Massachusetts Health Insurance

Whether you are a young adult on your own insurance plan for the first time or an experienced professional looking for a better understanding of health insurance, you may find this guide helpful. At The Simple Dollar, we have compiled some important facts and figures for Massachusetts residents that can be particularly useful if you are shopping around for a health insurance policy or looking to learn more about a policy you already have.

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Stats in Your State

Below are some figures outlining average premiums in the state and a comparison with national statistics. Health insurance certainly isn't cheap, but it's important in protecting you and your family's well being. Still, some individuals do not have the benefit of an employer-offered plan, or cannot afford their share of the premiums. In these cases, they may want to consider taking advantage of one of the state's assistance programs.

Chip Medicaid

As of 2010, approximately 119,000 Massachusetts children were enrolled in CHIP and 488,000 in Medicaid, for a total of more than 630,470 children receiving help from these programs. This was a 0.7% increase from 2009 enrollment figures.

Individual Health Insurance Premiums

Statistics show that the average single premium per enrolled employee for employer-based health insurance in Massachusetts was $5,823, with the employer paying $4,385 and the employee $1,438 in 2011. This was less than the national average of $5,222 overall. However, the employee contribution in Massachusetts was higher than the nationwide average of $1,090.

Family Health Insurance Premiums

As for family premiums for an employer-based health insurance program, the average cost in Massachusetts was $16,953 in 2011. The employer paid $12,613 of this and the employee $4,340, on average. Nationally, the total was $15,022, with an average employee contribution of $3,962 per year.

SAHIE Health Insurance Uninsured

Figures from the U.S. Census Bureau's Small Area Health Insurance Estimates (SAHIE) program indicate there were 281,724 uninsured residents in Massachusetts in 2010. This was approximately 5.3% of the population that year.

Rules in Your State

While the majority of state residents are covered under employer-sponsored programs or private health insurance policies, some will not have access to this or the funds available to pay for it. However, recent health care insurance reform law in Massachusetts has provided more options for access to affordable, quality health care.

Commonwealth Care

In addition to government-funded programs such as CHIP and Medicaid, Commonwealth Care is available for uninsured adults in Massachusetts. An initiative to provide health coverage for all residents, this program was established as the result of 2006 health care reform in the state. This program will help income qualifying residents, not otherwise eligible for Medicaid, receive subsidized health insurance coverage through the state.

Representatives & Resources in Your State

If you need to conduct further research or have questions about laws and regulations in your state regarding health insurance, the following resources may be helpful. These include the Massachusetts Department of Health and Human Services, the Division of Insurance, and Health Connector.

Massachusetts Department of Health and Human Services
One Ashburton Place
11th Floor
Boston, MA 02108
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MassHealth Customer Service Center: 1-800-841-2900
MassHealth Fraud Hotline: 1-877-437-2830

Massachusetts Division of Insurance
1000 Washington Street
Suite 810
Boston, Massachusetts 02118-6200
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Phone: 617-521-7794
Fax: 617-753-6830
Consumer Line: 877-563-4467

Health Connector
Online contact form available here.