South Dakota Health Insurance

South Dakota’s agriculture jobs demand physical fitness from many of the state’s workers, and thousands of families depend on able-bodied workers to put food on their tables. In order to keep many South Dakota households afloat, good health insurance is a must. But because understanding all the twists and turns around the industry can be difficult, The Simple Dollar has compiled a useful resource for consumers to get started on their health insurance needs in one place.

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Stats in Your State

Seeing how your insurance premiums compare to state averages is easy with the charts and data we’ve put compiled below. Readers will find useful information to better understand the demographics and factors that make up the health insurance landscape of South Dakota.

Chip Medicaid

Over 60,000 South Dakota residents benefited from government-administered health insurance plans in 2009 and 2010. Roughly 15,000 children of low-income families relied on CHIP plans for health coverage, with the rest utilizing Medicaid eligibility for health coverage.

Individual Health Insurance Premiums

With employee health coverage contributions of $1,100 per month, workers in South Dakota pay slightly more than the average U.S. worker for health insurance. Workers in most other midwest states pay slightly less than the U.S. average in terms of monthly premiums.

Family Health Insurance Premiums

On top of having slightly higher-than-average costs for individual workers, families cost slightly more to insure in South Dakota than in neighboring states and the rest of the country. At just over $4,000 per month, family health plans for South Dakotans are among the most expensive in the midwestern states.

SAHIE Health Insurance Uninsured

The Census Bureau estimates that between 2005 and 2010 anywhere from 80,000 to 100,000 South Dakotans decided to forgo health insurance each year, with 2009 seeing the highest number of residents without insurance. These numbers alone underline the need for affordable and widely-available health insurance options for South Dakotans.

Rules in Your State

To help readers keep a handle on the rules and regulations that affect them and their insurance policies, we’ve listed some of the pertinent state statutes below. Be sure to consult with an attorney or contact the Insurance Division if your rights have been compromised at any point.

South Dakota Division of Insurance Laws & Regulations: A list of insurance regulations can be found at the above link. These regulations apply to the insurance industry in general and are broadly written to cover various types of insurance policies.

Minimum Benefit Standards: The minimum benefits for accident and health insurance are listed at the above link.

Unfair Trade Practices: South Dakota’s regulations list a specific set of unfair and prohibited trade practices which insurers may not use when settling claims or selling policies. If you think you may have been a victim of these practices, consult with an attorney and contact the Insurance Division to file a formal complaint.

South Dakota: Alcohol & Your Health Insurance

South Dakota has relatively progressive laws when it comes to treatment for alcohol-related disorders and diseases. The state mandates that health care providers offer treatment for such disorders, and mandates that the co-pays and premiums for the coverage be reasonably priced, similar to treatment for medical and surgical conditions. Otherwise, state law prohibits insurers from denying benefits for injuries or losses suffered due to intoxication. Via here and here.

Losses Due to Intoxication
Health Insurance Parity for Alcohol-Related Treatment
South Dakota law specifically prohibits insurers from denying benefits for losses arising from intoxication.
Health insurance coverage in South Dakota must offer treatment of alcohol-related disorders, but are not required to provide the same levels of benefits for alcohol-related disorders as they do for medical and surgical conditions.
Health insurance plans that cover alcohol-related disorders MAY NOT be subject to higher deductibles, higher premiums, or more restrictive financial limits on lifetime treatment for alcohol-related disorders than for medical and surgical coverage.

Representatives & Resources in Your State

The following resources and guides from South Dakota state sites will help you find and maintain a life insurance policy that meets your needs. Whether you need to contact your local government for assistance on a difficult insurance issue, or just want to brush up on the services offered by state agencies, use the resources below to get started.

South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation: Insurance Division
South Dakota Division of Insurance
445 East Capitol Avenue
Pierre, SD 57501
Get Directions
Consumer Complaint Information
Health Insurance Information
The Insurance Division has published a very useful guide for consumers to better understand how health insurance works in South Dakota. Read more at the link above.
Health Care Reform
With broad changes slated for 2014 and 2015 across the health insurance industry, it helps to know that the Insurance Division has explained what these impacts will mean for consumers. Learn more at the Insurance Division’s website.

South Dakota Department of Human Services
3800 East Hwy 34, Hillsview Plaza
c/o 500 East Capital Avenue
Pierre, SD 57501
Contact Information
The Department of Human Services provides essential services to people and families in need across the state of South Dakota.

South Dakota Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)
Thousands of children of low-income families are enrolled in the state’s CHIP health plans, which offers coverage for children of low-income families who cannot afford proper health care for their children.