Financially Savvy Gifts For Graduates

Most people associate graduation day with the end of spring, but for many people, graduation day comes in December or in August. It never hurts to think about great gift ideas for graduates who are about to take a big step into the real world and might not be financially prepared for it.

Here are five great financially intelligent gift ideas for graduates recently out of high school or college that will help set them on the right track for a lifetime of financial success.

A subscription to Money Magazine or Kiplinger’s Personal Finance While not perfect, these magazines provide regular solid financial tips for readers. Better yet, the advice is spread out over time (an issue comes once a month, after all) and thus can keep positive personal finance concepts in their head.

A copy of Suze Orman’s Money Book for the Young, Fabulous & Broke Regardless of your feelings on Suze, her book is very clearly written with a youthful audience in mind and it provides a ton of age-appropriate advice for building the right kind of financial foundations.

A meeting with a financial advisor This one’s tricky, but it can be invaluable. Ask around for a good financial advisor who would be willing to sell an hour or two of consultation in a “gift certificate” format, even if it won’t be used for a few years. Give it to the young person and tell them to use it when they need it. It’s like giving them the solution to a major problem in their life before they even know they have the problem.

A long term CD Upon receiving it, they might be underwhelmed, but if you get a high-interest one, they can keep tabs on it and watch it grow. Then, in five or ten years when they’re starting to build a family, the grown money will be there for them.

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  1. rodgerlvu says:

    thanks. you are the most intelligent person i ever met…

  2. Nic says:

    Some kind of guidance on building up their finances for the future might come in handy too. Graduate careers usually offer more money than a non-graduate position and the first month’s pay is like Christmas come early. It can be so tempting for graduates to get their first month’s money and blow the lot, just because of the novelty of actually having money there. I know I was tempted, but I had enough sense to remember that I was earning a living, not working for pocket money.

    Maybe something on balancing being sensible with having a good time too. I think people should enjoy their money as well wherever possible but it needs to be balanced with practicality.

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