Never Left a Comment Before? There’s a First Time for Everything!

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Recently, a reader (CreoleIvy08) suggested that I hold a “de-lurking day” in which I encouraged readers who did not regularly comment on The Simple Dollar to leave a brief comment, in order to get a broader picture of the readership of The Simple Dollar. Why? It would give a much broader picture of the diversity of the readership and some clues as to what makes people come back and keep reading the site.

So, here goes.

In the comment field under this post, please take a minute to leave a comment answering the following questions (you can answer some of them, all of them, or just one of them – whatever you’d like):

What is your geographic location?
How did you find The Simple Dollar?
Are you male or female?
How old are you? (Feel free to say “30s” or “40s” if you don’t want to leave your exact age)
Are you married?
Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar?

You do not have to leave your real name in the “name” field below – feel free to make up whatever name you wish. I fully understand the desire for privacy and I don’t want this to be an intrusion on your privacy at all, just an attempt to get a feel for the people out there reading The Simple Dollar.

If you’re reading this by email and wish to participate, just click on the headline of this article.

Thanks for your time!

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1,986 thoughts on “Never Left a Comment Before? There’s a First Time for Everything!

  1. San Francisco
    I keep coming back for ideas and advice…even though a lot of the numbers don’t correspond to where I live. Even living in the city, most of the ideas here are basics that I can relate to and everyone should be able to apply somewhat. Maybe just not the buying a house thing :)
    I used this site extensively to help me prepare my 401k and think about retirement for me and my husband.

  2. location? – Space Coast, Florida
    find TSD? – From Get Rich Slowly
    married? 20 yrs.
    Why coming back? Good, sensible, useful stuff.

  3. Chattanooga
    I read the blog everyday because I like to live a frugal life and save money, and that’s what this site is all about.

  4. What is your geographic location? Orlando, FL
    How did you find The Simple Dollar? I think through another blog
    Are you male or female? Female
    How old are you? 26
    Are you married? Yes
    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar? My husband and I are working on getting out of debt and watching what we spend. I enjoy reading about being frugal and creative ways to save more money.

  5. Hello, I found this site completely by accident about two months ago. I enjoy it very much, and read it every day.
    I am a mom in the midwest in my 30s.
    I keep coming back to the Simple Dollar because I enjoy the writing style, and am interested in the topic. This is the only “blog-type” writing I read every day.
    I am hoping for articles on the frugal benefits of gardening when Spring finally arrives.

  6. What is your geographical location? Melbourne, Australia

    How did you find The Simple Dollar? Referral from friend to your “The Road to Financial Armageddon” series

    Are you male or female? Female

    How old are you? 29

    Are you married? Yes

    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar? I like to read others journeys of ridding themselves of their debt. Often in your blog entries there are ideas that I can incorporate into my own life to become more frugal and save more for the important things.

  7. I visit everyday because the content is thoughtful, useful and reading blogs is part of my routine. Finances in the morning, crafts after dinner. Finally made the laundry soap and love it!
    Married, late 40′s, eastern pa, found the simple dollar in a link off of another pf blog.

  8. Chicago, a blog link of some sort, female, 24, partnered.
    I come back every day because I love the different post categories – I like the comparisons of definitions of “frugal”, and the post about making your own oatmeal packets, and some of the book reviews.
    I really like the reader mailbags and posts that evolve from reader questions – like the other day’s boomer question about retirement savings for her daughter. I also find the constant reinforcement of saving, and planning for Molly funy money, to be very very helpful in my budgeting.

  9. 43 year old female from north central Iowa, married for almost 24 years. I found your site in an article in Smart Choices online newsletter from my local Rural Electric cooperative.

    I keep coming back to the site for new ideas and things to share with members of the credit union where I work. It is strait forward and easy to read and the majority of folks can find the site useful in some way. We have a link to TSD on our site aswell. You offer solid practical information that our members can use. I also find things I can use and that give me a lot of food for thought.

  10. Florida
    I read your blog everyday. I like getting that daily reminder to live frugal and to assist with debt reduction.

  11. I been reading this website for about a year now. I dont typically read blogs but this website is fairly different. I am a 20 year old male who goes to college in Philadelphia.

    I come back here for sound advise that clicks with me whether it be personal or financial.

    Keep doing the book reviews, one of the best parts of your website!

  12. raleigh, nc
    i found it through get rich slowly. i have been coming back to this and several other personal finance blogs as i focus on getting my husband and I out of debt.

    i’m most attracted to the blogs written by those who have been there. Zen Habits, GRS and your blog. Others not so much.

  13. Hello, I tend to read your posts through my RSS reader so don’t leave comments. Although some of you posts don’t apply to me (I will never make my own laundry detergent), I find myself reading your articles every day. I think your article release schedule is spot on, the fact that you are always adding content is really nice.

    Here’s my info:
    New Jersey
    I think I find your site maybe through a link off of zenhabits or get rich slowly.

  14. Pittsburgh, PA
    Not Married
    I keep reading because I am of the frugal mindset, but like having some other tips, ideas and general support to keep it going. Reading this through my RSS feeder gives me a really good amount of daily information and thought-provoking ideas to keep me on the financial straight and narrow. I think I’d be able to do it without your help, but you make it easier.

  15. Las Vegas
    I have no clue how I found your site.
    Are you married? yes
    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar?
    -The majority of your posts are well-written and researched, but that’s not my main reason. It is so hopeful to have a place to check in with every day. It reminds me why I am trying to do better financially. It’s like having an accountability partner who doesn’t actually know me.

  16. I prefer to continue lurking instead.

    On a side note, seriously–why would you require an email address, whether it be shown or not? Its easily spoofed (, for example), so why even “require” it?

  17. I’m a 23 year old female from California. I’m married (10 months) and I come here because my husband and I want to be in a good financial position. I like your articles on being frugal, and also just general financial advice. We’re finally out of “bad debt” and only have school loans left! Woo hoo!

  18. What is your geographic location? Vancouver, BC
    How did you find The Simple Dollar? From Liana Lehman (
    Are you male or female? Female
    How old are you? 18
    Are you married? No.
    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar? I love the practical money advice! :)

  19. Unmarried 20-something female living in Maryland.
    I’m always looking for more financial advice and tips on frugal living!

  20. 23, male, will be married in two months, living in central Texas.

    I continually come to Simple Dollar just to learn new things from useful advice. I used to be quite a bit less frugal, but since the first time I found this site, I’ve slowly been working on my money management and future retirement.

  21. Kentucky
    I don’t even remember anymore
    Married, no children
    I really enjoy your writing style and I’ve picked up on some good ideas from your blog.

  22. What is your geographic location? Chicago
    How did you find The Simple Dollar? A contribution was featured on The, and I now read by RSS feed
    Are you male or female? Female
    How old are you? 28
    Are you married? Yes
    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar? I like the “personal journey” approach to much of your writing. It makes it easy to relate. You post at regular intervals, but not too much (I’m looking at you, consumerist). It also serves as a regular reminder to stay on top of our personal finances, something we’re both apt to neglect, especially if times seem “good”.

  23. San Diego, CA
    Links from other blogs
    Female, 24, Married

    It’s well-written about topics I’m interested in. I can tell that you have knowledge that I need to either be reminded of or need to hear for the first time. Thanks!

  24. New Haven, CT
    In my reader feed, and I use it as one of my 6-7 financial blogs. Obviously do not and cannot read everything posted, but it helps me to drape flesh on the skeletal ideas of personal finance i am beginning to form early in my life.

  25. Blackfoot, Idaho
    Happily Married

    I found this site from a google search. I think I was looking for a homemade laundry recipe.

    I come here for ideas. And in-depth book reviews. I have bought several books after reading the reviews here. I have probably NOT bought several books after reading the review here, as well.

    I like this site because it is evident that Trent THINKS about things before he publishes. More so than a lot of blogs. He does the math and thinks about the impact of things. Then I get even more thinking from the feedback of the readers.

  26. I live in Rhode Island.
    I came upon The Simple Dollar through blogs – I can’t remember exactly how, but it was through other blogs.
    I am female, 22 years old, and I have been married for 4 1/2 years.
    I keep reading The Simple Dollar because you have great articles that are right on the money. (No pun intended) I’m always linking back to you on my blog when I do my weekly link round-up.

  27. California, 25, female, unmarried.

    I don’t recall how I found it, I’ve been reading pf blogs for a couple years now. I come to TSD primarily to see the discussions that go on in the comments on controversial posts.

  28. Florida
    I keep up with the blog via RSS feeds. I like reading different ways to save money. I also use the site for savings encouragement to keep me from spending on things I don’t need to.

  29. Sacramento, CA
    A friend mentioned it on his blog
    Female, 34, married with 2 kids – almost the same ages as Trent – off by 1 – 2 months on each.

    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar?
    Motivation to watch my spending. I’m not in debt other than my mortgage, but I need to remember to get my emergency and non-retirement savings up. With Trent being close to my family situation, I like to see how to live much more frugally than I currently do. I usually learn something.

  30. Tucson
    a friend’s Google Reader
    I enjoy living a frugal lifestyle and reading tips about how to do even better.

  31. Auckland, New Zealand, Female, 32, Married

    I found The Simple Dollar just via google and linking around (can’t remember the exact path) – it was one of the first blogs that didn’t belong to a personal acquaintance that I subscribed to.

    I keep coming back to The Simple Dollar because I need a regular reminder to help me stay on track financially :-)

  32. East Coast

    I’m in a terrible financial state, so this is a daily reminder that I can and will rise above it.

  33. Outside Philly
    Discovered from a link from another blog site, most likely Lifehacker.
    Single male just out of college.
    After discovery, added to Google Reader.

  34. Dallas
    link on MSN website (can’t remember subject)
    married 11 years with 5 kids
    I keep coming back for daily confirmation that living a frugal lifestyle is still cool. I have 5 kids who have trouble understanding why I don’t want to spend $60 to take them to the movies or ice skating and Trent always makes me feel better about the financial decisions I make, even if I’m not the most popular mom most of the time.

  35. National Capital Region, Canada
    early 30′s

    I cannot remember how I found the site but I added it to my RSS feed and the rest is history. I enjoy the posts and find the information usefel so I keep reading them.

  36. Sydney, Australia
    Don’t remember, probably through
    Living with my partner of 6 years
    I like a few things about this blog: 1. focus on “affording a latte or two” concept; balanced approach to issues I like how both sides of an argument are put out there, and how responsive Trent is to the readership)I relate to Trents love of cooking and food; interesting comments – I enjoy reading what other people are doing financially to make their situations better; and finally, occasionally very interesting insights into American culture. For example – the “washing line issue” posts. In Australia – practically everone has a washing line. In fact – I share one with the other residents in my apartment block. Theres no embarrassment there! So different to what I was reading about in this blog, and the comments. keep up the good work!

  37. -Winnipeg, Manitoba
    -I’ve been lurking for so long I can’t remember how I found you but probably through a cross reference from another PF blog.
    -Formerly married (I guess they call that “divorced” but it sounds so harsh) and now living with my BF.
    -Love your real life stories of personal finance – I enjoy your reader mailbag!

  38. Philadelphia Suburbs, Pennsylvania
    Don’t remember how I found this blog!
    Almost 41
    Married with five children

    I keep coming back because like Get Rich Slowly, the articles are well-written and explain finances in layman’s terms. The ones that don’t apply to my particular situation I still end up skimming and learning something.

  39. Colorado
    Once from google search about making bread/More recently linked from Get Rich Slowly
    Just become a stay-at home mom and trying to live simply

  40. Nashport OH
    Married and new mother to a 2 1/2 month old baby girl
    Found this site today through I think I’m going to really enjoy this site! I’m always looking for ways to save and now that we have our new addition it’s even more important.

  41. Springfield, MO
    Random Search for Laundry Detergant
    I enjoy seeing what books you are reading and what information you reccomend.

  42. - Location: Georgia
    - How did you find TSD? From links on and
    - Sex: Female
    - Age: 25
    - Married? No
    - Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar? Good information and advice

  43. Los Angeles, CA
    Not Married
    I found this site through Google Hompage.
    I do not have the site as a feed but I enjoy coming back on a daily basis because I enjoy reading the frugal tips and seeing your progress over the year and a half I have been reading.

  44. I live just outside Chicago
    I found this site through
    I’m 27 years old
    I like the site because it gives me some practical advice to saving money

  45. River Falls, WI
    late 20s
    I like the Simple Dollar because it gives me a lot of food for thought. Although we are in a great financial situation, I’m always looking for ways to improve.

  46. Scotland
    Not married

    I know nothing about money, it’s nice to have a regular blog in my feed reader that will get me thinking and learning about frugality and financial stuff.

  47. I live in Nebraska, I stumbled across links to TSD enough times in blogs I read that I finally subscribed, I’m female and 32 years old, married with an almost 2 year old daughter (who is cloth diapered).

    I keep coming back because there is plenty of interesting and relevant stuff on here. There is a lot that doesn’t really apply to my life, but there’s enough that does that I anticipate being a reader for quite some time.

  48. Durham, NC
    Recommendation from a friend last year
    To keep myself motivated and learn tips for being more minimalist.

    I get Simple Dollar via feed, so I lurk, but never comment.

  49. Seattle WA

    Found through Lifehacker I bet

    I am Female

    I am in my early 20s

    I am not married

    I like reading about other readers and how they have succeeded. I have never faced money hardships (I was raised comfortably and have always been responsible with my money) but that doesn’t mean I can’t learn how to be more frugal, or manage better.

  50. Pier Italy male 35 married two children. I like to live frugal and I like your way to explain things in a simple way. Great job!

  51. Atlanta – Female – 26 – Married
    This site was recommended by a friend.
    I really like the advice on this site, and the way you break down different things! Thanks!

  52. Athens, GA
    not married
    I found this blog when one of my friends shared your post about simple, frugal cooking on google reader.
    I keep reading it because every once in a while a tip comes through that helps me to live better on my grad student income. I am very frugal, but don’t know much about issues of debt/saving/investing and sometimes I learn new things here. I read this particular finance blog and not others because I find your tone inviting and reasonable and your writing clear and pleasant.

  53. Seattle, Washington

    I don’t remember where I found the simple dollar. Probably through Zen Habits as well.



    Not married

    I keep coming back to The Simple Dollar because the advice and ideas here are invaluable. You have talked a lot about what it’s like to start out or first steps to take. My parents didn’t educate me on the value of managing ones finances so I have had to learn through 3rd parties.

  54. Male
    Not Married but in a long term relationship
    Sioux Falls, SD
    Currently a college student and am interested in your personal story. I also share your passion for food and being able to cook. Also interested in other do it at home activities like a vegetable/herb garden and brewing my own beer and wine.

  55. San Pedro, CA
    recently divorced
    I want to change my attitude about money. I have a good paying job, but I’m living paycheck to paycheck. I let the house I bought go into foreclosure. I want to be better prepared for the next time I decide to buy. I’m interested in learning how to invest my money.

  56. Alberta Canada.
    Through a link on another blogger’s website.
    Female, 26, Single
    Like minded thinking, and new ideas – not a contradiction ;)

  57. female
    so. CA
    not married
    found simple dollar when my sister showed me. she’s encouraging me to take better care of my finances so I don’t end up deep in debt before I reach my mid-twenties. already almost $400 in debt with zero income. trying to build good habits now.

  58. Colorado
    As a Americorps VISTA volunteer I developed an Individual Development Account program at a credit union. Part of the program was budgeting education and I found your blog when researching that.
    Grew up in Iowa, the articles are interesting.

  59. -San Francisco
    -I can’t remember…probably from a link on another PF blog
    -late 20′s
    -Not married.
    -I keep coming back for the great information that is presented in easy to read format. Also great comments.

  60. Stillwater, OK
    I don’t remember… Probably a link from another blog
    Informational posts

  61. Nebraska, 21, single and no intention of getting involved in a serious relationship while in college.

    Mostly, I keep coming back because this blog’s kind of…neutral, I guess? Most money blogs, aside from the few explicitly geared towards GLBT people (like Queercents) are very focused on the heteronormative standards of husband, wife, child(ren) and a lot of the content is irrelevant to a single-by-choice, childfree, college-age lesbian, but the advice you give, Trent, is sorta universal and most of it, if not immediately applicable to my life, will probably come in handy a few years down the road.

  62. St Louis
    married for 5 years

    we lived frugally out of necessity for a long time while my husband was in grad school. now that we have money i still want to learn to make wise and frugal decisions…

  63. Followed a link from
    I find your ideas of such broad range and yet rooted in finance very informative.

  64. Florida Panhandle

    Can’t remember how I found our site, probably a link from another blog but it has been in my Reader for awhile.
    I enjoy the book reviews, just purchased Your Money or Your Life off Amazon!

  65. Houston, TX

    I found The Simple Dollar about 6 months ago, I think through a link from another personal finance site. That was when I started my job in the “real world” and decided I need to figure out how to manage my money.


    I think I got hooked with the Reader Mailbag. I like reading other peoples questions and educating myself about financial topics. Also there is something clear and understandable about the way Trent writes. It’s nice to be exposed to finacial topics and ideas in a way that’s not intimidating. I don’t get a lot of this information in conversation with my fellow twentysomethings.

  66. Hershey, PA
    Probably through another blog. I don’t remember, but I’ve been reading for a while now (at least a year)!
    Nope, but soon-to-be-engaged
    I love your writing style and I really enjoy posts that are focused around your family, your daily life, and specific ways that you save money or manage your money. I’m not a huge fan of the book reviews, but once in a while one of them will be interesting to me, so I’m still glad that you do them.

    I don’t usually comment because: A) I am usually a few days behind in reading, B) whatever I wanted to say has been said multiple times, and C) I like to lurk. :-)

    Keep up the good work, Trent!

  67. San Diego, CA

    I think I found your through an MSN article.

    I found you during a time when I was learning how to organize my finances. I believe we have very similar ideals as far as finances and family life are concerned and you dislike of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” about as much as I do. I’m very big on “Do-it-yourself” projects around the house and because of you I have developed a love or making bread and other baked goods.

    I keep coming back because I get a lot out of what you write about.

  68. DC metro area
    Found you through Lifehacker.
    Female, 31
    I keep coming back because you keep having good advice! :P I like the how-tos, and the down-to-earth examples that I don’t have to be a stock broker to understand. I like how your coverage of issues is balanced and just in general how you approach issues with an eye to being fair and honest rather than trying to sell something.

