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What’s the biggest investment of your life? For most Americans, their home is the largest and most important purchase they’ll ever make. Given the time, effort, planning, and finances that go into a new home and the long term upkeep and improvements, it’s amazing how little time Americans spend choosing a good home insurance policy. Ultimately you’re home is your responsibility, be it a shoebox-sized apartment or a country estate; it’s well worth it for you to not only have homeowners insurance, but to have a great policy.


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The basic function of insurance is to protect your investment. The essential question to ask yourself: What happens if my home is damaged or destroyed in a disaster? Even if you feel you’re on top of your policy, you may be surprised to learn you’re paying too much, or you’re exposed to unnecessary risk due to coverage gaps. For example, are you covered for lodging expenses if you have to vacate your home for an extended period of time? If your house is destroyed, will your insurance pay you enough to rebuild it from scratch, or will you only be reimbursed the purchase price of a similar house?

For answers to these questions and more, The Simple Dollar’s Guide to Homeowners Insurance is designed to educate and inform new homebuyers and homeowners who already have a policy but want to cut down on premiums, get fuller coverage or refresh themselves on how the business works.

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When making long term financial decisions like taking out a homeowners policy, it can be hard to know who to trust. Considering all the brokers, salespeople, insurance agents, and well-meaning friends or relatives, the average consumer doesn’t have a reliable, independent source of advice and unbiased information on the topic of homeowners insurance. You can count on The Simple Dollar to provide expert homeowners advice designed to open up the consumer’s point of view. The benefit for you, the reader, is an unbiased guide to understanding, buying, and maintaining a quality home insurance policy.
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Everything you need to know about home Insurance

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Coverage By State

Insurance regulations vary state to state, and what might seem like a small change can mean a big difference under the right (or wrong) circumstances. From rates and allowed yearly increases to obligations your insurer has to you, there’s always something to learn about how insurance works in your home state. Brush up by checking out our state-by-state guide, which include annual claim data on things like fire, theft, liability, and other hazard claims. Average home insurance costs are also charted and narrowed down so you can easily compare your own premiums to folks across your state. Even if you don’t plan on making a trip down to your local insurance regulatory office, it pays to know who to look to if you’re caught up in a serious claim, need to report your insurer for bad conduct, or just want to check on the number of complaints or accolades your insurer has racked up.