Fifteen Things

Waking up to a two year old jumping up and down on the bed next to you shouting “Daddy! Daddy! Wake up!” and then leaping onto you the moment you open your eyes.

Singing a favorite song to yourself while you enjoy a wonderfully refreshing shower.

Standing with pride over your repair of that broken toilet handle you’ve been meaning to fix for a while.

Losing yourself in the natural beauty of the day as you plant seeds in your garden.

Constructing an enormous castle out of hundreds of LEGOs with the cooperation of a few young helpers.

Laying out in the grass with a new book from the library that you’ve been dying to read.

Brainstorming some wonderful ideas for homemade gifts for Mother’s Day, then looking for ways to put those things together.

Picking up that guitar you got as a gift a few years ago, working through the chords you learned, and playing a simple song for your own pleasure.

Making a wonderful lunch salad out of some greens and a few items you happen to have on hand.

Holding your daughter steady as she learns to ride her bike without training wheels for the first time.

Helping your neighbor fix their broken downspout and enjoying a bit of conversation with them over the beverage they gave you as thanks.

Walking over miles of trails in a state park just to find a perfect spot for a picnic that overlooks miles and miles of natural beauty.

Running around in a park tossing a frisbee around with some friends.

Cooking a wonderful dinner over an open fire at the shelterhouse in the park.

Laying down in bed after a long, active day, putting my arm around my wife, and drifting off into a deep and well-earned sleep.

A day can be filled with treasure without ever costing you a dime.

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