  69. What is your geographic location?: Baltimore, Md
    How did you find The Simple Dollar? I was googling something PF-related. At the time I had just started my first “real” job and was soaking up all the information I could find
    Are you male or female? Female
    How old are you? 25
    Are you married? Nope
    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar? I like the tips, but more importantly the perspective from other people who are trying to be sensible about their finances. Also, in the spirit of full disclosure, it makes me feel good to think that I am doing what is “right” with my money and my life.

  70. 30, Single, Male, Huntsville, AL

    The Simple Dollar helps keep my mind (and spending) in check…I need to read this info to remember upgrading cars or tv’s or whatever every year isn’t a need! It’s fun to spend, but smart blogs such as this keep a person like me grounded.

  71. I’m not afraid to de-lurk…lol

    I am a 19 year old, married female living in Indiana. I found the Simple Dollar by pure luck…that could be a bad thing to admit. Just surfing the web and now I try to catch every post (thank God for GoogleReader) My current financial sitch. is not down in the dumps bad…but we’re working on it. At least we made our mistakes early and are fixing them now.

    This was fun…who knows maybe I’ll de-lurk more often.

    oh…ps…my favorite part of the Simple Dollar is the Reader Mailbag

  72. * I live in South Carolina.
    * I don’t remember how I found TSD. Earlier last year I started reading a lot of PF blogs all at once.
    * Female.
    * I’m almost 23 years old.
    * Not married right now, but will be in April.
    * I enjoy the Q&A and reading about the practical examples Trent gives.

  73. Circleville, Ohio
    Don’t remember how I found the site.
    Happily Married (she’s looking over my shoulder)
    I remember being poor. When my parents were without jobs and we had very little. I will never let myself get that way. Always looking for a way to stay out of debt and stay in the frugal mindset.

  74. Female 37 Married, Denver CO.
    I can’t remember how I found you although it was likely a link from another blog. I keep reading because I like hearing anecdotes about someone who has practiced what he preached, and to get ideas about how we can get in a better financial situation. Also, I’ve enjoyed some of your book reviews and have been driven to explore David Allen’s works because of you!

  75. -Northern Virginia
    -Found through
    -The content keeps me focused on our goals

  76. Female, 20s, Married, Virginia, US
    Can’t remember exactly how I found the site, but I subscribe with Google Reader now.
    I like that you encourage reading and analyzing things like _The Complete Tightwad Gazette_ and not just automatically changing your behavior. What works for me? Making the decision to invest in better kitchen supplies and foods to make homecooked meals fun to make and eat. What doesn’t? Washing out Ziplocs. I like that you do the math on these things and show me how to do the math for my own family.

  77. - Alpharetta, GA
    - Link from some other blog
    - Male
    - 25
    - Married
    - Simple Dollar is in my RSS feed for almost two years now. It has some interesting articles

  78. Northern Illinois. Found The Simple Dollar through Male, mid 20s, married, and I come to The Simple Dollar to see who’s advertising and occasionally argue in the comments.

  79. Kansas City
    I really don’t remember how I found it, but it was quite a while ago (about 2 years)
    I come back because of Trent’s great interaction with his readership. Also, if I do not directly implement something he has said/done, it still usually gives me good ideas or makes me question why I am doing something. Also, I feel there is the right balance of post size and frequency.

  80. Makati, Philippines
    Through Leo of
    Living with partner for 7months
    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar?
    I need all the help I can to live below my means and start a savings plan I can stick to, for my/our future. Don’t want to keep on living on my paycheck. I love coming here becomes it brings me back to my senses. You’re like my virtual coach. I go here everyday for guidance and inspiration. I hope someday I can buy my own house too and send you a picture. Thank you Trent!

  81. Los Angeles, 45, Male, Married w/ daughter going to college next year.

    I’ve been reading TSD for over a year, so I don’t remember exactly how I discovered you. Actually, I may have even comment once.

    What I like about TSD that keeps me coming back:
    - the conversational style
    - reading about your journey from financial crisis to stability (which is preferable to the know-it-all “experts”)
    - The “community” you’ve created, and the comments from like minded people.


  82. Ohio,
    Possibly through another blog,
    I read this blog to keep financial good health closer to the front of my mind than the back, and because of the focus on practicality vs. frugality.

  83. What is your geographic location? Calgary, Canada
    How did you find The Simple Dollar? From lifehacker a long time ago.
    Are you male or female? Male
    How old are you? Mid-Late 20′s
    Are you married? Yes
    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar? Generally interesting articles with a personal touch. That and I’m usually quite bored at work so taking the time to read some articles and comments helps fill the day.

  84. I’ve never commented before, but I read your site daily through the RSS feed.

    Location: Burlington, ON, Canada
    How: Found the Simple Dollar through a link on Get Rich Slowly.
    Gender: Male
    Age: 26
    Marital status: Single
    Why do I keep coming back?
    It’s two-fold. I read personal finance sites because I’m interested in proper management of my own money. I’ve been lucky and my debt load is fairly light, but I’m trying to build up my savings to buy my first home.
    Secondly, I work for a bank in a branch representative and sales role. I am licensed in Canada to sell securities, and am on a track to become a financial planner. A lot of information provided on PF blogs is interesting, and shows different ways to accomplish goals.

  85. Chicago
    I likely found tsd through
    I am male.
    I am 26 years old.
    Not married but might as well be.
    Tsd provides good advice, good deals, and promotes an healthy financial lifestyle. I pass along advice to friends and loved ones that I find on tsd.

  86. Southern California
    23 yr old female, in a relationship
    can’t remember how I got here. but this site has been a good reminder/kick in the butt. Boyfriend and I are still working on eliminating bad debt, but we stopped using credit cards, and reading personal finance blogs such as yours have inspired me to pursue a career in social media, because of how it’s improved my life.

  87. Twin Cities, MN
    Found it through lifehacker
    Female, mid-40s, married
    I keep coming back for the practical advice.

  88. Madison, WI (born and raised in Dubuque, though).
    Through a link at Get Rich Slowly.
    Not quite married yet.
    Consistently practical posts. Loved the series on setting up ING accounts and on spreadsheets.

  89. Indiana
    Through either Lifehacker or Zen Habits
    Your values, other than but also including personal finance, seem to align with mine. Following your blog helps me stay on the frugal path.

  90. Salt Lake City, UT
    Google.. Comparing credit cards.. I think
    You have a real commitment to writing and quality articles. Most other blogs are hit and miss. I am slightly obsessed with ways to reduce costs or create passive income. Since I started reading I’ve joined ING direct, got a 3% back Chase credit card and bought a home. Trent really thinks through the total cost and lays out all the math in plain English.

  91. Indianapolis, IN
    Found it through Get Rich Slowly blog
    Feel 30
    Very practical advice – easy to read

  92. Male, 25, committed but not yet married, Boston

    I followed a link from somewhere, though I can’t quite recall from where at the moment; maybe Lifehacker, I Will Teach You To Be Rich, Get Rich Slowly, or a link from a friend.

    I follow the feed because even if every article doesn’t cover something that applies to me dead-on, there’s usually a general lesson to be learned. There’s usually at least a bit of a philosophical touch that keeps it from getting too mired down in the dollars and decimal points.

  93. Ontario, Canada
    Either from Get Rich Slowly (or vice versa, TSD then GSR) or Lifehacker.
    Married (wife reads TDS and GRS as well)
    I like to pick up the odd tips and tricks on ways to save some money. We’re in fair financial shape but it never hurts to reassess.

  94. Northern New Jersey
    Linked here by a friend
    You have great advice and give me lots of financial topics to think about

  95. Washington DC metro area (Northern VA)
    F, 22, single
    Taking CFP classes and trying to stay current on latest happenings in personal finance

  96. I’m from Dallas, TX and I found The Simple Dollar through Lifehacker as well. I am 23, male and currently engaged. I’ve found a lot of useful stuff in The Simple Dollar. It has helped me get out of college debt, set back an emergency fund, and now I’m working to save up for a wedding, honeymoon, and 1st house. OUCH!

  97. Central NC
    Google Reader suggested you to me…I read via RSS
    Not marries
    Good content with a point of view. Regularly forward-able to family and friends

  98. Found the website through Google Reader

    Male, 32, married for 9 yrs, Ohio

    Keep reading for reminders that financial security is a process. Each lesson learned continues the journey.

  99. What is your geographic location? UK
    How did you find The Simple Dollar? daisy chined of a comment on another blog – I suspect
    Are you male or female? female
    How old are you? (Feel free to say “30s” or “40s” if you don’t want to leave your exact age) late 50s
    Are you married? Yes
    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar? Because it’s good to see someone putting into words things that I have been thinking for a long time, especially when most people around me seem to worship a god which requires designer this, designer that, £100 hair dresser bills, £60 nail bar bills, flying business class to holidays to exotic places, private schooling and the rest, new clothes for every event (never be seen twice in the same outfit) and all sorts of other things that I a) can’t afford and b) would feel really uncomfortable spending money on.

    Please keep writing!

  100. Ann Arbor, MI
    I’ve read every personal finance tip known to man, but reading Trent’s posts every day keeps them top-of-mind.

  101. Raleigh, NC
    Randomly through an unrelated site
    Married (w/ a 7-month old son)

    I primarily keep coming back to this site (and others) so that frugality, saving money, etc… is pounded into my head so that I’ll think about these things even when I’m not consciously thinking about them… leading to less bad decisions when dealing with money… habits are hard to break :)

  102. Male, 26, married 3 months, Minnesota, RSS on google reader.

    RSS, easy to read interesting or skip dull articles. Mostly interesting here though.

  103. SF Bay Area

    Been visiting a little over 1 year. Found you when I was taking stock of my financial situation and had been searching financial advice blogs. I liked that you were fair and tried to balance your advice of what worked for you with what others’ situations may be. You don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach, and I appriciate that.

    I mostly keep coming out of habit; though I don;t visit as often as I used to. I keep your feed on my iGoogle pag and if I spot a title that piques my interest, I’ll visit. Though I definitely read the Mailbag article each week.

  104. Hi,

    I’m male, 30+, and lives in Göteborg, Sweden. I think I’ve left a comment once or twice, but I sure am not a regular in the comment sections.

    I think I’ve been reading TSD for about a year, but I actually don’t remember how I made my way here in the first place. Through a link somewhere I suspect…

    I used to comment much more frequently on blogs and discussion sites before, but I’ve found two major reasons that is no loger the case: 1) I usually don’t read TSD or any other blog on a daily basis. I batch-read maybe once or twice a week, which means usually I read posts days after they are up, and by that time it feals less interesting to post a comment, there is less chance of getting a response. 2) Since I started using Google reader for blog perusing I comment less, simply because that means I don’t regularly visit the comment sections (since, of course, the feed only carries the original post and not the comments)

    Anyway, since I’m here now I’ll take the opportunity to thank for a great blog. Thanks Trent!

  105. Hello Trent! I’m a woman in my 30s from Zagreb, Croatia. I can’t really remember how I stumbled upon your blog, but I have been a diligent reader for over a year via RSS feed. Never once commented, though. The tips keep me on track with my saving plan. And it’s going well! Keep up the great work!

  106. New Hampshire.
    lifehacker, I think; they re-blog a number of your posts.
    not married, but I recently moved in with the boyfriend.
    I keep coming back because you give good, simple (heh), financial advice, and I’ve been thinking a lot more about my future and retirement lately.

  107. Central Arkansas
    My husband probably shared an article and I just kept coming back!
    I’m a 26-year-old married female
    Great posts and tips

  108. - Dallas
    - Did a Google search for ‘net worth goals’ and came across your “Defining My Long-Term Financial Goals – What Are Yours?” article. That turned into a regular website every day, and then I subscribed to the email updates.
    - Male
    - 25
    - Married (3+ years)
    - You’re a great writer and this blog is very informative, easy to read, and has a clean look. I had my financial epiphany last April and this site has helped inspire us to completely crack down on our spending habits, pay down debt, increase savings, and generally spend money on the things that are important to us instead of wasting it on things that are not. I even came across PaperBackSwap through this site. Keep up the good work!

  109. Brisbane, Australia
    Stumbled across it on google one day.
    Not Married

    I keep coming back because I find your writing full of honesty, integrity and enthusiasm for life. It’s chock full of valuable advice.

  110. New Jersey
    Link at Lifehacker/Consumerist
    Helps keeps me on track with thinking about my finances. Has helped me learn about investing in US Markets

  111. North Dakota
    Link from another blog, but I’m not sure which one.
    Late 20s
    Married (child number 1 on the way)

    I enjoy your articles about money and children. I don’t usually comment because I read your articles in my rss reader and I’m usually behind that any point I’d have to share has already been made.

  112. What is your geographic location?
    Princeton, NJ
    How did you find The Simple Dollar?
    Are you male or female?
    How old are you?
    Are you married?
    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar?
    I love the advise and I need to learn how to deal with Monday before I start my life.

  113. Vermont
    Linked from Lifehacker at some point
    Subscribed via RSS, so stories are fed to me. Real-world advice is very good. I’ve been making my own laundry detergent for a year now! The simple quick fixes are the ones i enjoy. Longer-term stuff is harder for me to do, but it’s always on my mind (thanks to Trent).

  114. Columbus, Ohio
    24, female, single
    found through reading Get Rich Slowly
    Good variety of topics on personal finance. good for me just starting my career.

  115. Twin Cities area, MN
    Married almost 25 years, with four kids (18-11)

    Can’t remember if I found this site via a search or as a recommendation from another site. Have been reading for a while (maybe early to mid 2007)

    Enjoy your writing, topics and the comments – learning is a lifelong endeavor!

  116. Sarasota, FL
    Link from another blog (not sure which one)
    27 years old
    I’ve read TSD for several years now because of your very constructive, thoughtful, easy-to-understand posts. I think that you express values that are similar to my own.

    Thanks, Trent!

  117. 21 year old uber single female college student in murfreesboro, tn. found the blog through my google rss feed suggestion and I keep reading for the simple tips from cooking to just saving overall to anything else of the like. Def. appreciate the ideas and suggestions, seeing as I’m having to make that transition into the “real world” sooner than later.

  118. 1st comment here… read a range of RSS feeds for investing, saving, etc.

    Male, 35, married, Ontario, Canada

    Great blog!

  119. Northern California
    I think I might have found this via, but not sure
    Happily married, even more happily a father
    I like the content & editorial slant. One of the best blogs period. Keep going! How bout some slow cooker recipes

  120. Cleveland, OH
    Link through another blog…it may have been FreelanceSwitch?
    Married without the title. Living together 2.5 years.
    I like practical examples from real people. I like the fact you aren’t someone affiliated with a specific company and you really want us all to succeed.

  121. What is your geographic location?
    - Gettysburg PA

    How did you find The Simple Dollar?
    - I forget, but I imagine from another financial blog. I’ve been reading since late 2007

    Are you male or female?
    - Female

    How old are you? (Feel free to say “30s” or “40s” if you don’t want to leave your exact age)
    - 28 until April

    Are you married?
    - Happily Divorced :D

    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar?
    - Because you don’t post the same numerical lists of common sense information as many other financial blogs. And usually those lists appear made-up and not actual practiced theory. I also like that you don’t just talk about finance, but frugality and common sense anti-consumerism and time management (like crock pot meals, or not wasting chicken stock).

  122. Cary, NC
    someone on a list serv recommended
    interesting, relevant posts; listened to Dave Ramsey for a while, but he is a bit too Christian-oriented for me

  123. I’m not a true lurker (I have made comments) but not nearly as many as I would like.

    Princeton, NJ
    I think through assorted links (I can’t remember)
    I am married (with two daughters)

    I keep coming back to the Simple Dollar because I would like to be more frugal and have better control over my finances. I am a stay-at-home mom and my husband and I own our house (not an easy feat in New Jersey). However we have no savings and I will not be able to meaningfully contribute to our income for many years. I don’t naturally enjoy thinking about money so the Simple Dollar has given me a daily boost toward better financial health.

  124. My name is Dave, from Omaha, NE. I am 41 and a single dad. I found your link through the Get Rich Slowly blog. I do enjoy reading your posts.

  125. -New Zealand
    - I can’t remember how I found it, probably a link from somewhere else.
    - Female
    - 20
    - Single
    - I subscribed to the RSS feed. I think you give a lot of very practical tips to save money, and the advice on investing and saving will be helpful to me in the next few years.

  126. Central Mass.
    Lifehacker guest post a few months back
    Working on paying off undergrad loans and find the advice for getting out of debt really easy to follow and is not gimmicky like all the “12-step programs” out there. Common sense advice that’s clear and easy to understand trumps cleverness most days in my book…

  127. Dallas, Texas
    Ramit’s website.
    Great tips, stories, clear explanations, great reviews, and it’s different enough from Ramit’s site so that it applies to the rest of us.

  128. Wisconsin
    Google search

    I keep coming back for the ideas about money saving and frugal living. I look for ways to incorporate that information which is relevent to myself into my life. Oftentimes I will discover a new way of thinking or an idea I may have never considered before.

  129. Buffalo, NY
    Another blog, maybe GRS
    Not married, partnered
    I like the tone–very real world and helpful. I read via RSS.

  130. Birmingham, UK.
    Searching for reviews of ‘Your money or your life’.
    I appreciate your thoughtful tone and that you’re not prejudiced – your article on ‘Margin’ several months back summarised for me all the good points of your blog: that you were willing to say things you knew might be unpopular – and I think in the same post you acknowledged and apologised for some other things you’d said before. Clarity and humility – a great combination of qualities.

  131. Midwest – Missouri
    ?? google reader suggestion??
    Married, 4 years
    Interesting, have it feed to my googlereader so easy to keep up to date.

  132. The Netherlands (Europe)
    Because I’m interessed in smart financial advices and this blog is well written.

  133. What is your geographic location?
    North Carolina, USA

    How did you find The Simple Dollar?
    Referred by another website, but I can’t remember which one, honestly.

    Are you male or female?

    How old are you? (Feel free to say “30s” or “40s” if you don’t want to leave your exact age)

    Are you married?

    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar?
    Well, I like the ‘projects’ like the oatmeal, and the skillet meals, and the laundry soap. It’s also good to be reminded about different aspects of frugality and pick up the occasional financial tip.


  134. Kennesaw, GA

    I honestly can’t remember how I found The Simple Dollar. I think I was doing generic financial searches on Google. I’ve been addicted ever since.


    Age: 28

    I will be married in 4 months.

    I love the variety and love seeing what you will cover next. I also enjoy the sound advice and tips.

  135. -Lower Mainland, British Columbia, Canada
    -I don’t know how I got here. Somebody probably shared an article on my Google Reader
    -I’ve gotten some great tips from the Simple Dollar and the articles are interesting.

