Hunting For Easter Eggs

A poor childThis morning, my wife and I hid a number of Easter eggs around the family homestead for my son to find. Later, he wandered outside, basket in hand, looking for the eggs. He figured out the game pretty quickly, looking around in the grass for the brightly colored eggs, and he would pick each egg up with pride, show it to us, and gingerly put it in his basket before moving on to find the next egg.

I realized, while watching him hunt for the eggs, that this simple game, like so many others he plays, is just a microcosm of adult life. We spend our adult lives looking for Easter eggs.

Think of it this way: each egg is a major milestone in our adult life: marriage, children, a home purchase, a great job, and so on. We emerge from childhood much as my son emerged from the house, ready to wander about looking for the eggs.

Some of the eggs are easy to find; these are the events that seem to just fall into our lap, like finding that one special person (when it happens, it always seems to be an unexpected surprise).

The interesting ones, though, are the ones that are hard to find. We spend so much time searching and searching, trying to find our way towards a goal that we know is out there, without knowing for sure that we’ll find the egg that we seek.

At the end of the day, we have a bunch of eggs in our basket. Did we find the eggs that we want? Do we have as many eggs as we want? At retirement, we peer into our basket of eggs and ask ourselves if we’ve found what we’ve been looking for.

Our everyday lives are the time spent stumbling about in the yard, looking for an egg. These are the times that we can either just cast about, hoping that we stumble upon an egg, or that we can plan our attack, utilizing a careful strategy for finding an egg.

As I watched my son out in the yard, time and time again, he found much more success when he would plan ahead to find an egg. He would look around for a good egg hiding place, then go over there and thoroughly examine the area, and eventually he would find a beautiful egg to hide in his basket. I do the same thing with my “eggs;” I’m planning ahead and using a strategy so that I am actively working to find my eggs, rather than just hoping I will stumble upon them in the future.

Reflect on any Easter egg hunts you had the opportunity to see today (hopefully you did – few things are more heartwarming than watching a child hunt for an Easter egg) and ask yourself whether you would rather spend your life just wandering around the yard hoping to stumble upon an egg, or if you would rather spend a bit of time planning and having a much greater success in your life’s Easter egg hunt.

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