need Some Frugal Tweaking? (@ bargain quest)

At a loan rate of 7%, the cost of an extra $1000 is between $17.05 per month (for a 6 year loan) to $23.95 per month (for a 4 year loan).
- Why I Pay Cash For A Car (@ my wealth builder)

At this point, G started contemplating on getting a cable connection (or a dish network) in a few days, which would have cost him a minimum of $40 a month.
- This $9 Gadget Might Save You From Cable Bills (@ money, matter, and more musings)

Whenever I am asked what is the most stupid financial move I ever made in my entire life, I don’t have to think very long.
- Leasing Versus Buying: The Car Debate Continues (@ queercents)

They earn less than $35,000 a year, have seven kids, cars, but no debt.
- Notes from 20/20′s Special “Flat Broke” (@ the frugal law student)

Sometimes I hear about a show that looks interesting – like Heroes for instance – but I am reluctant to start watching, because I tend to get somewhat addicted and start rearranging my life to suit my TV schedule.
- TV For Free On Your Computer (@ frugal upstate)

I actually made an argument for debt over the weekend. And lost.
- Good Debt, Bad Debt, No Debt (@ ask uncle bill)

People don’t seem to realize that they are regularly spending more than they earn and thereby creating a situation, which will eventually degenerate into heavy debt and bankruptcy.
- Live Within Your Means (@ debt consolidation lowdown)

It is funny to see a 32″ LCD TV listed for $15,000 and discounted down to $1000.
- Amazon Discount Shopping (@ probargainhunter.com)

Instead of blowing it on a $24 hotel breakfast or a $50 hotel dinner, I decided to save money.
- Saving Money While Traveling For Business (@ makingourway)

can see where it causes me problems in non-financial ways, and even though I think I have it mostly in control regarding spending on myself, I think it probably has a bigger effect on my spending on friends and family than I’d like to admit.
- Martin Luther King On Frugality And The “Drum Major” Instinct (@ money and values)

I saved money buy buying most of my food from ethnic groceries.
- Thrifty 101: Tight-Fisted Money Tips I Learned In College (@ a girl worth saving)

Hope and stupidity is what keeps the world playing the lottery.
- Don’t Rely On The Lottery (@ myopiniononeverything.com)

The produce is substantially cheaper than supermarkets across the board, and you can find deals on gourmet ingredients and, of course, ethnic specialties, if you know where to look.
- Ethnic Markets: Feel Worldly For Cheap (@ wisebread)

Instead you should ask the dealer to send you a quote by email and then do all the negotiation online.
- How To Get The Lowest Price On A New Car (@ probargainhunter.com)

I love simple, free, easy-to-use tools.
- Free And Easy To Use Online Tools (@ no credit needed blog)

I like that my desire not to have a car payment is a sure fire way to put the brakes on wanting to get a new car.
- No Car Note (@ mapgirl’s fiscal challenge)

So all you need to do to get a free car wash is to ask!
- How To Get A Free Car Wash (@ money smart life)

“Automatic Millionaire” David Bach provides five ways to save up to $2,500 in 20 minutes.
- Save Cash Fast (@ tick marks)

Stall purchases, huddle with the hubby and launch a “crisis cash” fund, those are a few possible cures for beating the annual “February Financial Funk.”
- Beat February Financial Funk: A Money Map (@ the frugal duchess)

Am I buying this for an emotional reason? (stress, boredom, to impress others)
- More Questions That Will Prevent Impulse Spending (@ penny pinching)

We have a PUR water filter on our tap and get all the clean water we want for about $15 every 3 months (the cost of a new filter).
- Why I Don’t Spend Money On Bottled Water (@ my two dollars)

You can get a free, autographed picture of your favorite Disney character by writing to…
- Free Autographed Pictures Of Disney Characters (@ raising4boys.com)

Just figuring on the low end, for six people to get haircuts every six weeks it adds up to about $500 a year.
- Haircuts At Home (@ stop the ride)

My local Salvation Army gives a 40% discount on all clothes (any color tag) and bric-a-brac every Wednesday, if you bring a church bulletin in.
- Saving Even More At The Salvation Army (@ my family finances)

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15 thoughts on “Festival of Frugality #58

  1. Alison says:

    Thanks for hosting and for taking the time to choose sentence excerpts. It was very helpful to me!

  2. NCN says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for hosting. The format looks awesome. Good job,

  3. jim says:

    Thank you for hosting Trent, I like the Quoting format as a way of “summarizing” it.

  4. Great job on the Festival! There are some good new folks in there this week (and I finally remembered to submit an article again. duh)

  5. mapgirl says:

    Hi Trent! Thanks for hosting! I agree, this is a great format for the Festival.

  6. Yan says:

    Great format! I almost don’t have to read the posts themselves. ;-)

  7. Dorky Dad says:

    There’s a wealth of good information here. Thanks for taking the effort to put this together!

  8. Kelly says:

    Wonderful job, Thanks!

  9. Michelle says:

    Thanks for including me and for all that work.

  10. David says:

    Thanks for hosting, great idea on the layout!

  11. MidnightUT says:

    Thanks for taking the time to add the sentences. I probably wouldn’t have read half the articles I did based on the title alone.

  12. Great list Trent, very well put together. I will be talking about the festival later this week when I compile the week’s links! :)

  13. It’s amazing that one sentence can often sum up an entire blog post. If that’s the case, why are we writing so much? Nice job hosting.

  14. Bill says:

    Sure are a lot of useful tips, enough to last a lifetime. Great effort.

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