  136. Right now, Germany. But I’m from Ohio.
    Can’t remember…probably through Fabulously Broke in the City.
    F/23/not married

    I have about $15,000 in student loans waiting for me when I get back to the US (right now I’m on a fellowship so I’m in deferment). I like your straightforward advice on frugal living and debt reduction. Keeps me psyched to pay down my loans.

  137. 1. That’s going to look odd: Lodz, Poland, Europe ;) Your articles are suprisingly international, despite blog’s name.
    2. I guess I found the link to TSD on “Get Rich Slowly”.
    3. Male
    4. 28
    5. Not yet
    6. TSD is really interesting, it shows a bit different point of view – well, especially when you live far, FAR away :) Though I must say, seems like we’re sharing the same problems and doubts worldwide.

  138. Twin Cities, MN
    found the site through
    I like the variety of articles and real-world advice you offer…it’s a lot easier to comprehend than some financial mumbo-jumbo you hear sometimes.

  139. -St Louis, MO area
    -Probably a link from Free Money Finance or clicking on a comment Trent left on another PF blog
    -early 30s
    -Keep coming back for the great content, excellent writing and it’s a great daily reminder on living frugally.

    Also, I love the bread recipe Trent. My wife and I have baked at least 10 loaves now and we refuse to buy bread at the store any longer. We’ve perfected the mix now after a couple subpar efforts at first. My last loaf had some ground flaxseed mixed in for a little kick of Omega 3.

  140. -Kentucky
    -Link from another PF blog, but it’s been so long ago I can’t remember which one

  141. New Jersey
    I don’t remember I how I found the site, but I’ve been reading for over a year.
    Male – 28 years old

    I enjoy the variety of articles on the site, in particular some of the book reviews and reviews of other products. I also like reading about Trent’s and other readers’ personal experiences; I find motivation and inspiration for my own frugal lifestyle in your stories.

  142. - Another Iowan here – over in Iowa City working on my PhD
    - I first linked here from MSN Money. Best PF link I ever clicked.
    - Female, 26
    - Married for almost 7 years
    - Down home Midwest sensibility! I’m right at that point in my life where I still need to be living like a broke college kid (which I am!), but also need to be thinking about what I’m going to do with my life and my money when I get out of school. Having a physics degree does not prepare on for the real world. Pretty much everything about this site is either something I can use right now, or something to tuck away into the “I’ll need this later” corner of my mind.

  143. Western MA
    I think it was either Lifehacker or Unclutterer.
    Personally I like the tips. I don’t always agree but it’s interesting to read the posts as well as the comments.

  144. Irvine, California
    Don’t quite remember how I found it – I know Lifehacker links to TSD fairly often, but I believe I subscribed to the RSS before that.
    Male, 31, Married

  145. * What is your geographic location?

    *How did you find The Simple Dollar?
    Don’t remember exactly. But I know it was a link from some other blog.

    *Are you male or female?

    *How old are you?

    *Are you married?

    *Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar?
    LOL, it’s on my feed, so it keeps coming to me. Seriously, I read for the tips and just a general diversion throughout the day.


    You’re doing good, keep it up.

  146. Milwaukee Wisconsin
    Don’t remember, I have been this reading blog for some time.
    Female 48
    It helps keep me FOCUSED. As well as given us some great ideas. After we started reading PF blogs 3 years ago we have gotten rid of about 85,000 in consumer debt. We only have the house left to pay off at this point.

  147. Maryland
    Through JD from Get Rich Slowly, I think?

    Even though some of the family/relationship financial advice doesn’t apply to me just yet, I like knowing what to expect in the next few years. A lot of the frugal advice does apply to me, though, and it’s nice having easy-to-understand advice that I can implement immediately to better my understand of my finances. Plus, my parents never really talked to me about money when I was younger, so I feel like I’m starting from scratch and need all the help I can get!

  148. Raleigh, NC
    Message board referral
    Married (3 months and counting)
    The reader mailbag always has something I can use. I’m learning lots of great ways to manage my time and money, and effectively prioritizing goals.

  149. Biloxi, MS
    Found you through lifehacker last year and enjoy the little frugal tips hidden in every post. Book reviews are helpful, too.

  150. Married.White.Female – 48 – Alabama. I think I found you through my google reader. Thanks for all the tips. I can use all the help I can get.

  151. Hamilton, ON, Canada
    honestly, I forget, probably through another blog
    female, married, 43
    great writing I can mostly relate to & understand, love the personal stories, helps me think about my finances and take little, do-able steps to get the in order.

  152. Michigan
    Can’t remember how I found Simple Dollar.
    40. Married w/3 kids.
    I come back to SD for more tips and idea starters. I just recently opened an account with ING mainly because of SD.

  153. Hi, I’m Neil

    I’m from Philadelphia, PA
    I found the simple dollar by using a google search on investing.
    I am male
    I am 27 years old
    I am not married
    I like reading the articles, especially articles on paying down debt versus investing/saving for retirement. I bought a house 3 years ago so this stuff keeps me coming back.

  154. Austin, Texas
    not married
    found simple dollar through liferemix
    I have been reading for almost two years. Started when I was digging myself out of debt and keep reading now that I’m out for the awesome tips, support and interesting stories.

  155. Chicago area
    Early 50′s

    I had taken early retirement and our finances took a major hit. I was surfing the web looking for ideas to help when I came upon this site. I’ve been lurking for quite a while now. I like this site because of its down-to-earth style and usable suggestions. I am amazed at the numerous people I know who are still spending like there’s no tomorrow, and they can’t understand why we won’t spend like that,too. Reading this site gives a feeling of community, that we’re not the only ones out there trying to live more responsibly.

  156. Littleton, Colorado
    40 – Male
    Married – 3 kids

    Love the “simple” ideas – always learn something
    Trent is very honest in his views – always seems to give both sides

  157. Sacramento, CA
    linked through… something, can’t remember

    i don’t have money problems and believe in frugality as a lifestyle choice to decrease personal footprints, so i get a lot of good ideas from you and reinforcement against materialism. i’m feelin it mostly but sometimes u aggravate me.

  158. Hello, my name is Johnny Jambronski.
    I live outside Philadelphia.
    I came upon The Simple Dollar while browsing sites that dealt with credit card debt. I checked out past articles and really enjoyed the content and style of writing. I visit everyday now, sometimes twice a day to read past articles.
    I am a 26 year old unmarried man, though that will change soon.
    Why do I keep visiting The Simple Dollar? I keep visiting because even though I have never met you, I can see your intent in these posts. I am sure you make income with this site, but I can tell you generally want to help others and yourself with this blog. I appreciate it. Plus the articles are well written and easy to follow. At the moment I have around $5500.00 in credit card debt (down from $8,000.00 about a year ago), which was the first reason for coming across this site. Though this is not healthy debt and my actions in the past haunt me now, I believe that all this had to happen for me to become more responsible with my finances. I believe that I have and I will continue to read The Simple Dollar to gather more ideas on my quest to become unstoppable. I have always wanted to post comments, but never have. I will now be doing so in the future. Good job sir!

  159. Surrey, UK
    Married with children, mid 30′s

    I found TSD through a google search. Interestingly I then found out my husband had been reading the site for a while, via the RSS feed.

    Love reading about general financial matters and frugal tips, but zone out when Roth IRA’s or 410k’s are mentioned since they are US specific. Also love the comments.

  160. Toronto Canada
    I learned of this blog through Get Rich Slowly
    How old are you? 20
    I enjoy learning your perspective on money. I especially like reading the Reader Mailbag portion

  161. Houston, TX – formerly Ames, IA
    A link in a comment on Lifehacker.
    Return to see any advice/tips I have previously missed out on, as well as picking up topics to debate with friends/co-workers (I had a discussion over the definition of “frugal” before ever happening upon the blog.)

  162. I’m a 23 year old single female from San Diego, California. I don’t remember how I found the site and I keep reading because I find most of the content pretty interesting and useful.

  163. 22
    Southwest Virginia
    Committed cohabitating relationship (considering marriage)
    Found it through a friend’s small blog

    I come back to TSD because Trent’s ideas are practical, applicable, and coherently expressed.

  164. New York City.
    female, plan on never marrying.
    I found this site through other financial blogs, and find it useful for investment advice and frugal living reinforcement. A little heavy on the kids.

  165. Boulder, CO
    Found via: Probably a google search for something.
    Yes, I’m married.
    I have an RSS feed here. Being thrifty never goes out of style, no matter how much money I make. I find that if I continue to live like a student, I can save tons of money for my retirement. The Simple Dollar keeps me thinking the right thoughts.

  166. I am a 26 year old male from Boston who heard about this site from a Co-worker. I keep coming back for advice on financial matters.

  167. Waco, TX Female, 27, married
    Don’t know how I found you.

    I keep coming back for the practical stuff. I like how you crunch numbers…the true cost of raising a kid, tips on getting your spending under control, etc.

    Not wild about the book reviews, but I’ve always thought PF/self help books were too much all at once. I can read a book in 2 hours, but to implement one idea at a time, I have to get them that way. That’s why I love your blog…bite-sized help.

  168. Camp Lejeune, NC

    My wife found the site, sent me to read a couple articles, then I added the site to my RSS feed. Have been reading since, though my wife makes fun of me because I occasionally let the unread posts pile up. Current record: 15


    I’m a whopping 21 years old (yes I’m really married, and yes, I appear to be the youngest reader so far, other than one person who said “20′s”, lol)

    It’s really hard for me to put my head to something and come up with a personalized solution. After owning my house for just under a year now, I still didn’t really have a budget set up, would use my credit card somewhat recklessly, and just relied on things working out. After my wife inspired me with the possible money saving techniques from this site (mainly homemade bread/laundry soap) I began to read. I may not take most of the posts to heart, but almost all of them inspire me to stay on the straight and narrow.

    The only thing I feel like is missing is a budget template. A template for someone to work off of, rather than trying to start off with a blank page, makes it easier to get started, IMHO.

  169. - Dallas, Tx
    - Article about ING Sub Accounts. I heard Dave Ramsey talking about “Savings with a name” and was wondering how to have 5 accounts or so without it being a huge hassle. You were in Google results with that article.
    - 25
    - married
    - Put you in my Google reader. I at least open all of my new posts, but I don’t always read them. Skim first, if I’m interested…I finish the article.

  170. Michigan
    Don’t remember how I found it
    Mostly because it’s on my google reader, but I like some of the articles.

  171. Columbia, SC
    can’t remember how I found it, but now I subscribe through Google reader
    female, 29, married w/ kids
    I keep coming back for the great ideas, we are working on debt reduction and planning for the future

  172. San Diego, CA
    through Get Rich Slowly
    I keep coming back to TSD because I enjoy the articles and like to remind myself to live frugally now so I can live comfortably later. Currently one of my primary goals for this year is to NOT buy any clothes or shoes for myself. It’s a challenge, but so far so good on Day 19 of 2009. =)

  173. Male, Chicagoland, 23 years old. Found through another blogger’s list of best financial blogs. I am married, and I read your blog through the RSS feed. I keep it around since the site has a decent variety of down-to-earth financial strategies (I am not trained at all in the world of finance) and book reviews.

  174. 30 year old single female in MN.

    I found The Simple Dollar mentioned on another blog. I keep coming back because I enjoy reading the articles as I work my way out of debt.

  175. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    I am not quite sure how I found The Simple Dollar. I think my Google Reader recommended it? It’s been a while.

    I am female, 27, married and pregnant with our first child.

    I appreciate the simple and easy to understand financial advice. I’m so busy with my career and life that it is difficult to read and digest the information for myself. I like having a place to come to and learn about different concepts and ideas in a quick and easy format.

    My husband and I are huge LOST fans too, and can’t wait for the premiere this week. Thanks for sharing your theories. VERY intersting!


  176. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    It was a link and/or roundup from another blog who I actually don’t read anymore, and so shall remain nameless. *laugh*
    I be girl, thank you.
    28 3/4 ;-)
    I am classic facebook “it’s complicated”.
    Because you’re real. You give your perspective, without making it seem that your opinion is the word of god. You’re well educated and you frequently give me things to ponder. I like the book reviews and the tips, but I like hearing about how you implement things into your life, the stumbles you have and how you overcome them.
    I also like the noter culture you have manage to achieve. I read as much for other people’s thoughts on what you said. Nearly all of the time, the notes are just as thoughtful as your entries, and things so very rarely degenerate into “ur mama suxx!1!” that so many other blog-environments seem to live in, and that’s a testament to you and the culture you’ve built on your site.
    Flowers… @};-

  177. 38yr old married in Olive Branch, MS
    RSS Feeds
    The always timely articles and the really good feedback from your other readers.

  178. What is your geographic location?
    St. Louis MO

    How did you find The Simple Dollar?
    Link from other webiste

    Are you male or female?

    How old are you? (Feel free to say “30s” or “40s” if you don’t want to leave your exact age)

    Are you married?

    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar?
    Subscribed to RSS feed. Do not visit site very often but read daily in feed. Enjoy the down to earth commentary on finance and frugality.

  179. Through Get Rich Slowly
    I keep coming back because of the sound advice that anyone can use. Its not all over my head and income level right now.

  180. Will, 25, Los Angeles, single.

    I don’t remember the specifics of how I found the simple dollar. Likely it was a link from the personal development blog community (whom are all about good finance :D )

    I keep coming back because the content never stops being useful, applicable, and insightful. You rule, Trent. “Everything You Need to Know About Personal Finance on 5 Business Cards” changed my paradigm forever.

  181. Omaha, NE
    I Googled something about fixing finances and came across “31 days to fix your finances” and the rest is history
    I come back daily because I enjoy the articles and the reader comments.

  182. What is your geographic location? AMARILLO, TX
    How did you find The Simple Dollar? STUMBLE
    Are you male or female? FEMALE
    How old are you? 40s
    Are you married? YES
    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar? YOU SEEM TO HAVE SOME GOOD IDEAS ABOUT HOW TO HOLD ON TO MY MONEY

  183. Alberta, Canada
    25 yo female with common-law partner
    Found TSD while looking for a simple homemade oatmeal recipe, and was lured in by the homemade bread recipe (which is fabulous btw) and other DIY

    I keep coming back for the great advice, personal anecdotes and especially the DIY tips and good homemade recipes.

  184. North Carolina
    I think I found it through Zen Habits
    Well written, thoughtful, relatable subject matter.

  185. -Charlotte, NC
    -I think I got here from Lifehacker… really don’t remember.
    -I am trying to pay off credit card debt while trying to be completely financially independent. I also believe in simple living and not depending on material possessions for happiness.

  186. What is your geographic location?Central MN
    How did you find The Simple Dollar? googled “personal finance blogs”
    Are you male or female?female
    How old are you? 45
    Are you married? yes, happily thank you
    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar?good writing, inspiration, easy to read.

  187. Kalamazoo, MI
    Not Married
    I keep coming back for a little more encouragement to live a frugal life and save.

  188. What is your geographic location? Santa Maria, CA
    How did you find The Simple Dollar? Searching Frugal
    Are you male or female? Male
    How old are you? 29
    Are you married? Yes
    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar? Honest articles, good book summaries, I love Iowa!, Good lists of things (free software, etc.), easy to read

  189. Age 38, female
    Live in Wisconsin
    I use The Simple Dollar to fill in the cracks of my personal finance plan. I appreciate the ideas I’ve gleaned here. This blog inspires me to set goals and be wise with my finances.

    I think I first heard of this through “My Open Wallet” blog.

    Trent answered an e-mail question I had about paying down a loan, and I took his advice and am glad I did!

  190. Phoenix, AZ
    MSN fetured an article of yours followed since then.
    Male 40
    Married/infant son

    I like the writing style, it is as if we know each other and just talking. I need to be reminded about frugality!!

  191. I’m a 24 year old woman from Toronto, Canada. I have read your blog every day for the past year and a half – I stumbled on it from a google search.
    I read your blog as a reminder to continue with my savings goals and pick up tips about how to save some more money! So far, the journey continues…

  192. -Boston
    -A couple years ago, I started inhaling all the info I could find from various PF blogs. I’ve now paired down to just a handful, including TSD.
    -Tons of useful info. Once we started incorporating much of the info you post into our daily lives, my wife and I got hooked. We both figured that one of the important components for our marriage was being on the same page financially.

  193. Austin, TX
    Found it two years ago somehow when I was procrastinating – possibly through Lifehacker
    24, female, married
    Clear, easy to follow writing and advice. Feeling like I’m having a conversation about finance, rather than being lectured, definitely keeps me coming back. And the topics happen to be relevant to my life now, and where I see myself in the future.

  194. Richmond, IN
    Male, 25, Engaged
    Found via a user’s post on
    I like the tips and commentary you provide. It helps keep my focused on paying down my debt.

  195. What is your geographic location? Chicago area
    How did you find The Simple Dollar? Through a message board
    Are you male or female? Female
    How old are you? 26
    Are you married? Yes
    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar? I’m working on getting in shape financially, and I love getting great tips from others.

  196. Utah County, Utah
    Married, 5 kids

    My husband suggested I read your site for good tips on being frugal (as is necessity with five kids). I started reading and have been reading ever since. I enjoy your articles, tips and financial suggestions. Thanks!

  197. Madison, WI
    Found TSD through a search of personal finance/development blogs–I’ve pared down my reading you and get rich slowly.
    I started reading for financial tips and keep coming back for inspriation.

  198. Houston, Texas
    Article on MSN about homemade laundry soap
    Great ways to save money without being preachy

  199. From Ohio, but living in Germany.
    Don’t remember how I found you.
    I’m 22, single, and a female.

    I love your articles and this is the first personal finance thing that got me interested in being frugal and seeing how far I could stretch my Euros!

    People who aren’t using dollars can benefit from you, too! :) Hehe.

  200. Hello!

    United Kingdom
    Found TSD via LifeHacker
    I keep coming back because I like your posts!

    Thank you!

  201. Minneapolis, MN
    I found the Simple Dollar through the Smart Spending blog on MSN.
    27 year old female. Single.
    I keep coming back because reading personal finance articles/blogs helps to keep me on track, and I enjoy the wide variety of interesting articles.

  202. - Saskatchewan, Canada
    - can’t exactly remember, it was through net surfing/googling
    - female, 26, not married
    - Just graduated from university and am starting to get serious about getting investments setup, paying off car loan, and learning general tips for living frugally. I’m hoping to read a few of the books you’ve reviewed, too. Thanks for continuing to post!

  203. Wisconsin
    I found the Simple Dollar by google searching for a bread recipe
    19 years old
    not married
    I subscribed to the Simple Dollar because of the plethora of useful information I stumbled upon when I first visited the site. As a college student, I’ve learned so many useful tips for saving in my current life and in my future.

