Kentucky Health Insurance

The Bluegrass State may have costly health insurance as compared to other states, but Kentuckians need affordable health care just as much as the next person. The value of health insurance may not be immediately apparent, but even with high premiums, Kentucky residents will get the medical coverage they need with the right insurance policy. The Simple Dollar has collected all the information Kentucky residents need to make informed decisions about obtaining health care coverage in their state.

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Stats in Your State

The charts and graphs below demonstrate the fluctuations in Kentucky’s insurance data over time. Consumers can use this data to understand how insurance works, why premiums may be high, and whether or not their own premiums correlate with the rest of Kentucky.

Chip Medicaid

Over 528,000 Kentucky children were enrolled in CHIP and Medicaid programs in 2009. By 2010, government administered health insurance programs for children experienced a 7.8% growth in Kentucky, amounting to 569,866 enrollees.

Individual Health Insurance Premiums

The average single premium cost in Kentucky for the 2011 year was $1,108. Compared with other states in the East South Central region, Kentucky’s average premiums were among the highest, only surpassed by Alabama and Louisiana in cost.

Family Health Insurance Premiums

Average family premium rates in Kentucky for the year 2011 were below the national average. Kentucky workers tend to pay premiums on par with Arkansas and Alabama employees for family health insurance, lower than Mississippi and Louisiana.

SAHIE Health Insurance Uninsured

According to the United States Census Bureau, over 640,000 Kentucky residents were uninsured in 2010. The number of uninsured residents has maintained a mostly upward trend since 2005, although partly due to a growing population, and signifies the need for affordable insurance in the state.

Rules in Your State

To become better acquainted with specific health insurance regulations in Kentucky, browse through the resources provided below. Kentucky legislation provides clear instructions as to how health insurance is implemented in the state.

Kentucky Department of Insurance

Kentucky Revised Statutes Laws and Regulations – Insurance Code: The Kentucky Department of Insurance has laid out a detailed text of legislation as it applies to insurance regulations in the state. The insurance code defines all aspects of insurance handlings, lays out specific rules that must be followed, and declares certain penalties as needed.

How to Appeal a Denial from Your Health Benefit Plan: This document includes instructions on how to proceed if your insurer denies a health insurance claim or coverage.

Facts About Life and Health Insurance: Kentuckians can get a briefing on life and health insurance through this pamphlet.

Medicare and Prescription Drug Coverage – Closing the Coverage Gap: This brochure outlines how the Affordable Care Act changes the accessibility of prescription drug coverage.

An Employee’s Guide to Health Benefits Under COBRA: This guide helps consumers understand how they may utilize health benefits from The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act.

Kentucky Rules: Alcohol & Your Health Insurance

In a state known for its abundance of bourbon distilleries, it’s not surprising that there are laws in place with regards to alcohol consumption and health insurance coverage. Kentucky legislation is fair with regards to alcohol, in line with the policy-holder’s best interests.

Losses Due to Intoxication: Denial of health benefits in Kentucky is specifically permitted, which indicates that an insurance company may reject a claim on the basis of alcohol involvement.

Health Insurance Parity for Alcohol-Related Treatment: Health plans are required to offer insured customers coverage for alcohol treatment and related disorders in Kentucky, but the insurer does not have to cover such treatment if the offer is not accepted. Insurance companies are not allowed to charge higher deductibles, co-pays, premiums, and limits for alcohol-related treatment than they charge for other medical and surgical coverage.

Representatives & Resources in Your State

For more information about health insurance in Kentucky, any number of the resources below may be helpful. These offices and organizations should be able to answer any remaining questions not addressed by the Simple Dollar.

Kentucky Department of Insurance
215 West Main St
Frankfort, KY 40601
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Consumer Complaint Resource
The Kentucky Department of Insurance will answer complaints and address fraudulent activity directly through their consumer complaint page.

Kentucky Health Insurance Advocate
P.O. Box 517
Frankfort, KY 40602

Kentucky Access
Kentucky Access is a resource for Kentuckians who need health insurance coverage, but can’t obtain it in the individual insurance market.

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