Little Moments

Each day is filled with little moments.

Playing “catch” with a soccer ball with my son in the back yard in the cool fall air, both of us bundled up and kicking a ball back and forth.

Smelling freshly-made scrambled eggs with tarragon and salt and pepper on top.

Listening to a thought-provoking program on the radio.

Going on a long mid-afternoon walk in the park and admiring the fall colors.

Having a “who can blink last” contest with my daughter where we both keep smiling at each other to try to convince the other to blink.

Sitting in my favorite chair with an interesting book from the library on my lap.

Holding my wife’s hand for a little while as we begin to drift off to sleep.

It’s easy to look back on our lives and think about the “big” moments, when we got some item that we’d wanted for a long time or went on that great vacation.

In the end, though, it’s these little moments that make the day in and day out rhythm of life bearable. It’s the people around you. It’s the tiny pleasures that make the ordinary wonderful.

These moments are always there, but it’s easy to miss them when we’re preoccupied with our overflowing to-do lists and our worries and our desires. We keep seeking something better when we’ve already got it really good to begin with.

Instead of striving to have this great life that you imagine that you might be able to have if you just squeeze in one more activity or spend one more extra hour at work, instead look at all of the wonderful things you already have. They’re found in the little moments that fill your days.

When you start seeing how much life already has to give you, it begins to feel unnecessary to chase more and more and more. Instead, you begin to want less and less and less, and the financial independence you’re seeking becomes much easier to achieve.

It’s all about those little moments, in the end. They’re more than enough, if you allow them to be.

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  1. Steven says:

    I find that I’m quite happy reminiscing about my travels, and I think they’ve helped me grow as a person. (Also, I love planning and dreaming of “Where to next?”)

    Yes, it’s important to be grateful for the little things of everyday life, but it shouldn’t come at the cost of trying to minimize the big moments in life either, just as the little things should be lost due to the big moments overshadowing them. They both bring joy and happiness to our lives, so enjoy them all.

  2. valleycat1 says:

    I agree with Trent, though I might have worded the conclusions a little differently. All these little moments – the sweet one, the wonderful ones, as well as the more trying ones – are what life is, not what makes it bearable. I don’t know why our culture has bought into the idea that everyone has to be overscheduled all the time – occasionally it can’t be helped, but it shouldn’t be the norm. Once I realized that being overscheduled or overwhelmed was a choice I’d made, I began to reduce the stress by getting rid of what stressors I could and delegating or sharing the remaining responsibilities, rather than just thinking I had to learn to cope with the stress more effectively.

  3. I’ve been trying to practice being grateful more often.
    I am certainly guilty of being caught up in the chase of trying to do more, see more, work more, earn more…
    I need to practice being grateful for what I have.

  4. Kcli says:

    Trent you have a beautiful appreciation of life (and a GREAT blog). I can see you live your words.

    Thanks for the daily nuggets of wisdom!

  5. @valleycat1 – I totally agree! I am saddened that my daughter has to grow up in a world where instant contact is the norm. Not that it doesn’t bring good things, but society has a way of finding and exploiting the bad! Used to be your boss could only bug you during working hours or when you were at home. LOL Now if you don’t pick up your cellphone you get in trouble, even with friends. I don’t answer while driving – deal with it! :D

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