  204. Married, male, 30 years old.

    Found The Simple Dollar through another financial blog, probably Get Rich Slowly or perhaps Lifehacker.

    I keep coming back to find good financial life suggestions. Some I use, some I don’t, but knowing there are others out there trying to use money carefully encourages me to keep doing the same.

  205. Fort Worth, TX
    My wife is a reader and sent me a link.
    I keep coming back (or at least leave the site in my feed reader) because a lot of the items blogged about are relevant to my own experience.

  206. Baton Rouge, LA
    List of personal finance blogs
    not married
    I owe my parents a lot of money so anything I can do to save more is helpful

  207. Kansas City, MO
    My mom kept sending intriguing links here – when I started really thinking about my finances, I got hooked.
    Simple dollar has a great balance of living frugally and living well. You focus not only on being smart financially, but really enjoying your life, controlling your finances so that you control what you do with your time. It’s refreshing, and it helps me stay motivated in so many ways.

  208. Long Island, NY
    I can’t remember – I linked over from someone’s blog. :)
    Interesting material – and I learn a lot.

  209. New York City/East Village
    Female, early 50s, widowed, no kids
    Found a link to your site on Frugal Dad

    Although I’ve been frugal all my life and have been pretty much unaffected by the economic crash, I always find interesting articles, hints and links on here. I also get good ideas from your readers’ input and suggestions. Always something new to learn…

  210. 26 y/o female living in Madison, WI… not married, but might as well be!

    I found your site when I searched “Money Saving Tips” on Google, and found some very good tips! I am having a hard time making ends meet, so it’s refreshing to get new ideas about how to save – I’m sure I’ll keep coming back! Thank you :)

  211. New York
    Not sure where or even when I found this blog. I enjoy reading most of the articles and have it bookmarked on my iGoogle homepage.

  212. Dallas, TX
    Don’t Remember… Maybe MSN feature article?
    In a relationship
    Frank terms, good ways to save money, interesting ideas on home cooking/fixing/things to do around the home, as a freelance artist (not entirely freelance but trying) it helps to see what other people do in a similar state.

  213. Minneapolis, MN
    Through another blog of PF
    Married with 2 small kids
    I like midwest flavor to the blog. I enjoy the mailbags and the articles. I am not too fond of the book reviews.

  214. Central North Carolina
    Den of Chaos blog (?)
    Female, 49
    Married, 6 “children” – 19-28
    I subscribe to the feed because as much as I pride myself on bargain shopping, that is not necessarily being frugal! :)

  215. Hawaii

    google searh for frugal sites



    Are you married? yes

    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar? Lots of good info from both sides of the fence.

  216. What is your geographic location? New Paris, OH
    How did you find The Simple Dollar? Another newsletter
    Are you male or female? Female
    How old are you? 46
    Are you married? Yes – 18 years
    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar? Helpful tips & wise words!

    Thank you!!!!

  217. Hi Trent

    I enjoy reading your blog. My sister, who was living with me at the time, and I stumbled upon your blog around the same time through different means, but happened to mention it to each other on the same day. That was a year and half ago and have been reading TSD daily since.

    I really enjoy your financially solid, yet simple, advice on how live better. You provide a consistent theme that can be taken in little pieces, or as one big life change. I always enjoy to see what new topics you come up with.

    What is your geographic location?
    I currently live in St. Paul, but grew up in South Dakota. Having grown up in SD, I can relate to your rural Iowa stories.

    How did you find The Simple Dollar?
    I found the TSD through a link on a GTD blog.

    Are you male or female?

    How old are you? (Feel free to say “30s” or “40s” if you don’t want to leave your exact age)
    Late 20′s.

    Are you married?
    I will be in 7 months!

    Keep up the great work!

  218. Rochester, NY
    My husband sent me the site – he works in financial services
    I find many of the posts have tips that are relatable to my life. Tips on how to live a more minimalist life and make good spending decisions are always helpful. And now I’m a member as well!

  219. ~Knoxville, TN
    ~I’ll be 28 in March
    ~My boyfriend and I live together. Financially speaking, we pay our “together” bills together, but otherwise financially I am single.
    ~I found The Simple Dollar from a post of yours about a moratorium on buying book that was forwarded over and over again. I’ve come back to it constantly since then…
    ~What keeps me coming back are the Mail Bags, articles on general social observations, financial comparisons and breakdowns, etc. What does NOT keep me coming back are the book reviews. I’m an avid reader and I find it ironic I’m not into them, and I’ve tried to get into them. But it’s just not happening for me. Nearly everything else I like. I think the main thing that keeps me coming back is knowing there are lots of other very well educated people out there just like me who made REALLY dumb money mistakes.
    ~Finally, I appreciate that, while we don’t seem to share similar political views, you are also open to hearing everyone’s side of the story. You try to get as much information as you can.

  220. Los Angeles area, female, 42, married.
    found the site on yahoo main page I think. Now am a subscriber to your emails and read them almost daily. I have used many of your frugal tips (got an ING savings account, made turkey broth for the first time this year, etc…). I think of myself as very frugal and eco-smart, and am thrilled you have new ideas – but what is wrong with re-using plastic zip lock bags? I wash mine out all the time!!!

  221. Male, 27, Chicago IL
    I have been following your blog since Dec ’06, which is when I started my first job. I am an Asian and was brought up to value frugality. When I came to US, I was surprised someone talk about it with so much passion. Thanks for giving us such a great blog and all for no cost to us.

  222. MO
    Family member forwarded the site a few years ago and have been reading via RSS ever since.
    Really enjoy the diversity of info for families (retirement, college saving, cheap things to do, frugal living, helping kids learn abaout money, etc.)

  223. 1) Denver, CO
    2) I found The Simple Dollar through a link from another personal finance blog. As of now, I’ve forgotten the name of that blog and stuck with The Simple Dollar ever since.
    3) Male
    4) 20′s
    5) Single
    6) I keep coming back to The Simple Dollar for a number of reasons, but here are the top 3: (1) You have a writing style most non-fiction writers can only dream about (and I don’t want to build your ego up too much, but really it’s THAT good). (2) You almost always add a very personal element to every blog post (either from your own story or from a conversation with a friend). (3) “Reader Mailbags” – They’re something to look forward to every Monday.

    On a side note, I hope you write + publish a book about something else besides finance or frugality. In my lifetime (and I’m not that old yet), I’ve read/skimmed-through way too many non-fiction books (so much so, I’m returning to fiction books from my childhood because I just need a break), and I believe your “voice” in what you write is unmatched by most authors I’ve read or that currently have non-fiction books in the market. I’m not sure what you would want to write about besides finance or frugality, but please consider it! :)

  224. What is your geographic location? Milwaukee, WI
    How did you find The Simple Dollar? Recommended Feeds in Google Reader
    Are you male or female? Make
    How old are you? (Feel free to say “30s” or “40s” if you don’t want to leave your exact age) 23
    Are you married? Engaged, wedding is Sept 12
    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar? Awesome tips mixed in with entertaining writing

  225. What is your geographic location? – Iowa
    How did you find The Simple Dollar? – link from a blog
    Are you male or female? – female
    How old are you? (Feel free to say “30s” or “40s” if you don’t want to leave your exact age) – 40′s
    Are you married? – no
    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar?
    I’m in the middle of a financial crisis. I probably should have filed bankruptcy a couple of years ago, but instead I’ve been trying to manage my debt on my own. I have been in & out of the hospital, unable to work for months at a time… and have the debts that hit critical mass as a result. Thanks to a lot of your suggestions I’ve managed to reduce my expenses to less than 50% of my take home pay. Unfortunately, it’s still not enough to solve my crisis. I’m filing for bankruptcy probably before the end of this month. But, following your advice and my new frugal skills, it should be easier for me to live within the budget of my chapter 13 bankruptcy. I’m no where near able to start rebuilding my credit at this point; however, that’s my next set of goals once I get this filed. You’ve got a great writing style, point me to others with opinions of their own and I truly enjoy reading your posts daily!

  226. Someone in my local Mother’s Club sent a Simple Dollar article to our mailing list, and I was hooked.
    Hayward, CA
    Married (2 kids)
    Though I don’t live extravagantly, frugality does not come naturally to me. I find many of the ideas here smart, and very easily adopted.

  227. * Ackworth, IA
    * Des Moines Register – featured in a ‘Best Of’ type list
    * Female
    * 23
    * Married
    * I really like your writing style and the information you give.

  228. What is your geographic location? Colorado
    How did you find The Simple Dollar?
    Are you male or female? Male
    How old are you? (Feel free to say “30s” or “40s” if you don’t want to leave your exact age) 38
    Are you married? Yes.
    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar? The writing is comfortable and I like to compare what I do with what others do in terms of finances, in anonymity.

  229. Orlando, FL
    Looking for detergent recipe
    Female, 34, Married
    I keep coming back because you offer great advice and even if I don’t agree completely with a perspective you have, I understand that everything, including opinions, are in flux. Also, as someone who writes, I understand that trying to convey exactly what you might be feeling at any time is hard!
    Plus, it’s great to hear stories about how others deal with family life.

  230. Norcross, GA

    A co-worker told me about your site.




    Really enjoy your writing style and perspective. And I need to be reminded – often- to live more frugally.

  231. Santa Cruz,CA
    Age 35
    I’m interested in finances and in voluntary simplicity/simple living. I found the site when I conducted a google search for frugal living.I signed up to receive the daily e-mails and appreciate the reminders about how to live frugally.I especially liked the e-mail summing up the best articles of the year. Thanks!

  232. Memphis, TN
    Male, 29

    I don’t remember what topic I was researching, but I came across Simple Dollar. The articles are typically informative and enjoyable. Frugality is not my nature, and the feeds remind me to check my spending/consumption!

  233. St. Louis, MO
    I do not remember how I found the Simple Dollar – probably browsing websites related to debt-free, frugal living.
    I am female
    I am in my early 40′s
    Divorced – two children at home
    Well rounded variety of money, organization, and goal-oriented living advice.

  234. Statesville, NC
    Very happily married.
    I don’t remember how I found you, but I like to read your ideas and have found some to be quite helpful. So I saved you in my favorites and check your site about everyday. Please keep writing!

  235. Maine
    You know, I can’t remember – It was a link through another article though.
    Female, Age 62
    I have found lots of interesting articles that not only I can use, but I have passed on to my grown children.

  236. Burlington ON, Canda
    Linked from another blog
    Good content that is applicable to my life. Love the book reviews!

  237. Pasadena, CA
    Found Zen Habits, which led me to, which led me here
    I always find something to think about in the articles. And it helps me stay focused on my own goals of paying off my student loan and saving for a down payment and for retirement. I don’t usually comment as I often agree with other commenters and don’t feel the need to echo.

  238. Portugal, 20s, Male, Single.

    Can’t even remember where I found this blog, but I keep reading it mostly to get a hang on how to improve my financial skills.

  239. I am married, male, 44, living in Mackay, QLD, Australia.

    I am interested in good financial advice and was interested in Index funds and found the site thru the book reviews, which is what I really come back for. I like the frugal values of the site but don’t comment since the general readership is US based and so our situation ‘down under’ is different.

    Keep up the good work

    hat is your geographic location?
    How did you find The Simple Dollar?
    Are you male or female?
    How old are you? (Feel free to say “30s” or “40s” if you don’t want to leave your exact age)
    Are you married?
    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar?

  240. I am a 62 year old female, married 41 years from Los Angeles. I always find your posts interesting and worth reading. Because my husband and I have lived a frugal, but not cheap, lifestyle, we are in excellent shape financially. I have forwarded your posts many times, mostly to my soon-to-be-relocating-to-central Iowa son.
    P.S. Maybe you were depressed lately because of your recent horrid weather.

  241. Wellington, New Zealand
    I can’t remember how I came across this blog – from another frugal type blog I think.
    This is one of the best sites I have come across that gives relevant advice. There are some bits I need to gloss over or convert (discussion about 401ks and Roths and things) as I guess things are different here in New Zealand. We are working through Dave Ramsey’s book at present and concentrating on getting our budget in place, cutting expenses and living more simply and frugally. I’m looking forward to feeling less stressed about our financial situation.

  242. Pennsylvania.
    Female, age 23, married.

    We’re hoping to retire early (btw age 50-55), but want to enjoy life at the same time. We’re frugal, but we don’t want to sacrifice today for tomorrow!

  243. 20 years old
    Mesa, Arizona
    Not married
    Someone had posted a link to an article on the site and I just kept on reading. I like all the advice that’s given. And I like how things are explained. I don’t know much about money markets and all so this really helps me understand a little better.

  244. What is your geographic location?

    How did you find The Simple Dollar?

    Can’t remember – think I was searching for money saving ideas.

    Are you male or female?

    How old are you? (Feel free to say “30s” or “40s” if you don’t want to leave your exact age)

    Are you married?

    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar?
    like your writing style, enjoyed the review of the war of art. get this by e-mail, so don’t “keep coming back” per se. :-)

  245. Ottawa,Ontario
    Hubby emailed me a link and I’ve been following it ever since
    married, 2 kids under 10

    I enjoy the fact that you write about the different ways of applying frugality and thriftiness to everyday life, and the fact that you know frugality is a “learned” way of life.

  246. Powell, Ohio
    Found by Google search, can’t remember exactly

    I keep coming back because I find the posts interesting and it has been helpful in finding ways to be more frugal. Which has been important since the birth of our first child.

  247. Lincoln, NE
    google search for some financial question i had
    i feel like i learn something/get a new perspective on things with almost every post i read.

  248. Toronto, Ontario
    47 Female Married
    Can’t remember where I first read Simple Dollar
    Your delivery is personal, great practical advice.

  249. What is your geographic location? Southern California
    How did you find The Simple Dollar? Through the blog Escape Brooklyn
    Are you male or female? Female
    How old are you? (Feel free to say “30s” or “40s” if you don’t want to leave your exact age) 30s
    Are you married? Yes
    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar?
    I like the way you write. I am interested in financial blogs. To kill time at work.

    One question you did not ask–I would be very happy to see more articles for those people who know the financial basics and want to take it to the next level. We own our own home, have no debt other than mortgage and low interest rate school loans, are saving, but we still want to know what more we can do.

    Thanks for writing.

  250. Don’t remember where I found your site, longtime web surfer, married female, 60+, who is impressed with your blogging devotion and writing style.

    This year has been the most “ironic” as so much frugal savings has been “lost” or “wiped out”.

  251. Western Kentucky
    I googled tips for savings money
    I looked around the site when I found it and stayed for a couple of hours reading all the helpful information! I love the information, encouragement, and inspiration I find.

  252. My fiance has been addicted to your website for a year+, and after reading a few articles I got to the point where I checked it more often than he did!

  253. Austin, TX not to be confused with any other Texas city!
    I found the SD (Simple Dollar)through the Internet after reading many online articles and some other weblogs — the SD is the only one I wanted to subscribe to because it best fits my interest and needs. I also liked the format (still do).
    Married. (happily)
    40 years old, but look 27 and act 33.
    I keep coming back because, well, it actually keeps coming to me since I’m a subscriber.
    Generally most information is informative and helpful to me. I like the user friendly style and Trent seems to be down-to-earth.

    Thanks SD! : )

  254. Portugal (yes, the little country in Europe)
    Search on Google (can’t remember terms) but I know the first article I read was about crossover point :) great stuff!
    I subscribed by mail so it has become one of my post-dinner habits.. I like the variety of topics and your style of writing :) kudos!

  255. Illinois – Chicago suburbs
    Female – senior citizen
    Married for 40 years.
    I found the Simple Dollar while googling America’s Cheapest Family – you had reviewed the book.
    Why I keep coming back – I love reading about personal finance and being frugal. I was devastated when Amy Dacyczyn closed down the Tightwad Gazette – she was my hero (still is). But you are now my new hero – keep up the wonderful work!

  256. Charlotte, NC, Male, 26, Partnered

    I found the Simple Dollar through LifeHacker, and I keep coming back because it’s provided me with great ideas of how to be responsible with our finances yet still be able to attain our goals. The Simple Dollar has been an inspiration. Thank you so much for everything!

  257. Recent transplant from Wisconsin to Washington DC
    Don’t recall how I found it!
    Engaged to be married
    Articles are just the right length, and give me new ways of thinking about frugality. Going from a rural area to a highly urban one has been traumatic to my pocketbook, so I can use all the help I can get. You’re a great writer!

  258. Memphis, TN
    Can’t remember. I’ve been reading on and off for a while. I became an email subscriber a few months ago.
    Female, 38, married
    I keep reading because it’s relevant to me personally. I grew up with frugal parents, and The Simple Dollar keeps me moving forward with it rather than reverting to the mainstream idea of “buy now, buy often”.

  259. What is your geographic location? Texas
    How did you find The Simple Dollar? I don’t remember.
    Are you male or female? Female
    How old are you? (Feel free to say “30s” or “40s” if you don’t want to leave your exact age) 24
    Are you married? nope, still looking :)
    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar? Great articles and the fact that it’s in my Google Reader helps

  260. I’m a 40 year old female from Charlotte NC – live in Denver NC. I’ve been married for 19 plus years and have 2 teenager(boy and girl)

    I keep coming back because I never know what great tips will be out today. Times are tough and I’m looking for ways to get out of debt quicker, plus ways that I can pass on to others. I always suggest people check out your web site when looking for ways to get ahead.

    I think I have commented before, but can’t remember.

    Thanks for always having wonderful tips and suggestions!

  261. St. Rose, Louisiana (outside New Orleans)
    Found a link somehow – probably MSN
    Living w/boyfriend of 5 years & 2 sons 17 & 22
    Interesting frugal living tips – some work for me, some don’t but I take what I can use.

  262. Chicago, IL
    referred from a friend
    in a relationship
    i like the down-to-earth advice on keeping your finances in check.

  263. Leuven, Belgium
    Link via NCN

    I just feel I need constant reminders as to why it’s a good thing to save money, make wise money decisions and be frugal.

  264. 22/m/NY
    No idea how I found the site, but glad I did. It’s in my RSS feed now, and I usually let it hang for a few days, and then read a bunch of articles at once.

    The content is great! Reading about frugality as often as possible keeps my mind in a frugal state.

  265. Hi! My name is Micki, and I am a 32 year old female in rural Wisconsin. I started reading your blog 2 years ago when I was newly married, and we were looking for creative ways to save up a down payment. I was widowed about a year ago, and am now a single mom to one fabulous daughter. I would like to thank you for all of the ideas on how to live within one’s means. Thanks in no small part to you and other great financial bloggers, I am proud to report that I take great care of myself and my child while making roughly $10 /hr, and am in the process of purchasing a home for us. Please, keep all of the great motivation coming, all of your honesty and real world examples are a great help.

