Virginia Health Insurance

Despite the heat, humidity, and politics, Virginia residents manage to stay in good health, but not without some help from a good health insurance policy. To assist in Virginia residents’ quest for a quality insurance, The Simple Dollar has compiled a handful of resources, links, and statistics to get readers started on the path towards making the most out of their health care options.

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Stats in Your State

Knowing how the health insurance industry works and what affects your rates can be difficult at best, and downright baffling for some. That’s why we’ve compiled a number of sets of data to illustrate the various factors that affect premiums in your state.

Chip Medicaid

Between 2009 to 2010, enrollment in government-administered health plans among Virginia’s residents increased by roughly 46,000 policyholders, from 730,000 to 776,000. The sheer number of residents taking advantage of affordable public health care underlines the growing demand for affordable healthcare options across the state.

Individual Health Insurance Premiums

Virginia workers paid nearly the same as the average U.S. worker for health insurance through their employers, with premiums at $1,081 in 2011. Compared with neighboring South Atlantic states, Virginia ranks among the cheaper places to hold a health insurance policy.

Family Health Insurance Premiums

Despite the relatively low cost of insurance for individual workers, families insured through employer-based health plans in Virginia are significantly costlier than average. At $4,533 in 2011, Virginia ranks among the most expensive South Atlantic states in terms of premiums for family health care.

SAHIE Health Insurance Uninsured

The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that approximately 1 million Virginians were without of health insurance coverage in 2010, with that number up from roughly 900,000 in 2009. The sheer number of uninsured residents emphasizes the dire need for better health insurance options for Virginia residents.

Rules in Your State

The following links provide an overview of practices companies are prohibited from using when handling insurance claims or selling policies in Virginia. Use these websites to browse all the rules and regulations.

Virginia: Alcohol & Your Health Insurance

Although Virginia law allows insurers to deny treatment for injuries sustained due to intoxication, the state’s insurance regulations require insurers to cover treatment for alcohol-related disorders and provide affordable co-pays and premiums for such treatment.

Losses Due to Intoxication
Health Insurance Parity for Alcohol-Related Treatment
Virginia law specifically permits insurers to deny benefits for losses arising from intoxication.
Health insurance coverage in Virginia must cover treatment of alcohol-related disorders and provide the same levels of benefits for alcohol-related disorders as they do for medical and surgical conditions.
Health insurance plans that cover alcohol-related disorders MAY NOT be subject to higher deductibles, higher premiums, or more restrictive financial limits on lifetime treatment for alcohol-related disorders than for medical and surgical coverage.

Representatives & Resources in Your State

The links and resources below provide a great starting points for consumers to learn more about Virginia insurance and get assistance with consumer advocacy and support. The government agencies offer numerous services to Virginia residents, and you may be surprised to find out that you or someone you know qualifies for certain assistance programs.

Virginia Bureau of Insurance
P.O. Box 1157
Richmond, Virginia 23218-1157
(804) 371-9741
Contact Information
Complaint Resource
Consumer Guides and Brochures
The Bureau of Insurance has numerous consumer guides covering various insurance topics, and provides a launch pad for readers to educate themselves further on the different types of insurance available in Virginia.
Mandated Benefits
Virginia has mandated benefits for all health and accident insurance plans, and the list of required benefits can be found here.

Virginia Department of Social Services
801 E. Main Street
Richmond, VA 23219-2901
Get Directions
Contact Information
The Department of Social Services provides assistance and support to various demographics including seniors, disabled persons, children of low income families, and others who need assistance or support.

Virginia Children’s Health Insurance Program
701 E. Franklin Street, Suite 502
Richmond, VA 23219
Get Directions
(804) 783-2667
Contact Information
Virginia’s CHIP plan provides health care coverage to thousands of children of low-income Virginia families. Get in touch with them to find out if your family or your child qualifies for coverage.