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Healthcare is getting reformed, and nearly every American will be affected by the changes. The Affordable Care Act (ACA), sometimes referred to as Obamacare, is changing the face of the healthcare industry, and whether you’re an old hand at navigating medical bills or looking to purchase coverage for the first time, you’ll benefit from a refresher.


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Even without going into detail about the 2014 reforms and those already in place, health insurance is complicated enough. A whole glossary of unfamiliar terms, abbreviations, and processes populate the territory roamed by doctors, adjusters, and average consumers seeking treatment for their ailments. Knowing how to navigate this territory is key to getting the treatment you and your family need, and to not spending a lifetime cutting through confusing concepts and terminology.

The Simple Dollar’s Health Insurance Guide aims to educate readers at every stage — whether you’re a young person seeking health insurance for the first time, looking to insure a newborn member of the family, or a senior citizen seeking insurance through Medicare, this guide is structured to be informative and educational for everyone. Skip around to the sections that most interest you, and come back when you need a refresher.

Insurance Guide

You wouldn’t seek travel advice from someone who’s never left their hometown, right? The same goes for health insurance – you want advice from someone who’s been through it, seen it first-hand, and knows the Dos and Don’ts of the world of HMOs, PPOs, co-pays, and more. Fortunately, The Simple Dollar has a great expert on hand to help: Writer, mom, and Loyola University graduate Jennifer McCarthy has provided a comprehensive guide to health insurance at all stages of life. With her experience raising three daughters and with everything from simple check ups to obtaining coverage for pre-existing conditions, Jennifer is well versed in in this complex and changing industry. Instead of leaving newcomers to to learn the hard way (as she first did), Jennifer has dedicated herself to helping average Americans understand this fundamental part of modern life called health insurance. With all the insurance providers making sales pitches, it takes an independent and unbiased voice of reason to cut through the muck and provide straightforward, honest advice for the everyday consumer. The Simple Dollar’s Jennifer McCarthy is here to do just that.
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Everything you need to know about health Insurance

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Coverage By State

Ever wonder how Ohio ranks in terms of health insurance costs vs. California? Or how many Nebraskans are without coverage? Or the cost of Medicare in Florida? For readers seeking answers to these state-specific questions, you’ve come to the right place. The Simple Dollar’s state-by-state guide provides a wealth of information for health insurance specific to where you live. Because insurance is regulated at the state level, your insurer operates by a different set of rules than insurers in other states. While the differences may not exactly be night and day, you’ll want to know the rules by which your insurer must operate, especially if you’ve recently moved or plan on moving in the future. You’ll find information on how to contact your local health insurance regulatory body, the requirements and regulations specific to your state, along with graphs and data to provide an overall picture of your state’s health insurance landscape.