  266. Austin, Texas
    Female, 29, single

    I found the Simple Dollar through another blog (I can’t remember which one.) I keep coming back for the good advice.

  267. Spokane, Washington
    I found The Simple Dollar looking for a laundry detergent recipe that I had heard about on a tv show.
    I like the articles they are interesting and make you think

  268. South Carolina Upstate

    I have no idea how I got here but I’m glad I did.




    I keep coming back because I love the constant re-enforcement that frugality is good. I love the tips and the recipes. But my favorite is a glimpse into the lives of other folks, both here and abroad.

  269. Denmark (Europe)
    I learn new relevant stuff almost every time I visit TSD

  270. Female
    I enjoy reading your site…can’t remember how I found it…I refer a lot of clients to your blog – many of them are where you were a few years ago.

  271. Arkansas
    Found a link to you on “Smart Smending’.

    Although I have commented a few times, generally I am a lurker. Being in my 50′s and no kids, a lot of what you comment on does not apply to me. Wish there was a blog for the 50 somethings.

    I keep coming back because I like the encouragement to live within my means and plan for the future.

  272. Vicksburg, Ms, United States;
    followed links on budgeting money.
    Good ideas are presented. I appreciate the variety of leads. I am always interested in improving my life, and you have some perspectives I find thoughtful. Thanks.

  273. Madison, WI
    Followed a link from somewhere
    about 40
    I like the perspective of personal finance from a “regular joe”.

  274. What is your geographic location?

    Dayton, Oh
    How did you find The Simple Dollar?

    Web search- I think
    Are you male or female?

    How old are you? (Feel free to say “30s” or “40s” if you don’t want to leave your exact age)

    Are you married?

    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar?

    Always looking for good and new ways to save money.

  275. Houston, 27, female, married.

    I don’t really remember how I found TSD. It was probably a link from another blog.

    I come back because I enjoy the topics and the method you use to explore topics. I also enjoy seeing the thought process of an informed consumer who does not work in the financial advisory industry. I do work in this industry and find that I can get cocooned within the industry if I’m not careful.

  276. Martha 46-Memphis, TN divorced

    I found this blog through a link on Donna’s smartspending blog on MSN/money. Donna is more of my generation but I enjoy your blog because I remember the earlier years in my life when I was just starting on the on the frugality program and my friends thought I had lost my mind. Now, my life is simple and the tough economic times are not a major concern of mine. I read your blog daily as a reminder that this was not always the case. I enjoy the tips on saving money while at the same time you remember your family and focus on what is important in life. I also really enjoy the frugal recipes. Thanks so much.

  277. Albuquerque, NM
    upper 20′s
    I think I found this through Google or Stumble when I was looking for Roth IRA info and have been reading it ever since (2+ years)
    I appreciate the book reviews and explanations for investments. I also enjoy reading the comments, although I rarely post my own.
    It helps that this is one of the blogs my workplace doesn’t block, and provides an educational distraction/break for me.

  278. Chicago

    I keep coming back because the site not only offers some financial tips, but also great thoughts on life in general and how to live a fuller life.

  279. What is your geographic location? Boise, ID
    How did you find The Simple Dollar? Don’t remember – maybe link form or something from
    Are you male or female? F
    How old are you? (Feel free to say “30s” or “40s” if you don’t want to leave your exact age) 49
    Are you married? Y
    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar? Always some good tips, tricks and traps to forward to clients.
    I like the examples you give from your own life to demonstrate frugal – not cheap or stingy – ways to live. I have some clients who can benefit from some of your advice (of course not everything applies to all people), especially in the current financial climate. When the turnaround comes, many of them will be ahead for following some of your advice. I also like the variety of links to other posts you put on your website, especially the Carnival. Thanks for all you do, Trent.

  280. Rushville, IL
    Browsing the MSN homepage – I think it was about the homemade laundry detergent
    The Simple Dollar comes to me in my email, but I also enjoy the writing style and content.

  281. linked from another website (Later On, I believe)
    female, 51, married mom of 1
    living in metro Atlanta,GA,USA
    I love how rock solid sensible you are, and you write well, to boot.

  282. Omaha, Nebraska

    It’s been a while since I first found it – I think I was searching for laundry soap recipes when I was laid off. I found it not long after it started – a few months.


    30 on the dot!!

    Nope not married. Never been (yet).

    I get it emailed to me.
    I subscribed because I find the mailbag responses interesting… I struggle to be frugal and have the occasional small lapse in to my old ways and I find what Trent says interesting and relevant to my life & goals. Also his tips on little things are helpful & since he’s not far from me I find his ideas relevant to where I live.

  283. I live in Central North Carolina. I’m female and nearing 60. Married 39 years. I believe I found you thru Mary Hunt’s Monthly Cheapskate newsletter. I enjoy reading most of your articles – some I skip. I’m always looking for ways to be more frugal and to leave less of a carbon footprint. I appreciate your dedication to making your site relevant.

  284. Kansas
    Don’t remember.
    Enjoy Trent’s financial perspective. I have been reading this blog for at least two years, but this is only my second post.

  285. Nagoya, Japan
    Male, 26, married
    No idea how I found TSD initially. Google search or linked from another blog, I’m sure.
    I return because I can relate to you as a person in many ways (Chrono Trigger, spending too much on golf, puzzle games, family being important, cooking, reading, trying new things, et al) and I enjoy your writing style.

  286. Female
    Chicago Area
    I got hooked to you somehow thru ALL THINGS FINANCIAL blog. My husband and I got married (late marrige) 15 yrs ago and immediately after our marriage, his mom then dad got sick, then my mom, then his aunt and uncle moved here from Florida. Taking care of 5 seniors 80+ while working full time. No other family members spent time or helped with them but we did, and spent down a 6 figure bank account caring for them, for nursing home care, clothes, bills etc. They all recently passed away and we are frantic at out age trying to figure out a way to recapture $ lost. Unfortunately no extra $ was given to us thru the estate, we got often less $ in inheritance then those doing nothing, and ended up in a big hole. Instead of complaining, I am looking at ways others got out of debt and began to get back on their feet. I have found inspiration and many helpful hints in your blog,from your readers and from other blogs.

  287. Central WI
    Female, 46
    Have been reading your blog daily for about a year. Dont quite remember how I stumbled across it. Thoroughly enjoy it. Forward many to my adult daughters. Trying to reduce debt and eventually be debt free. Have read many books you have suggested. Dave Ramsey is my favorite. Thanks for the daily emails.

  288. McAllen, Texas
    found you looking for some direction on debt, living on less, cooking for the week/month
    i’m female
    just turned 29
    married almost 8 years, have a 4 yr old & 4 month old
    i keep coming back because you’re articles are well written, you cover different things & have good tips i can follow. i especially like the books you read & recommend

  289. Chicago
    My husband kept talking about it.
    See above.
    We are continually trying to be more frugal, and this is a nice everyday reminder which helps us stay on course.

  290. I’m in Albuquerque, NM. I think I got here via a series of links…I’m not exactly sure. Female. 25. Married. I subscribe the the blog; reading it daily helps me committed to “spending mindfully” (my New Years resolution). Having a frequent reminder of frugality and money-smarts keeps my spending in check.

  291. Boise, ID
    I was doing a search on ways to save money
    Female, 27, Single
    Initially, I liked getting tips on how to save money, but as I’ve developed better money-management skills, I’ve focused my attention on your book reviews. I’m an avid reader, and your articles help me pick which book I’m going to read next.

  292. East Lansing, MI
    I found your wonderful blog one day when I was searching for solid financial/savings advice.
    almost 21
    not married
    A lot of your advice is geared toward people with families/children, but I find a lot of excellent perspective and advice that is very applicable to my own situation as a college student. Really I think reading your articles have made me start thinking about and planning for my own financial future. So thanks a lot!

  293. Pete
    Brooklyn, NY

    Don’t remember how i found the blog.
    32, Male, single

    The blog keeps me focused on my paying off debt/saving goals. When i go to Best Buy and look at flat screen TV’s i come home and read the simple dollar to help me from spending unecesarily.

    thanks Trent

  294. Toronto
    I stumbled upon a list of my friend’s favourite blogs of which this was on there, along with a couple other PF blogs. I became hooked on reading them so that when I eventually have money, I’ll know what to do with it.

  295. Austin, TX 34yo female, married with 2 boys (4&6).
    I don’t remember how I found your site. It may have been a link through Frugal Dad (though I may have found Frugal Dad through you). I subscribe, so I just read your daily email. I have recently opened my eyes to my spending habits and the huge debt we have racked up on credit cards. I have spent the last several months outlining and implimenting a plan to be debt free (it’ll take about 4 years) I am also starting an emergency fund so we won’t have to use credit cards. Thank you for your website, the daily emails help remind me of my goal and keep me focused on the bigger picture.

  296. GA
    Well written articles, things I haven’t already read 20 times before. Good book reviews.

  297. Jefferson, Oregon

    Either the Dollar Stretcher or Saving Advice




    I like the way you write. Your topics are very interesting. I like your book reviews.

  298. Hi there! I’m Becca, and I’m from Spokane, Washington. I’m a recent college grad and current grad student in my early-mid 20s. I saw The Simple Dollar linked on a bunch of personal finance blogs, as well as in a few google searches I did (I don’t remember what my phrases were).

    I keep coming back because I find your advice practical and applicable to my life, and it’s nice to hear about saving money and living well like that!

  299. Male, 37, DINKy so far. From Reus, close to Barcelona (Spain).

    I do not recall how I met TSD, just that I keep reading daily because it encourages me, and les me see a reality which I am not so used to see around me (luckily), and also I keep practising my english. Keep writting!

  300. Amarillo, TX
    A co-worker
    31 years old
    Happily married
    You always have great topics and do a great job explaining the information you posted.

  301. Sao Paulo,Brazil.
    I find you in a link at lifehacker.
    Male, 33yo, married.
    I keep coming back because I like your writing style.
    Thanks Trent!

  302. Seattle, Washington
    Don’t remember…probably link from another blog
    Have read this blog on my RSS reader for a couple of years.

  303. Bolingbrook, IL
    I keep coming back because I enjoy the tips and saving strategies in addition to your writing style.

  304. Michigan
    Female, 40ish, Married, 2 kids….

    I found your blog a couple years ago while looking for personal finance advice because I got tired of being in debt all the time.

    I come back nearly every day to read your blog. You have helped me immensely without even knowing it. You have a way of writing that makes things easy to understand and even if it doesn’t pertain to my situation, you always give me something interesting to think about!

    Glad to have the opportunity to say – Thanks for the great blog, Trent :o)

  305. 30, Male, Hartford, CT.

    Married since last 2 years (almost).

    I think from another PF Blogger (most likely GRS)

    Love your writing style and get encouragement from reading your blog. Now I am addicted to your site.

    Keep up the good work!

  306. Houston, Texas
    Married (don’t ask how many times)
    Good common sense thinking. I share it with co-workers every day. Thank you.

  307. hi-

    don’t remember- I think it was through a book
    I have been reading since last year and I simply enjoy the down to earth talk about money. I am learning about dealing with money better then I have before and one way is to read up as much as I can.

  308. Central Texas between Austin and San Antonio
    When MSN ran the article on making your own laundry soap
    40 yr old, married, female?
    I come back for the frugality tips as well as financial planning advice in understandable and practical terms.

  309. Houston, TX
    Probably a link to an article, maybe from google or possibly from Get Rich Slowly
    Several of the articles have been interesting and useful.

  310. Ohio
    From another website (not sure which one)
    I am always open to new ideas on how to save/invest/and books to read.

  311. Florida
    through MSN Money
    early 30′s
    I look forward to reading this every day. Most of it, is very useful and applicable for me. I’ve even tried the homemade laundry deteregent (powder version), still thinking about how it’s been working out, before I comment.

  312. Copenhagen, Denmark
    Zen habits or declutter search
    41, female
    Easy to read, insightful, a no-brainer!

  313. Chicago, IL
    41 years Old
    Male,Married 17 years, 3 Kids
    I found the simple dollar while googling. I enjoy the common sense advise. The site also provides motivation for living within your means and working toward future goals.

  314. Moved recently to Crossville, TN after retiring from 30 years as an air traffic controller and moving from Orlando. Found the link to your site on the internet. I am a married female in my 50′s. Would like to see more of your thoughts on how people on fixed incomes can survive and still save money. I’m considering the possibility of writing but don’t know if I can discipline myself to plug away at it daily.

  315. Tennessee
    It’s been so long, I’m not sure, but I think it was probably a reference from another web site.
    Twice divorced
    I like the variety of articles and the attitude and perspective of the writer. I need all the help and perspective I can get.

  316. I live in Seattle, Washington.
    I honestly cannot remember how I found The Simple Dollar. I read a lot of financial stuff online, so I probably just followed some links to it.
    I am female, almost 25 and completely single with no kids.
    I keep coming back to the Simple Dollar because it is interesting and give pretty realistic advice. It is also easy to understand.

  317. NSW, Australia
    I’m not married. I found this site through other PF blogs I think (I’m not sure!) I like the articles and the blog is interesting to read. I am trying to pay off a mortgage and personal finances are my hobby. Keep up the good work, Trent!

  318. Gowanda, NY
    Not sure as it’s been awhile
    single (since 1975)
    I always find interesting approaches on how to handle finances. I quite oten email portions to my 23 year old son when I feel as though it pertains to his situation. I’m at a different point in my life, yet some ways of dealing with spending money never change (or shouldn’t, anyway)!

  319. East PA
    These rough times call for this sort of mindset.

    I do have a question…
    What are the advantages of an IRA ?
    The way I see it:
    You get taxed on these monies anyway – and with no deductions(like your kids).. doesnt your tax bracket go up right when you need these the most ?
    I am glad that I have never invested in one of these because just as I would have become “vested” in the plan ..the company changed the rules or in one case -went out of business! So what sounded attractive to begin with became a lost promise.
    Who truly benefits from these plans ? Companies dont give up money for nothing !
    I am sure they make a profit from these plans somehow.
    I invested my monies elsewhere.

  320. Madison, WI
    Pretty sure it was MSN Smart Spending Blog

    I like the “support”, the friendly little push that reading personal finance blogs gives me day-to-day.

  321. Atlanta
    linked to on one of the Gawker sites — either Lifehacker or Consumerist (Consumerist has been sold to the Consumer Reports folks, so no longer a gawker blog)
    Love the writing, and I rarely see a topic I’m not interested in. TSD sparked a slight obsession with PF bloggers.

  322. Northern Colorado
    Don’t remember how I found TSD but embrace frugal sites.

    As a YMOYL follower I come back to see if there is anything that will add to my frugal ideals. Nice everyman writing, non elitist.

  323. Sterling, VA (however I started reading this when I lived in Omaha, NE)
    Married 3 yrs w. 14 month old
    Found on MSN article

    I try to live a frugal lifestyle for the $ and enviromental benefits. I appreciate the ideas and the reminders of how to save money.

  324. Pennsylvania
    Found while searching for pizza dough recipes (LOL)
    Married w/2 kids

    I enjoy the daily dose of financial advice. There’s financial advice everywhere, but this site sticks out because the topics covered are sometimes off the wall and the writing style is great.

  325. Chicago, IL
    link from another personal finance blog (don’t remember which one)
    I subscribe via RSS. I find the articles well written and easy to follow, and I’m always looking for good advice on money matters.

  326. What is your geographic location?
    Memphis metro area
    How did you find The Simple Dollar?
    link from another finance blog (i think)
    Are you male or female?
    How old are you?
    Are you married?
    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar?
    I think you are a very talented writer. I read several financial blogs for motivation to stick to a budget and get out of debt. I also have articles I have written on and would like to grow my writing skills and produce more money content.

  327. SWF aged 44 from MS

    I think I first heard of The Simple Dollar from the Fatwallet Finance board, topic “What are your favorite PF blogs?”

    I like reading different approaches to personal finance, so I follow this and several other blogs often referred to here.

  328. 39 Female
    Zen Habits
    I keep coming back because Trent sounds like he could be your “smart” friend. The one who has the right answer for everything.

    I always appreciate your thoughts on how to save money in the everyday life and the choices you and your wife make in living your life to the fullest without paying the fullest . . .


  329. Atlanta, Georgia area, married for 22 years, 21 year old son, age mid 50s, think I got a link to it about 3-4 months ago when I was looking for articles on The Tightwad Gazette and your interview with Amy came up. Many of your tips are good and it’s fun to keep up with your daily life. The book reviews are maybe a bit too detailed but I enjoy skimming them.

  330. What is your geographic location? — Fabulous Las Vegas, NV, USA

    How did you find The Simple Dollar? — Couldn’t tell you, honestly. I’ve been lurking a year or more.

    Are you male or female? — Female

    How old are you? (Feel free to say “30s” or “40s” if you don’t want to leave your exact age) — 41 in a few days

    Are you married? — yes

    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar? — This one’s tough. The hubby and I have our finances in good order (our financial advisor once called us his poster children for early retirement), so there’s not a lot that I’m learning, as it were. But I do like your philosophy and I like your writing style. Also you do occasionally touch on the “maintaining” aspect of it, which not a lot of financial writers do.

  331. Australia Melbourne
    Born 1930 Austria
    Link from other blog?

    Excellent information ideas and commonsense which is rare today.

  332. Bloomington, IN
    44-year female, married with a 14-year old and a 10-year old.

    I found the Blog online by accident and enjoy reading it daily. I enjoy not only what Troy writes but also the reader comments. Lots of interesting info. here. As others have commented, I often feel like I know Troy and the other readers as well.

  333. Georgia
    Link from other blogs
    Long term relationship

    I read every day because I want to manage my money to the best of my ability and retire early. I like your personal anecdotes!

  334. Posted once before but certainly not a regular.

    Southern New Jersey
    I believe I found you through MSN.
    Married (+Plus one new baby)

    I guess I am something of a personal finance nut and enjoy the frugal tips and the different articles and analysis, my wife and I are currently in the process of paying down our debts and I feel like I share a simmilar perspective.

  335. *Arkansas
    *I don’t remember how I found you. I’ve been reading for a long time.
    *The site gives me extra motivation to live within my means. I also enjoy the tips and articles. I read the site via Google Reader and share any articles that might be relevant to friends and family.

  336. Hi Trent,

    I ran across the Simple Dollar a year or so ago, linked from a story on MSN I’m sure. At the time I was working as a school librarian in Beijing and was impressed with whatever you had written on that particular day, so soon signed up for your daily postings.

