Wisconsin Health Insurance

Wisconsin’s workers and parents understand the importance of keeping oneself and one’s family well-insured, but it’s not always easy to get great health insurance coverage in today’s economy. The Simple Dollar aims to streamline the way Wisconsin consumers maintain their health insurance coverage, with information to help them stay on top of their health insurance needs. Read onwards for key statistics, information, and resources.

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Stats in Your State

With so many factors going into rates and coverage options, it can be tough to see the bigger picture. That’s why we’ve graphed out various sets of data to illustrate how the insurance industry works, and to give you perspective on some of the factors that affect health insurance premiums.

Chip Medicaid

Over 600,000 Wisconsin residents took advantage of government-administered health insurance programs in 2009 and 2010, with enrollment increasing by roughly 40,000 over the two years. The majority are enrolled in Medicaid plans, with roughly 160,000 children from low-income families benefitting from the state’s CHIP plan.

Individual Health Insurance Premiums

Wisconsin’s workers paid approximately $1,096 for health insurance in 2011, nearly the same as the average for all U.S. workers with employer-based coverage. Wisconsin’s relatively stable agricultural industry makes its health insurance costs predictable and on par with most states across America.

Family Health Insurance Premiums

Although workers in Wisconsin pay close to the national average for individual coverage, families cost considerably less to insure than the average. At just $3,308 for 2011, Wisconsin families enjoyed premiums roughly $650 less than most American households, and less than most other states in the Midwest.

SAHIE Health Insurance Uninsured

According to the Census Bureau, over 500,000 residents of Wisconsin made due without healthcare coverage in 2009 and 2010, an increase from previous years. The sheer number of people going without health coverage each year emphasizes the need for readily available and affordable health care options in Wisconsin.

Rules in Your State

Fortunately for Wisconsin residents, the state has defined specific insurance regulations relating to claims settlement practices. These include guidelines for fair settlements, as well as prohibitions against unfair practices. Visit the links below to learn more about these and insurance rules in general.

Alcohol & Your Health Insurance in Wisconsin

Healthcare coverage in Wisconsin is relatively progressive when compared with many U.S. states, with insurance plans required to treat alcohol-related disorders at affordable premiums and co-pays. Unfortunately, Wisconsin law does not address whether insurers must treat injuries suffered due to intoxication.

Losses Due to Intoxication
Health Insurance Parity for Alcohol-Related Treatment
Wisconsin laws do not address whether insurers are allowed to deny benefits for losses arising from intoxication.
Health insurance coverage in Wisconsin must cover treatment of alcohol-related disorders and provide the same levels of benefits for alcohol-related disorders as they do for medical and surgical conditions.
Health insurance plans that cover alcohol-related disorders MAY NOT be subject to higher deductibles, higher premiums, or more restrictive financial limits on lifetime treatment for alcohol-related disorders than for medical and surgical coverage.

Representatives & Resources in Your State

Consumers in Wisconsin can find additional information, education, and guidance for all things related to health insurance at the links below. For consumer advocacy support and help with insurance claims or difficult insurers, get in touch with the Insurance Commissioner. For other state agencies and support networks, check out the links below.

Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance
125 South Webster Street
Madison, Wisconsin 53703-3474
(800) 236-8517
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Contact Information
Consumer Complaint Resource
Health Insurance Information

Wisconsin BadgerCare: Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)
Wisconsin’s CHIP plan provides health coverage for thousands of children of low-income families across the state of Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Department of Health Services
1 West Wilson Street
Madison, WI 53703
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