If You Don’t Like the Way Things Are, Why Are You Still Doing Things the Same Way?

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.” – Rita Mae Brown

If there is some aspect of your life that’s bothering you, know this: you cannot expect it to improve if you keep doing the same things you’ve always been doing.

Even if your fairy godmother showed up and waved her wand to give you what you wanted, you would rather quickly wind up back in the same place you were before.

Lasting life improvement only occurs when you permanently change some aspect of how you live your life.

This is the reason many lottery winners wind up broke. In their lives, they were accustomed to living paycheck to paycheck. If they had money after the bills were paid (or sometimes before the bills were paid), they spent it. Suddenly having millions in the bank did not change this fact.

This is the reason many people who go on programs like The Biggest Loser eventually revert to their previous weight. It was (relatively) easy to temporarily change when there was a coach yelling in their ear, but when that coach went away, all they had was the life guidelines they had used before – the ones that had led them to being overweight.

You have to change your daily routines if you want to see big lasting changes in your life.

For me, every single positive thing that’s happened financially in my life over the last several years is attributable to one change in how I did things. All of it boils down to one thing.

Spending money is a bad thing.

That’s the one change. Whenever money leaves my pocket, it’s a failure.

Sometimes, money leaves my pocket to pay for the bills. I can tolerate that, but I’m happy when I find ways to reduce those bills.

Sometimes, money leaves my pocket for non-essentials – hobby spending and the like. I am extremely critical of my hobby spending. In fact, the best way I’ve found to keep from beating myself up about hobby spending is to give myself a “hobby allowance” each month and essentially view that as a bill of sorts.

I stopped viewing spending money as a pleasant thing.

What will it take for you to change the way you live your everyday life? Whatever aspect of your life you’re unhappy with, there’s something in your everyday life that’s at the root of it.

Are you willing to find what that is and then find a way to change it?

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