    I returned home to Alaska this past summer and have continued to enjoy your postings. I’m 49, soon to be 50, single and have my heart set on retiring on schedule at 55.

    I get a lot of good practical information, lots of ideas on how to be more frugal (though I am pretty good in that department), book reviews on many books I might never have considered reading and I think most importantly lots of reminders to stay focused, don’t panic and at the end of the day remember who and what is most important in your life.

    You are a good writer, and thoughtful in your opinions and world view, I always find something in each and every posting that makes me think, keeps me on track, and or reminds me that freedom from debt is freedom indeed. Keep up the good work.


  337. What is your geographic location? Denver
    How did you find The Simple Dollar? a thread on
    Are you male or female? female
    How old are you? 27
    Are you married? Yes, with a 1 year old son
    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar? I like the way you write. I have to admit that I wish that you’d do two different reader mailbags… one for financial questions, and one for things you answer about your personal life. I have a financial question I’ve asked that I’m really interested in, and would love it answered sometime. :)

  338. Johannesburg, South Africa
    27 Year old Male
    Married 3 years, expecting 1st child in a few months
    Don’t remember how I found it but I’m glad I did. Some of the stuff does not apply where I am but most of it works with a bit of adaptation here and there.

  339. Southeast Iowa
    Link from a frugal Mommy website–BeCentsAble, I think.
    I enjoy your take on life.

  340. Central/Southern California
    From Digg or the Consumerist, I don’t remember which.
    I have been in a relationship for almost 5 years that will almost certainly lead to marriage. All my friends pretty much think I am.

    My parents, despite making good money, 200k roughly between them, screw up their finances so bad that I am paying for my own college. I am determined not to repeat their mistakes. I have a personal goal to retire early as I have a lot of hobbies I would rather pursue than work.

  341. Texas, in the country outside of Ft. Worth

    Don’t remember how I found out about the site, but I enjoy your tips on frugality and look for specific articles to share with my grown children.

  342. I don’t remember when I started reading, but I quickly subscribed and have linked to Trent’s posts several times.

    I’m blogging from Monroe, Mich., and keep a very local focus on my blog. I am impressed that a national blog’s content is so adaptable to my local readers, so I keep the feed subscription.

    Age 41, married, blogging away.

  343. Springfield, MO
    29 year old female, engaged
    Found TSD when searching Yahoo for how to make Laundry detergent
    I’m an avid reader in general and I think the ideas brought forth in this blog are good common sense. You offer great insights into viewing finance in different ways and ultimately making good finance habits as painless as possible in one’s life.

  344. Central Coast of CA, halfway in between LA & SF
    with partner of 7 yrs

    I didn’t even know about such things as Personal Finance blogs I think I was searching for a recipe on the web and somehow landed here. The find was exactly what I needed. TSD is a well written blog that I use as a daily reminder to live frugal and reduce debt. I also enjoy the retirement savings ideas. From TSD I’ve gotten links to other fav pf blogs, but, I do believe this one is the best!

    Thank you Trent!

  345. What is your geographic location? – New Mexico
    How did you find The Simple Dollar? –
    Are you male or female? – female
    How old are you? (Feel free to say “30s” or “40s” if you don’t want to leave your exact age) – 53
    Are you married? – single parent
    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar? – There is a humbleness about your writing style that I like, and personal finance is a topic that I’m very interested in. This is a great blog for the times. I also enjoy your book reviews, in particular The Intelligent Investor. I devoured The Snowball by Warren Buffett but find The Intelligent Investor harder to read. Your reviews are helping me along. Thanks!

  346. Living in Memphis TN, married female
    Found the website from a link through living.
    Always looking for new ways to save money.

  347. Austin, TX

    I found TSD about 1.5 years ago I believe from a link on msn money about saving money.


    25yrs old

    not married

    As Justin said in comment #2, “I read the blog everyday because I like to live a frugal life and save money, and that’s what this site is all about.”

  348. Italy
    Female, Married
    I don’t remember how I got to your blog, most probably through zenhabits

    I am interested in simple living, frugality and like your tips and your writing style.

    I read your blog almost every day. Thanks

  349. North Carolina
    I was randomly browsing through personal finance blogs about a year ago and kept coming back to this one.
    No, but I am in a pretty long term relationship.
    I tend to enjoy your writing, as well as the subjects you choose.

  350. Central Illinois
    My husband actually showed me your blog. I read it now and then to get good tips. We are doing the Dave Ramsey debt snowball plan and like to get new ideas for saving money and/or cutting expenses.

  351. Raleigh, NC
    Single, never been married

    I have your blog sent to my email address daily. I wish I could remember exactly how I “got” to your site, but I think one the “famous” money people (Suze O, Dave Ramsey, or someone else) referred to your site and I logged on. I just LOVE it!!

    Your writing makes me feel like I am not alone in my quest to live a debt free and frugal (yet not cheap) life. And, most of your advice is pertinent to my life.

    Thanks for all the encouragement!! Keep up the good work!!!

  352. Western North Carolina

    55 year old female, happily married, no kids

    Have been reading your blog for probably going on 2 years … don’t remember how I found you, but I do remember that TSD was the first personal finance blog I tripped across. Have been reading you ever since via Google Reader.

    Why do I keep coming back — wow, where to begin. As several other commenters have mentioned, definitely one reason is how respectful Trent is of his readers. We are treated professionally, as customers (which we really are).

    The quality and professionalism of writing is outstanding. I really hate reading blogs whose entries look and sound like they were thrown together on a whim, with no forethought, planning, or editing.

    In terms of knowledge of his subject matter, Trent is obviously very well informed and well researched. After finding TSD, I subscribed to several other personal finance blogs, only to find them sadly lacking. Trent’s really is the cream of the crop.

    Tips and techniques are presented with objective, measurable data that allows me to decide right off the bat if this idea is something I want to invest time and energy into. (Laundry detergent – No. Rechargeable batteries – yes).

    Presenting frugality ideas in this manner adds to the level of professionalism this blog displays.

    I love the book reviews; the books I have bought because of the reviews I have found were exactly as he reviewed, lending further credibility to an already very credible resource.

    I appreciate how open, real, and honest Trent is when sharing personal stories. This adds yet another layer of credibility to this blog.

    I appreciate his ethics, as evidenced by his approach to advertising on the site. He really walks the walk, not just talking the talk.

    Trent — you really do have a gift for writing, and a passion for personal finance in general, and in helping folks get to a sound financial state in particular.

  353. Where: Outside of Seattle, WA
    How: Can’t remember since I’ve been reading for 1.5 years…
    Sex: Male
    Age: 30s
    Married: Yes, ~10 yrs
    Why? I get your RSS feed which makes it easy for me to read your stuff as part of my daily routine. Your articles are well written and cover a nice variety of topics.

  354. Northern Virginia
    Linked from another blog, maybe Zen Habits or Lifehacker
    My husband is going back to school fulltime. We will be living on just my income and supportings a second household (he is away at school). I enjoy your ideas for saving and managing money. More importantly, I am using your posts as motivation to stick to a much tighter budget. I’d love to be able to come through this debt-free.

  355. New Zealand
    Came across it in a Lifehacker article, loved the life experiences and decided to sign up for rss.

    Thanks to everyone who keeps this site alive expecially Trent and his family for helping so many people control their lives and money woes :)
    You’ve certainly helped me get a clear mind on money before moving out of home

  356. *Houston, TX
    *Found the Simple Dollar from a google search about something mortgage related
    *Consistent quality posts

  357. Michigan
    Recommendation from Unclutterer
    Although I am currently in law school with no money to work with, I like to learn about how to best manage my money when I finally have some to manage.

  358. *Kansas
    *not married
    *I keep coming back because with nearly every post I’m either educated further in better money management or inspired to continue my frugal course towards being debtfree.

  359. Colorado Springs
    married 43 years
    we have always lived frugally and love new ideas for ourselves and to pass on to children and grandchildren.

  360. Missouri
    Recommended by a post on another Website
    Great articles on how to live frugally and info on how to get out of debt.

  361. - North Attleboro, MA
    - Not sure – a similar blog I believe
    - Male
    - 39
    - Married (9 yrs
    - Well written, timely topics

  362. Married, female, 50ish, 15 yr old son, So. Calif.

    Linked from yahoo group, Calif. Homeschool Network, kept reading because your ideas are mostly very practical, and need to tighten belt because husband got downsized, and we are starting a new business.

    Thanks for all your thoughts.

  363. Stevens Point, Wisconsin (Central Wisconsin
    Recommeded by a friend also located in Central Wisconsin
    Single with 1 child – However live with father of child.

    I don’t have a high income and this has really helped me learn different lifestyle tips for me financially. Also it helps to know I am not alone. I love this site and I would recommend it to anyone- and have!

  364. I’m from Tennesse,but grew up in West Virginia, a 60 yr old female, married. I have 3 daughters, all struggling with finances, one just lost her apartment and probably job due to health so she is moving back in. I started reading Simple Dollar while looking for ways to help them but have become an avid fan. Alot of the things you mention on frugality my husband and I have had to learn the hard way. However, we are a bit dense when it comes to investments and retirement funds. We both have lost alot in our 401k plans. And I really enjoy your book reviews. I save about every article, rereading and trying to absorb as much as I can. I hate that I forget so much so I’ll print off the articles and reread every so often. To say the least I have a”book”of your articles.

  365. West Virginia
    Female, married, 36 yrs. old
    Don’t remember how I linked here originally, but I keep coming back for all of the great tips and money-saving ideas. As a one income family with two young daughters, we need all of the ideas we can find!

  366. South Dakota




    Very interested in personal finances. Becomming a good steward of my time, treasure, and talents in importnat to me.

  367. 48 year old woman in Ohio (Go Buckeyes!). Divorced after 22 year marriage. 4 fabulous kids. I started reading you on MSN at some point.

    My former husband took care of all of our investing and I’m fairly clueless about it. I like reading your reviews on investments books, your ideas on investing and things like internet banking accounts. I also like your debt reduction ideas. It serves as motivation for me to spend less. I also appreciate that you never make me feel stupid.

  368. New Mexico
    MSN financial page
    I keep coming back for sound financial advice and good common sense life advice.

  369. Arlington, VA (practically on top of the Pentagon)
    I don’t remember how I found The Simple Dollar.
    No, but I live with my boyfriend.
    I like the practical advice – not every article applies to my life but reading about other people’s troubles and how they got out of bad situations helps me prepare for the future and keep thinking about my long-term finances.

    Keep up the good work!

  370. Portland, OR
    I found your blog not long after you started it about two years ago on a crossover to MSN money. I liked your writting style and while I do not agree with everything you post we seem to think along the same lines. I have also been using your blog to guide a family member back from bankrupcy.

    I also enjoy the food articles and the book reviews.

    Having lived in Iowa (yes I do know what IOWA stands for) your stories about the community is also a reminder of home to someone who finds themself in the weirdness of the Pacific Northwest.

  371. Fuquay Varina, NC
    Found The Simple Dollar through a link on another blog
    61 married female
    I come back for the tips and advice on frugal living.

    What is your geographic location?
    How did you find The Simple Dollar?
    Are you male or female?
    How old are you? (Feel free to say “30s” or “40s” if you don’t want to leave your exact age)
    Are you married?
    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar?

  372. I am 60, female, married and live in rural Arkansas. I have always been frugal and like the tips on this site. We can all learn something. I think that everyone needs to watch their finances and take care of themselves and their neighbors because we cannot depend on the government or anyone else to take care of us. We need to be as self sufficient as possible, stock pile when we can-use it up, make do, etc.

  373. Scottsdale, AZ

    I found the site from a post on Lifehacker.

    Male, 23, Single

    I would like to start saving for the future. I am currently working and looking for ways to build my nest egg. I like to read the anecdotes that Trent encounters along the way.

  374. Upstate NY
    through a recommendation on’s Money Matters board
    Tips and advice – my husband and I don’t want to be “ordinary” when it comes to our finances.

  375. Seattle, WA
    From links in MyMoneyBlog
    Gender: Male
    Age: 33
    Married: Yes
    I come back because there are plenty of money tips and ideas that I find inciteful and useful.

  376. Jersey City, NJ
    stumbled upon the site while browsing the net a couple of years ago

    I like reading the advice and tips that are posted on this site, even though I don’t really make an effort to follow it due to my hectic lifestyle.

  377. Camp Lejeune, NC (Marine Corps base)
    Don’t remember how I found it. I do know it was one of the first blogs I started really following in a reader.
    24 year old, female, married
    I enjoy the practically of it. Others can be to pedantic, sometimes preachy. Trent, you are not. I read for entertainment, for ideas, and encouragement to bring my husband towards the “cool to be frugal” side of life. You are the most bookmarked feed in my reader.

  378. Denver, CO

    Mostly by mistake, saw Homemade Laundry Detergent Article



    Enjoy learn new cost saving ideas.

  379. Female, 64 years old, married 45 years to same person. Retired. Read simple dollar for about 4 years. Like the articles, the observations and the suggestions. Trying to get ideas for simplicity. Have learned much to think about and some things to put into practice. Trying to be conservative with my money and my time.

  380. Eastern North Carolina
    Married, no children

    Found this site through link on MSN’s Smart Money and now read daily. I enjoy the variety of topics and appreciate the amount of time and research you put into it. I almost always find something I can use and/or pass on to someone else.

  381. single male 24 Albuquerque, NM

    I’ve always been a saver. I like the security it brings. Found this site from another blog and then started checking it regularly. I appreciate tips and ideas for saving money.

  382. -Brittney, Northern Virginia
    -Probably a link from lifehacker
    -I keep it on my Google Reader, and at the least scan every article. I’ve used some tips and sent some to friends and family.

  383. Twin Cities, MN
    Umm…can’t remember, somewhere along the line signed up for the eNewsletter
    Get the newsletters daily, some interesting articles and helpful tips, like that you are realistic and it’s more than money/finance mumbo-jumbo

  384. I am a 29 year old single female from LA.
    I think I found your site over a year ago when googling for investment advice. While I am not in debt, have multiple savings accounts, IRAs, CDs and squirrel away 10% in my 401K each year, I still spend too much on material items that never seem to fill the void. More than anything your blog is an inspiring read to remind me that life is about treasuring people and time, not stuff.

  385. Fort Worth, TX
    My sister sent me the link and I have been following ever since via Google Reader.
    Female, 30 years old, married almost 6 years, have a 2 year old!

    I keep coming back because I am excited to stumble on new ways to be frugal! Love your site.

  386. Grand Rapids, MI
    Recommended by Get Rich Slowly
    Yes (1YR)
    Great topics – really enjoy reading the posts over breakfast. It helps to keep my long term financial goals in the front of my mind!

  387. Prague, Czech Republic
    Google search, looking for a bread recipe (yours is now my ‘standard’)
    Female, 28, not married but may as well be.
    I keep coming back because it’s an interesting read. A lot of things aren’t relevant to me (eg 401s), but lots of things you talk about are international. Speaking of international, do you have any advice on doing international bank transfers?

  388. What is your geographic location? NW MN
    How did you find The Simple Dollar? Zen Habits
    Are you male or female? Female
    How old are you? (Feel free to say “30s” or “40s” if you don’t want to leave your exact age) 25
    Are you married? Yes
    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar? Great tips, interesting articles, wanting to live a debt free lifestyle.

  389. Seattle, WA
    Can’t even remember now
    20 years old

    I keep coming back because I am currently debt free, and plan on remaining that way (other than a house, someday). I keep coming back because I would love to retire by 50, no older. I keep coming back because it reminds me that it’s better to live frugally but happily than to buy a ton of stuff.

  390. Florida
    StumbleUpon toolbar
    Are you married? Yes

    The laundry soap got me hooked. I guess I’m trying to broaden my intellect across new areas. Not into investing and stuff now..but some day I will be.

  391. Ontario
    Lifehacker’s RSS Feed
    No, working on it. :)
    I’m interested in economics and controlling my cash flow. I subscribe to the RSS feed so I can quickly check for interesting posts.

  392. Arizona
    Was given article on making your own detergent by my mom and I looked up the site.
    I like that it is a straightforward that doesn’t claim to have all the answers but tries to provide guidance. I also like that it doesn’t talk down to the lowest common denominator.

  393. San Francisco
    Google searching for cool financial blogs
    The posts have been so helpful…from 401k info to helpful tips everything finance. I even print out some of the posts I get via email for my SO to read on the way home.

  394. Tennessee
    28 years old

    I come back for the financial information you share. We all have to work together to succeed right now.

  395. Southeastern Michigan
    I found simple dollar just visiting sites on frugal living.
    I keep coming back because there is so many different areas you cover that if I don’t want to try one I know something will come up I can use.

  396. Rochester,NY
    late 50′s
    Found your blog from another blog

    Always like different savings ideals and with retirement approaching in a few years–need all the ideals I can gather

  397. Houston, TX
    Linked to you from Get Rich Slowly
    Female, 32, Single

    I started reading your blog because I finally realized I needed to really start thinking about my finances and your blog is a great reminder of frugality in everyday life which I was not practicing very much before and I am still in transition but you definitely have kept me wanting to learn more.

  398. Ajax, ON Canada
    through MSN
    Female, 30′s
    I just like reading PF blogs and yours is my favorite, i have to read it everyday.

  399. Ft. Bragg, NC

    I get the daily emails, don’t usually go to the site. Helps keep frugality, debt, and goals at the front of my mind.

  400. Toronto Ontario, Canada

    Actually found this blog through J.D’s over at GRS (Get Rich Slowly). This is a great blog, I read it every morning at work, I love the little financial tips and stories. Your an excellent writer, keep up the great work!

  401. Frank Halvorsen

    I picked up on Simple Dollar to check out the recipe for washing detergent. I find a lot of your suggestions very useful to help us moving through the strains of every day personal economics. Keep up the fight.


  402. I’m a 52 year old female from Tucson Arizona (married). I first read The Simple Dollar through a link from another site. I’m trying to save money and pay for a daughter in college. I come back to your site because it’s interesting and often relevent to the things I am interested in right now.

  403. Female 47 Married with children
    Site recommended by my financial advisor
    It is like having a friend to help you read books faster, give you advice, tell you their trials and tribulations. And you don’t care (how could you cuz you don’t know) if I take your advice or not. But you keep on giving it as long as I am listening.

  404. Toledo, Ohio

    Link on MSN money



    I am working hard at managing my money better for my family’s future, and the simple dollar gives me ideas and guidance so I can do just that. Thank you Trent for all your help.

  405. Ocean Ridge, Fl. (tween Boca and West Palm Beach)
    55 The old man here :-)
    Zen Habits I think.
    Like your writing style and it’s educational.
    Used to live in KC, Mo., and spent a lot of time in Ames. You’re the midwest connection to my past.
    Carry on young Trent!

