Fourteen Ways Your Life Improves When You Get Your Personal Finances Under Control

When your personal finances begin to turn around, the ramifications in your life go far, far beyond merely having money in your checking account.

When your car breaks down, it’s not a life-shattering crisis. You just take the money out of your savings account and cover it.

You aren’t in absolute fear of your boss calling you in to lay you off.

Your big trip to France goes from being “something to dream about” to being “something I’m going to do next summer.”

You’re not wondering whether or not you’ll be able to eat when you reach the age of seventy.

Your house and your closets aren’t full of stuff that you never use and don’t need.

A social event with friends doesn’t leave you waking up wondering where the money went.

You aren’t afraid to check the mail or to answer the phone or to listen to your messages.

You find a lot more freedom to explore the things that interest you instead of focusing on keeping up with others.

That voice of self-doubt about every purchase in your head will start getting a lot quieter.

When you actually need to go to the dentist or to the doctor or to get needed car maintenance, you aren’t sick about whether or not your payment is going to bounce.

You can listen to people talk about their retirement plans and their future plans without clamming up and hoping they’ll change the topic of conversation.

You discover that you can actually handle a lot of things that might seem overwhelming right now, like making meals at home or fixing your own toilet when it backs up.

You find that there’s a lot more going on in your community than you thought, and quite a lot of it is very enjoyable.

You don’t find yourself laying in bed at night worrying about how you’re going to make ends meet.

These things just scratch the surface. Change a few words and apply these things to the specifics of your own life and you’ll see quite clearly what personal finance success gets you.

All it takes is a willingness to say, “Yes, I’ve been doing things wrong,” followed by the willingness to look at your life and make some surprisingly painless changes.

Are you willing?

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