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When researching health insurance, it’s important to understand why premiums cost what they do and what factors go into the price tag. As healthcare becomes increasingly affordable, it’s more pertinent than ever to make sure you have adequate coverage. Check out this data set that breaks down health insurance in Ohio.

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Stats in Your State

Ohio has a reputation for low cost of living, and its residents find that trend doesn’t just pertain to housing and food. Individual premiums for health insurance are set at competitive rates against those in the surrounding states. However, when it comes to family premiums, Ohioans really win. Check out the graphs below for more information.

Chip Medicaid

The number of kids enrolled in the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) held steady between 2009 and 2010 at more than 250,000. This program covers families with incomes too high to qualify for Medicaid but too low to afford private insurance. Medicaid enrollment increased by 50,000 kids between 2009 and 2010.

Individual Health Insurance Premiums

For single employees enrolled in a company plan, insurance premiums are on par with the rest of the country, hovering around $1,000 per year. Compared to the surrounding states, Ohio rates are comparable to those in Michigan and Wisconsin, but rates fall well below Illinois.

Family Health Insurance Premiums

Ohio’s health premiums for families are significantly lower than the national average. For a family enrolled in an employer-based plan, the price tag runs around $3,296, compared to $3,962 nationwide. Like the single premiums, Ohio's profile is similar to those of Indiana and Wisconsin and markedly lower than Illinois'.

SAHIE Health Insurance Uninsured

According to Census Bureau estimates, the uninsured population of Ohio is on the rise. Between 2005 and 2010, there were roughly 200,000 more people without insurance, bringing the total to roughly 11% of the population.

Rules in Your State

To get the most out of your health insurance policy, it’s important that you know your rights. We’ve gathered some pertinent rules and regulations so you can be an informed consumer.

Ohio Health Care Reform: Recent changes have been implemented in the Ohio health care system. A sample of those changes are listed below:

  • Rate-cap on individual coverage for those with pre-existing health conditions is now in place.
  • Dependent age coverage limit increased to 28 years old
  • Small employers will soon be required to purchase health coverage with pre-tax dollars.
  • Ohio’s mini-COBRA program is extended for small business employees to maintain health benefits in the event of unemployment.

Ohio Laws and Rules for Health Insurance: Brush up on specific regulations surrounding health insurance, group policy and small-employer health coverage.

Alcohol & Your Health Insurance: Rules in Ohio

Losses Due to Intoxication
Health Insurance Parity for Alcohol-Related Treatment
Denial of benefits prohibited.
Insurance companies must cover alcohol-related disorders. Insurance companies are required to treat alcohol-related illnesses and injuries like they would any other medical condition and provide the same benefits.
This mandate applies only to traditional insurance policies and not to managed care policies.

Representatives & Resources in Your State

Use the following resources to file a complaint, contact a regulating body about an insurance concern, or simply learn more about the regulations in Ohio.

Ohio Department of Insurance
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Ohio Medicaid
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