  406. Chicago, Illinois (south suburbs), male,
    married, 54, I don’t remember how I found The Simple Dollar but I come back for the good tips I find.

  407. Madison
    Link from another blog

    As others have said, I really appreciate the great advice and honesty.

  408. Farmington Hills, MI
    30, married with one child

    My husband introduced me to your blog when we had our son. We cloth diaper and use coupons like they are going out of style! Thanks for giving my husband and I wonderful topics to discuss almost every day! I have also been encouraged by you to grow a larger garden this summer! Keep up the GREAT writing!

  409. Pittsburgh
    My sister-in-law is a faithful reader and recommended it
    Married 10 years
    We’re bouncing back after an unsuccessful business venture; there are great tips here for meeting our financial goals.

  410. Rhode Island
    Don’t remember how I found you, probably through another website’s blog-roll
    Not married

    I get the daily emails and they remind me to think about the bigger monetary picture. I like your 10 second rule, it’s probably saved me hundreds of dollars since I started using it.

  411. Male
    53 years

    I have been around the block a few times. I am a professional, and I thought I knew everything about getting organized, and being Frugal.
    Your site has changed my life and I plan on donating very soon to your cause. I would like to encourage others to do the same as his workload maintaining this blog must be tremendous.I’d hate for him to go away now or at any point in the future if this project becomes un-economical for him.
    Please support Trent, I know I am.

  412. Winnipeg, MB…. Canada
    Stumbled upon SD through various other financial blogs

    I keep coming back for the consistently good articles and advice. Everything is well written and even though my financial/life situation is completely different from Trent’s, I like reading his point of view.

  413. Northern MN
    25 yrs old

    I read the daily emails; it helps to have the constant reminder that frugality is a quality I desire to have.

  414. Hello Trent!

    I am from Montreal, Canada
    I found the Simple Dollar from a link posted on another site (cannot recall which one)about four months ago.
    I am a 56 years old woman, working full-time,
    married for 18 years (second one), my husband is retired and I handle all our finances except for the shopping, which he does. I am not especially frugal (wish I were) but I gratefully grab all the ideas that I can!

    I like the common-sense tone of your blog, your candor, clear writing, and especially the book reviews. Pretty much everything! this is why I subscribe to your e-mail to get my “fix” every day!

  415. Florida
    Can’t remember how I found you, but read you regularly, and forward pertinent content to my college age daughters.
    Love the writing style, the book reviews, and your honesty in how you deal with personal financial issues — keep up the good work!

  416. Portola Hills, CA
    *not sure – browsing the internet for cost cutting ideas
    * female
    * 30ish
    * married (blended step family)
    * 1. easy to read
    2. concise ideas
    3. refreshingly candid
    4. “hands on” advice – real human experience

  417. Houston, Texas; MSN link to saving money tips, female, 50s, married, get the email daily – it is like a conversation every afternoon that I look forward to… thoughts are real and helps me stay on my goal to spend less now so I have money in the future….. to remind me that I need to plan not just buy.. thanks.

  418. Boston,MA
    Found out browsing thru another site forgot which one
    30 ish
    not married
    I keep coming back because you offer good advice

  419. Indianapolis
    I think a post from Lifehacker
    Not married
    The good ideas, tips, and the genuine, unassuming sound of your writing.

  420. What is your geographic location?
    Currently live in Indiana, but just moved from Colorado

    How did you find The Simple Dollar?
    I forget exactly tbh, but I am glad I did find it! :-D

    Are you male or female?

    How old are you? (Feel free to say “30s” or “40s” if you don’t want to leave your exact age)

    Are you married?

    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar?
    I like the solid and simple advice that you can find here, love the book reviews and I am working out ideas for my own blog where I track and implement the advice from dave ramsey, this blog and others that I follow to show people that this advice is not only worthwhile but that it is invaluable if you would like to get ahead and stay afloat in our present economies. I’ll let you know when I have something! :-D

  421. married female in my 40s in Virgnia with two young kids – I like this site because it is entertaining and educational, well-written, lots of good financial and frugality information and inspiration. I like that it is not commercialized and selling something.

  422. Syracuse, NY
    36 yr old female, married 12 yrs, have a 4 year old, and a 1 yr old

    I have been reading your blog for about 5 months now. I found it from a link on another blog for frugal minded stay-at-home moms. Your advice is great, and I like your perspective on things. I really enjoy reading your blog because much of what you write about really speaks to where my family is at financially right now.

  423. 24yo male from North Carolina. I live with my gf who has some debt issues, so I watch out for tips for her, but also to make simple sense of the retirement and stock plan stuff that I’m starting to encounter with my job and my (srsly) little savings and investments.

    I’m not as interested in tips on frugality as some other lurkers here. I’m no stranger to saving money, but with fewer financial responsibilities (not self-employed, no children), it’s not as high a priority to keep every cent.

  424. Denver, CO
    Found The Simple Dollar from a link on another website (don’t remember what one, it’s been a year or two since then). But I subscribed and keep reading because you are very positive and help keep me focused on my goals. I was able to buy a house last year, something I never dreamed I could do, especially being a single mom, recently divorced with a pretty ugly financial history. Thanks!

  425. *Normally from the Seattle area, but temporarily in Central Texas
    *I think TSD was linked to by another blog? I’m not sure.
    *I very much enjoy the ideas and freedom of living frugally and with little to no debt. I love the advice and tips, and the discussions and debates.

  426. Single F, 51, Minneapolis MN. Found this site after experiencing a financial meltdown in ’08 due to income loss (NEVER thought I’d find myself in such a circumstance! You truly just never know) — searching online for common sense ways to rebuild and to live in a less money-focused manner. Like it that this site is authored by someone who’s “been there” not some “expert” who’s never experienced a financially tough time in their life; also the only blog I’ve seen that mentions live “homemade” music as an option, which I think this country seriously lacks!

  427. Boston, MA
    I kept finding references to The Simple Dollar in other blogs that I love
    I like the good writing, willingness to think of financial plans in non-absolute terms (like Dave Ramsey or others), general frugal tips, and the willingness to admit being wrong or changing your plans.

  428. Kate from West Virginia here. Happy “De-Lurking Day!” (Will this be an annual event?) I’m in my 50s and single, eligible for retirement, but not ready for it (emotionally or financially), so I’m trying to change my evil financial ways and wrong financial thinking. I thought I was doing pretty well until my parents’ recent health problems–and my own–really opened my eyes.

    I found “The Simple Dollar” in a link from another site, but I don’t remember now which one–that was several months ago. I check the website from time to time and read the email every day. I like the writing style–sincere and not preachy (or have you learned to fake that? :) )

    I certainly do not think of you as a failure in your profession, as you said you felt when you were having a bad day. Keep up the good work.

  429. -San Francisco Bay Area, CA
    -Found SD through a Lifehacker link, don’t remember which one, or how I even ended up on Lifehacker, since I don’t read it regularly.
    -Soon to be engaged

    Something about that first article I read just clicked with me. I’ve since gotten fully in control of my finances, and have been trying to encourage others to live frugally and be smart with their money. Thanks for all you do, Trent!

  430. San Francisco
    Initially linked thru “I will teach you to be rich” blog.
    44 yrs
    You explain things clearly, and I like your level headed approach to saving money and living a simplistic lifestyle.

  431. My turn! I’m a 21 year-old Californian single male. I think I found the site through GRS, as well. I got hooked by the explanations of online banking, and I read almost every article through the RSS feed. My favorite articles are the personal stories/anecdotes. Cheers on the excellent blog!

  432. Female, 41, married 18yrs, 3 children,
    from Mississippi, found the blog thru and the M-Network. I stay because I enjoy the easy reading, and sound advice, and it’s fun to read your articles and discover ways to save money.

  433. Fort Wayne, IN. Found out about this blog from “”. I can safely say I check this blog daily (usually at least twice).
    I always look forward to Monday for “Readers Mailbag”.

    29 Male

  434. 26 year old female from San Diego. My brother shared one of your posts on g-reader and I since have subscribed. Every once in a while, I share your post on g-reader if I feel it is particulary applicable to my life!

  435. Iowa

    Don’t remember how I found Simple Dollar. I like it because it keeps me inspired to stay on track with money goals.

  436. Phoenix Metro, AZ
    30 yo female
    Married, 2 kids
    I keep coming back (for the last 18 months) because I like the content and the train of thought. **My faves are the comparisons with pictures (like the Homemade laundry detergent, and the homemade burger vs the dollar menu burger).

  437. -San Ramon, CA
    -The homemade laundry detergent recipe last year through Yahoo?
    -The Simple Dollar became a source of inspiration on cutting costs and increasing life value at a time (recently married) when my husband and I were learning how to combine finances and start saving for our future (and the hope of kids). I keep coming back because the site is chock full of new ideas and I appreciate different points of view on everyday situations or money sense. Thanks!

  438. San Diego, CA
    Linked to your site from MSN Smart Spending.
    My husband and I are proud to be living within our means and raising 4 kids.
    I enjoy the conversational tone of your writing, as well as the topics covered and good ideas. I read your blog every day. Thanks!

  439. Jacksonville, NC
    23 female

    Found TSP looking for a bread recipe.

    Married for 2.5 years.

    I keep coming back because I want to have stable finances. I got my husband reading TSP as well.

  440. I think there’s an OFFICIAL delurking week in early february. Well, UNofficial official anyway.

    I’ve commented before – am I supposed to do this?

    I’m in Raleigh NC, I found you through Angie at Baby Cheapskate, I’m a mom (of the married female variety), 28, that’s actually not an internet lie, and I keep reading (through my google reader) because my husband and I are gainfully employed but still learning money management, and we like to balance your common-sense approach with other info we collect – in particular about retirement savings, long-term baby savings, and everyday frugality.

  441. - What is your geographic location? OHIO
    - How did you find The Simple Dollar? REAL SIMPLE ARTICLE
    - Are you male or female? FEMALE
    - How old are you? 40s
    - Are you married? YES
    - Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar? STRANGELY, it makes me feel comforted to know that others are in my same situation. I also enjoy your tips and can find several throughout the week to implement that are worthwhile.

  442. Omaha, Nebraska
    followed a link from somewhere
    over 40

    Been looking for a good source of frugal ideas ever since The Tightwad Gazette ceased publication. Your blog is the only one thatis similar in the quality of your writing and research.

  443. *Columbus, OH
    *I’ve been reading PF Blogs for a while. Can’t remember specifically how I came across this one…
    *Real (non-’expert’) experience; the more PF blogs I read, the better I stay on track financially

  444. Ottawa, Canada
    Male, 28, recently married

    I’ve been reading for several months, but at this point I’m not sure how I found TSD

    I’ve been interested in the whole voluntary simplicity thing, and tips about how to save money – reading about it daily ensures that I think about it daily.

  445. Central Coast California
    I probably found this site via I Will Teach You To Be Rich or Get Rich Slowly.
    I keep reading your feed, less and less for the actual advice, and moreso these days as an occasional reminder to keep with the frugal practices I’ve adopted.

  446. Geographic location: New Jersey
    How did you find The Simple Dollar?
    While looking for finacial planning information
    Are you male or female? Male
    How old are you? 38
    Are you married? Married
    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar?
    The posts are very interesting and easy to read, also like the books reviews to help decide what books are better for my needs.

  447. Texas Panhandle, 62-year-old female, divorced for 10 years.

    Can’t remember how I got to your site but I’ve visited it religiously ever since (for probably the last year or so). I too get the daily emails, go to the site itself less frequently.

    I keep reading because every day it inspires me a bit to change my habits and become more frugal. I can see a big change in myself over the last year or so, and I’m pretty sure it all started here.

  448. Gilbert, AZ
    My husband and I need to learn to live a more frugal life and you my dear are helping us achieve that goal!

  449. What is your geographic location? Paducah, KY
    How did you find The Simple Dollar? through everyday cheapskate website
    Are you male or female? F
    How old are you? 44
    Are you married? engaged
    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar?
    Part-time student with limited funds. Appreciate intelligence and straightforwardness on topics. Ideas on planning for my financial future.

  450. Central California
    60′s, female, single
    Not sure where/when I came across THE SIMPLE DOLLAR (heck, I can’t remember what I had for breakfast half the time!), but find it eminently readable and even find a frugal tip from time to time that is appropriate for my lifestyle. Frugality in some areas and not so in others (applied to me, of course!)…

  451. San Francisco
    Married (four months ago) – no kids
    I think I found this site either through the Simple Living Network site or a reference from a Women in Red article by M.P. Dunleavey on MSN Money. About a year ago; maybe longer. Agree with KH above — I like reading the site regularly b/c it helps keep frugality and my long-term goals on the front burner of my brain. I also like the book reviews.

  452. Spain, but I’m Italian.
    I reached TSD through lifehack.
    Female, mid 30s married

    I’m looking for a better relationship with money. Never had debt, never spent more than I gained, never thought too much about money. But now that one of my objective, buy an home, is strongly related with money I can’t think of anything else. And I feel deeply unhappy with this. But, strange as it sounds, a blog talking about money makes me feel a little better.

  453. What is your geographic location? Chicago, IL
    How did you find The Simple Dollar? From another blog
    Are you male or female? Female
    How old are you? (Feel free to say “30s” or “40s” if you don’t want to leave your exact age) 43
    Are you married? Yes
    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar?
    Great articles!

  454. Auckland, New Zealand
    linked from Get Rich Slowly
    Male, 34, Single
    Initially I was attracted by the way you review a book. Now I keep coming back generally for everything, advice, book reviews, your sharing of personal experiences, readers’ experience, etc.

  455. Portland, Oregon
    Female, 51, separated

    Been reading for quite a while. I’m fascinated with how to live on less and how to make wise money choices.

  456. -I live in Norther CA
    -I googled (is that a word) bread recipe’s and your was the easiest! (funny thing is we were(are) in a really bad financial time so I subscribed (God works in mysterious ways)
    -Married 4 1/2 years
    -Like I said earlier we are in a bad financial place and digging our way out!! Your info in encouraging!!

  457. I’m from south central PA. I found you on a hunt for frugal newsletters and magazines for my local library. I am 40 and married. We have 2 sons both grown. In the age of increasing expenses and no grow incomes, I am looking for ways to cut our household expenses to the bones. You lend ideas and inspiration to that end. Keep up the good work and thanks for letting us see you have tough times keeping on task so to speak. This makes you seem more human rather than a generic do this and don’t do that kind of newsletter.

  458. Michigan, US
    Male 32, married 3 years
    Been reading via RSS for a couple of years and not sure if I have commented before. I like the idea of de-lurking day and I might even try it on my blog. I have an interest in improving my personal finances and love the practical tips that I can take away and apply myself.

    Keep up the great work.

  459. Florida, USA
    Looking for personal financial management advice
    I keep coming back to the Simple Dollar because I hate debt. I graduate with my bachelor’s this May and will begin working two days after graduation; my goal is to pay off all my student loans and my car loan within a year (which won’t be hard as I’ve made a budget shifting 80% of my income towards the debt – living at home FTW!)

  460. Robert is Male in his late 24′s who is not married and lives in Burlington,Ontario,Canada. He found this site through some other financial blog and returns here daily to gather financial wisdom.

  461. Nashville, TN
    44 year old single, never married, female

    I know I got here from a link on another site, but I read a few different financial sites so I can’t recall which one specifically.

    I keep coming back because of the variety of topics discussed on this blog, but I can assure you I will never make my own laundry detergent. :-)

  462. Can’t remember how I found you, but happy I did. I’m 39, live in Southern Utah, and am engaged. I’m trying – slowly – to crawl out of crushing debt and design a better future. I’m also trying very hard to SIMPLIFY many things about my life (better financial habits, less stuff and clutter, clearer goals, etc.). I share MANY of the articles on TSD with my fiance (who’s a tech geek but not a blog reader), and we both enjoy your thoughts and ideas.

  463. South Bend, Indiana
    Found your site through
    I’ve been reading this site for about a year. I like your writing style, we seem to be pretty similar as far as political views and attitudes, we have similar adolescent touchstones (Nintendo, anyone?), we both have sons about the same age, and I like the variety of your postings. You got me hooked on your site after I read a posting where you wrote that turning off your TV was one of the best things you can do for yourself. Thanks for keeping me motivated and giving me new ideas and inspiration.

  464. Bay Area, California
    My sister told me about it
    Not married

    Great content, having something new to read everyday keeps me motivated to stay frugal!

  465. I’m in Toronto, Ontario
    Found the site through another pf forum, maybe frugal dad?
    37, married, 3 kids.
    Concise writing, good tips.

  466. What is your geographic location? Mobile, AL
    How did you find The Simple Dollar? Not really sure
    Are you male or female? female
    How old are you? (Feel free to say “30s” or “40s” if you don’t want to leave your exact age)40
    Are you married? yes
    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar? Great Information I love your story and have read many of the books you have reviewed. Your story mirrors a lot of our stories. The biggest lessons I am learning is stay informed and make wise choices.

  467. The Netherlands
    through a link on a Dutch PF blog
    I visit daily and like the articles most of the time.

  468. Franklin Tennessee
    Not sure….the internet of course..probably one website led me to another and I ended up here.
    In the money management/investment business/finanical planning industry.
    I read a number of different blogs/websites to stay up to date with the common mans interest, questions, and plight. It is a nice change to my daily research/commentary reading (

  469. *Portland, Ore.
    *Probably through Zen Habits or another similar blog
    *married–no but dating the same person for 5 years, so sorta :)

    *its in my RSS reader :D j/k Because I keep trying to guilt myself into not being such a spender. Money flows through my hands like water, and I’m attempting to turn that around. I’ve finally managed to pay off my credit card and save about $3K, but I still owe on a car, student loans, etc. And I make impulse buys all the time, but hey. I make certain sacrifices (dirt cheap apartment and no cable TV, etc) so I can splurge in other areas. Such is life. :)

  470. Female, 40s

    Found your web site when had a link to your “homemade detergent.” Subscribed to your e-mails and have been a faithful reader ever since. Bought your book (for myself and for my 22 year old as a stocking stuffer). REALLY enjoy your personal anecdotes. The tips and advice are a big help to me in my small choices – birthday parties to big choices – purchasing a new vehicle. Keep up the good work Trent.

  471. Married 33 year old stay-at-home mom in Missouri. Not sure how I found you though it was likely through another blog, and I keep coming back because I’m constantly looking for ways to save money so I don’t have to go back to work and subject my kids to daycare.

