How I Saved $300 On Software This Year

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I used to be an active follower of Microsoft Office and McAfee, but the constant upgrade cycle and payments to continue getting antivirus updates got old. So I did some research and discovered free, top-notch alternatives to these money hogs for use at home.

Instead of using Microsoft Office, I’ve switched to using Open Office. These applications replace every major feature that I use Office for (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint – I don’t use Outlook thanks to Gmail and Google Calendar) and at a very agreeable price – $0. Best of all, I can save in the Office formats for when I send documents to friends and associates.

My replacement for McAfee Antivirus is Clam Win. It does everything McAfee did for me – automatic updates, regular hard drive scanning, checking my emails for viruses – without paying out the nose for updates or hogging a bunch of memory and slowing down my other programs. It’s really the best of both worlds, and it’s got a nice cost, too: $0.

In my spare time, I often set up and fix computer problems for people, and I’ve been asked if I can get free antivirus or free Office programs for people. Now, instead of telling them to burn a lot of money or else pirate software, I just set up these two programs and they have everything they need. Happy customers and happy me.

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5 thoughts on “How I Saved $300 On Software This Year

  1. Hi I just had to comment on your choice of Clam Win. I use it myself and really like it. Just keep in mind that it does not scan your files on a real time basis.

    From the site:
    Please note that ClamWin Free Antivirus does not include an on-access real-time scanner. You need to manually scan a file in order to detect a virus or spyware.

    It means that an executable can be started up with out it being scanned. I would recommend taking a look at winpooch ( It can combine with clam win and scan files as they are being accessed. As a bonus it will warn you if files try to write/access parts of your computer that spyware would access.

  2. I have ClamWin set as an automatic task to scan my whole hard drive regularly. This way I don’t maintain trojans and such. I prefer this to on-demand scanning because then I don’t have to deal with much slower system responses when I actually want to do stuff.

  3. I agree with Louis M. I have not used ClamWin but I heard it was not very good for reasons such as no realtime scanning. I also recommend Avast! or AVG AntiVirus. They are both great.

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