  472. Central Iowa
    Female, 43, married
    First found TSD from a link on another website to your post on making homemade laundry detergent!
    I keep coming back to TSD because I enjoy your writing style and reading a variety of perspectives on money management, debt reduction, and frugality/simple living in general.

  473. Croatia.
    Found link on some site, read few posts, got hooked.
    Single (in a relationship).
    Very good and useful posts, reviews, howtos, some things I can’t use, like 401K, some shop deals, coupon tips, ING Direct, but most money saving and general life tips are universal no matter what location your reader is.
    Keep up the good work!

  474. What is your geographic location? New Mexico
    How did you find The Simple Dollar? A friend referred me to your article about homemade laundry soap and I generally liked what I read.
    Are you male or female? Female
    How old are you? 47
    Are you married? Yes
    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar? I’m a new subscriber but I’m always looking for ideas to simplify my life and reduce my spending and my impact on the earth.

  475. Klamath Falls, Oregon
    Female, late 30s, single

    I’ve been reading TSD basically since it began, read RSS daily and save many for future reference.

    I’m a fan because, Trent, you share many of my values and articulate a smart, reasonable, ethical, and fun set of sensibilities. TSD makes me feel good about myself and my life choices.

  476. Canton Ohio
    Found you by a link from ??? – it’s been too long to recall
    37 yrs old
    “Married” for 10 yrs – as married as two gay guys in Ohio can get for now
    I’m always looking for more ways to save money and more motivation to do so.

  477. Montreal, QC
    I believe I ran into the Simple Dollar as a link from the Dumb Little Man.
    Not married
    For the innovative ideas that people don’t automatically think of (common sense not common belief). While most doesn’t apply to me per say (as a student who will graduate with a BA in a few months and continue on with school if all goes well), every once and awhile there’s a gem that catches my attention. Also the ideas that may not be practical at this time tend to be practical as they promote action rather than mere thought, so there are things I can add to my toolbox for the long haul.

  478. I am a 42 year old married female living in Detroit, Michigan. I found you while browsing the Tightwad Gazette. I don’t read all of your blog But I have gotten quite a bit of info from you, especially this past money-savers for winter. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  479. Female
    I read Simple Dollar because you consistently have worthwhile information and thought-provoking ideas. If I only read one personal finance blog, your’s would be it. Thanks for all your hard work, I’m delighted it is going so well for you!

  480. I’ve commented here before, but not for quite a while.

    I’m a 27 year old single male Canadian. I found the website through MSN Money.

    I used to read everything on the site regularly when I was working and had an income. Now that I’m back in school and have very few options for my money (it sits in a bank account, and I only touch it to pay for room, board, and tuition) I don’t get much out of the site. But I expect when I graduate next year and move back into the working world I’ll get back into the site again, at least until I’m thoroughly happy with my finances.

  481. Madrid, Spain (Yes, in Europe)
    I really don’t remember
    Almost 30
    Yes, I’m married
    I love the topics and how you write. It’s both useful and entertaining.

  482. Las Vegas, NV
    Early 40′s
    I found this blog through a Google search for the word “FRUGAL”

    A couple years ago I came through an emotionally and financially painful divorce. This event led me ultimately to do some serious soul-searching and re-thinking regarding the way I lived my life. Eventually, I hungered for the best information on living debt-free in light of our current recession. I find Trent’s writing brilliant, and his reader’s comments insightful as well. I check up on this website multiple times a day. I have recommended this site frequently to my financially-aware friends who desired concise and sound wisdom.

  483. Canada
    A link from somewhere
    Not married
    The quality of the articles — reading new ideas about personal finance helps to keep me on track.

  484. Barbados
    Don’t remember but it seemed interesting and I subscribed.
    Late 40′s
    Are you married? Yes
    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar? Interesting reading, useful tips and reviews.

  485. What is your geographic location? Spokane, WA
    How did you find The Simple Dollar? Online
    Are you male or female? Female
    How old are you? 55
    Are you married? Yes
    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar? I learn something new every time.

  486. San Jose, CA
    Female, 47, married, two grown children.

    Was wanting to get a handle on my finances. My husband has been in charge of them for the 26 years we’ve been married. We had to foreclose on our house. I make plenty of $, yet for some reason I don’t seem to have anything to show for all my hard work.

    The Simple Dollar gives good, practical advice. I found the site through a google search one day when I was looking to find ways to save $ as a new year’s resolution. I was initially intrigued by the 31-day look at finances. Putting a $ value on my time was an eye-opener.

    Since educating myself about $ using this website in particular, I look forward to coming home and examining my $ situation and seeing how I can make the most of my income. I’ve used several of the ideas listed.

    I also love the book reviews. Getting the emails has helped me stay connected with TheSimpleDollar site.

    Keep up the good work, Trent!

  487. I receive your daily article and most days really enjoy them. I am a 54 year old woman without any retirement plan and since I spent 10 years as a missionary and opted out of paying Social Security it will be a few years before I am even able to get that and it won’t be much. I just recently moved to Des Moines after a divorce to live with my dad. I am looking for a full time, permanent job but in the mean time working through a temp agency. I am not worried about my retirement mainly because I know that God will honour my service to him and either keep me health and able to work or provide some other means for income. I am looking into an outlet for my crocheting – I do afghans and doilies. As you can see by my writing, I could never do this for a living. Plus my dad takes up quite abit of my evenings. My computer is upstairs and he really likes me to stay downstairs and watch TV with him. So that is the time I use to crochet.
    God bless

  488. -Kansas City, MO

    -I can’t remember how I found Simple Dollar because I’ve been reading it for so long . . . probably through another pf blog.

    -28 and married for over 6 years

    -I enjoy this blog first because I’m obsessed with personal finance. I’m trying to find the balance between frugal and cheap, even though my husband and I make a very healthy income, especially for our location. We strive to be the anti-Jones. I would love to semi-retire soon, and pursue other pursuits besides traditional work. Fortuately, neither me nor my husband have gone through the bad times (as understood on a pf blog), such as credit card debt, overspending, and living beyond our means.

  489. *Toronto, Ontario.
    *Afraid I’ve completely forgotten.
    *Early 30s.
    *I didn’t get much of an education on personal finance when I was growing up, so I’m trying to remedy that now.

  490. I am a total lurker!
    Portland, OR
    Female, 25
    Getting married in a month
    TSD was a Top Recommendation when I first started using Google Reader over a year ago. My fiance and I both subscribe and often will have entire conversations surrounding how one of your posts might work in our lives. We talk about “Trent” like he is our neighbor or friend who offered us advice, What would Trent do? This blog has helped both of us take control and understand our finances and given us a glimpse of our future where we see being able to achieve all of our non-monetary dreams. Although we have a ways to go, we finally feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and that we can do it! Always a source of new ideas, good books, and motivation. Thank you Trent!

  491. From the Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C.
    Probably first saw you linked from
    Married for almost two years now.
    I’ve got you in my RSS reader. I really like the positive attitude, frugal tips, and financial demystifying.

  492. West Tennessee US
    Don’t know how I first came across the blog – msn maybe?
    married – almost 1 kid.

    I find it an interesting read. I have always been a saver and not a spender. I do read the reasonings that you have for some of the financial decisions you make. It is different than the reasons I have. So the different side is enlightening. I guess I am happy to have the cash earning interest and continue with a spartan existence.

    But you and I agree on food – we both like a good meal.

  493. *IL/IA Quad Cities
    *40s, female
    *probably started via Get Rich Slowly

    slowly trying to get our finances on a better footing, reading this blog (via Google Reader now) and various others keeps it, as someone said earlier, “at the front of my mind.” Constant inspiration, examples. Thank you for what you do!

  494. How did you find The Simple Dollar? Link from some other blog I believe.

    Are you male or female? male

    How old are you? 22

    Are you married? Delightfully unattached. :-)

    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar? I rarely visit the site, but I always read new articles that show up in my RSS feed. I usually read the book reviews, and I am starting to really enjoy the reader mailbag posts too. That’s why the Simple Dollar has stayed in my reader through the last year and a half or so.

  495. I came across it because it was referenced on another blog, I think it was probably Get Rich Slowly.


    I have not been as disciplined as I should be with my spending (accumulated several thousands of consumer debt during undergrad studies) and have resolved to learn more about money, including how I think about and use it. This means I have been reading tons of things…I always learn something from you that is meaningful to me and my goals.

  496. * Pittsfield, MA
    * can’t remember, probably from another blog.
    * female
    * 51
    * married for 23 years with two daughters,20&18
    * may have commented before, but I’m not sure
    * keep coming back for the great writing, timely articles, tips and suggestions from other readers
    * Thanks!

  497. What is your geographic location? — Long Island, NY

    How did you find The Simple Dollar? — I think I followed a link off of, but I can’t rememeber…you’ve been on my RSS reader for a while though

    Are you male or female? — Male

    How old are you? — Going to be switching from “20′s” to “30′s” in a few months ;)

    Are you married? — Happily

    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar? — Good, interesting articles

  498. Atlanta, GA
    Some frugal website I was at had your link
    How old are you? 52 and proud to be in the number
    I find many of your articles interesting and I’m never too old to learn something.

  499. What is your geographic location? Saskatchewan, Canada
    How did you find The Simple Dollar? via The Consumerist/Lifehacker
    Are you male or female? femail
    How old are you? 25
    Are you married? hell no!
    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar? Trent writes stuff that makes sense and the posts are always good reading even if they aren’t applicable.

  500. Bakersfield, CA
    1 18yr old

    I think I found this site by searching “frugal living” sites on google. I read everyday, on my blackberry. I look forward to your emails and save them all to a file for future ref.

    I left a good full-time job to pursue a nursing degree. I put off school while I was raising my son. Now we will go to school together. I know it sounds crazy in this economy to make such a move, but I have never been so poor and happy! I know I made the best decision for myself. I was always sick and miserable, I hated my “good,stable job”, so I would say it’s not always about the money. However, I know I will more than make up for it with a recession proof career as a nurse. I plan to aggressively,catch up on retirement etc. at that point. I also plan to work as long as I can. My goal is to become a traveling nurse so that I can travel.

    I am currently working part-time in the medical field while attending school. I live alone in a 365 square foot studio, so I have really downsized my life. I gave up a nice comfortable life style to reach my education and financial goals.

    I love your site for the advise and all the other reasons that everyone has already shared. Keep up the good work! I found a quote that I absolutely love on one of the links from your site and it’s:

    “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity”
    Albert Einstein.


  501. Female
    I am married and I can’t remember where I initially found out about this, but I receive it through email. I did, however, see it advertised in a parent magazine by a mother who had written an article on how to save money. I read this because it is about how to save money and to keep up with new ideas. My husband and I follow the Dave Ramsey plan and most of the views are pretty close to his. I also enjoy the topics discussed.

  502. BC, Canada
    Found your site through a random Google search; probably credit card debt-related post.
    Single, young son at home
    I appreciate the authenticity of the posts and just the general “tone”. It feels real. Thank you.

  503. Tempe, Arizona
    It was a few years ago, I can’t remember.
    Almost 25
    Not married
    The topics are incredibly helpful, and the way you express each one is both warm and motivating!

  504. Overland Park, KS
    Some blog search; I don’t remember precisely.
    Married with two small children
    It’s in my blog reader. Unless you offend me, I probably won’t delete you.

  505. Littleton, CO
    31 year old married male

    I found your site through get rich slowly. I happened onto his site from lifehacker for a reason I can’t remember. I’ve been following your site for about 1 year now and check it out every day reading older articles. I also subscribe to your feed via email.

    The biggest draw for me is that I enjoy your writing style. I also like your tips, thoughts, and ideas regarding how to live a lifestyle that doesn’t involve me spending money like I’m made of it.

    Keep up the good work!

  506. Rhode Island
    34 female married with 2 young kids
    found you through link from GRS
    I agree with much of your advice and like that you post so regularly

  507. *Phoenix, AZ (Go Cards!)
    *MSN article a couple of months ago
    *Not married
    *I keep coming back for the frugal living tips, though I originally started reading when I was looking for tips to get out of debt fast.

  508. 25, male, unmarried.
    India. (now in North Carolina, for graduate studies)
    First visit via, somewhere in mid 2007. (the earliest bookmark in my dates to Nov-07, for your killer-resume article).

    Commented several times, and sent a few mails (& was v.happy to see your timely replies !)

    I visit TSD daily, mainly for the innovative and safe tips to earn,save,invest and grow money, while still enjoying life.
    Also, for good ideas for long-term financial planning, and to know about ‘financially happy married life’ :)

  509. Long Island NY
    my brother turned me on to the site well over a year ago
    married – 3 kids – 2 in college
    started reading because my girlfriends and I started a money group – have used many of your articles and ideas to improve ur situations all of which are very different – thanks!

  510. Santa Ana, CA
    Probably by Googling something, can’t really remember.
    married 12 & 35 for a total of 47 years
    I just love your style, and then when you talked about Amy D. being one of your favorite people, I knew why. When my kids were growing up I had subscribed to the Tightwad Gazette for several years. And you are diverse – lots of interests. I like that you like being with your kids and you cook and garden. I like that you’re a Christian, you don’t mind saying so, but you don’t expect kudos for it and you don’t use it for leverage. You have to be really open to write a blog for all to see – and you are.

  511. Female, 40, widowed with 2 teenage kids, Toronto, Canada
    How did you find The Simple Dollar? – Don’t remember really but I read a lot of articles on MSN Money, possibly found the link there

    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar? – First, it is nice to see someone not obsessed with buying stuff, for a change. Second, I have to be frugal if I want to survive and afford some nice things (like sending my kids to Europe every summer to see their grandparents, for example, or leave a permanent job to start a business doing what I love). Not much of this blog’s content is applicable to me (I don’t have any loans, don’t own a house etc.) but reading it provides a great motivation. It helps me keep focused on essential things as opposed to frills and not feel bad about driving a 10 year old car and having second-hand furniture in my living room. Who cares as long as this living room can be filled with happy family and friends.

  512. Galway, Ireland
    From another blog, I think
    married, mom of 7

    Like the writing style and the topics, the links you provide and the book reviews.

  513. What is your geographic location? Virginia
    How did you find The Simple Dollar? Can’t remember but am happy I did.
    Are you male or female? Female
    How old are you? 44
    Are you married? Happily divorced
    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar?
    Most of the time I enjoy the blog. I like the ideas you put forth. They make me think about my life and my current financial situation. I also really enjoy the book reviews.

  514. Seattle
    Can’t remember how I found it, but read daily now.
    Single and looking
    I come back because every day because it’s good to get reinforcement that other people are trying to be more proactive with their finances. Money is in some ways the last taboo with my friends, and it’s good to find support somewhere – even if it’s virtual.

  515. Olathe , KS
    I very much like your writing style and the topics coverage. Been frugal for a long time and your articles resonates my liking.
    Found through life hacker i guess. (its been a long time :)

  516. 42, female, married
    found through GRS

    Enjoy the writing and comments. Helps to keep me on track.

  517. Tidewater region Va
    I followed several links from other finacial blogs
    early 20′s
    I like seeing how others manage finances in order to avoid major mistakes myself, and helpful comments on ways to live better.

  518. Portland, Oregon
    Link from…somewhere else (Lifehacker?)
    Female, age 37
    Married, no children
    I keep coming back for the solid, practical thoughts and advice, and for the book recommendations.

  519. Nuevo León, México
    I found you browsing the Internet for frugal ideas.
    Female, 30 years old married.
    I read TSD even when I don’t know enough English, but with the help of a dictionary, I understand everything. I like your ideas about frugality and about childcare, the rules about shopping and the kind of celebrations you have (like the birthday of your son, the end of the year, your anniversary, etc.)
    Keep up with this excellent blog!!

  520. Florida
    Not sure – been reading for so long
    I love to read the articles. It is a break from the work related feeds.

  521. I’m from Pittsburgh, PA…divorced, 33, female, and I have no idea how I ended up on your email list, but I’m glad I did!

    Being recently divorced and living on my own for the first time in my life, and actually STRUGGLING for the first time in my life, I’m always looking for new ideas to save money, cut back, etc. The Simple Dollar provides all of that and more. Some ideas work for me, some don’t, but they are all good food for thought. And just because they might not be workable for me right now, doesn’t mean that they won’t be in the future. Always worth reading. I like your honesty and boldness, Trent. Sometimes I’m surprised at how much of your personal life you share here and I find that amount of honesty refreshing. I also like it that you don’t mince words or sugar-coat things. The truth is tough to hear sometimes, but it’s best to hear it and have the option of doing something about it!

    All the best,


  522. Boulder, CO
    Found TSD from another site, I think
    I subscribe bec of the helpful articles; even if I can’t apply the suggestions I always learn something.
    Good Work!

  523. 27-year-old married gal (with one baby daughter) living near Seattle. Not sure how I found you, but sure glad I did. May have been something as simple as putting “frugality” in Google!

    I enjoy your writing style and the tips you and others leave here. Keep up the excellent work, Trent!

  524. Female, 67, San Diego, retired social worker. don’t remember how i got to this site but think it was from another frugality blog, or it may have come from googling the name Amy Dacyczyn. I keep coming back because it has so much good stuff. I find that i prefer reading the blog to reading the RSS (or whatever it’s called) because of the size of the font: the one that comes to my email address is so small. I’m so impressed with how much you know, how well you express it, and that you’re so young!

  525. Kansas City suburbs (Hello to you, KCDesi, we’re really close!), female, 25 and married

    I found Unclutterer first, and the rest of the Life Remix blogs through that.

    I like the practical advice about how to live below your means. We’re not currently in any financial difficulty, but I always like the reminders of how to stay that way and how to live wisely. I love your bread recipe, too!

  526. Auckland, New Zealand
    Not sure – maybe just through Google or the blogroll of another finance blog?
    Married for nearly 1 year!
    Great tips, objective critical advice and dailyl inspiration for my husband and I to build wealth and keep mastering our money (rather than the other way around, which was how it used to be for me!).

  527. Ireland
    Searching for articles relating to Frugal or Simple Living.

    For the idea’s and the connection / support for Frugal / Simple Living.

  528. -I live in the upper-upper midwest, right on the tip of Lake Superior.
    -I don’t remember how I found the simple dollar, but I know I was hooked the moment I found it. MSN money, perhaps?
    -Female, married mom of two, 27 years old.

    I come back here because it slows the mess of financial woes in my head down to an audible chorus of plans and goals. I identify with a lot of your content, and find it realistic, re-affirming, and refreshing.

    A cup of hot coffee and an article here first thing in the morning really centers myself on attaining my own financial goals.

  529. Baltimore, MD
    link from a site my sister sent me
    female, age 54
    married, grown children
    I like a different perspective on saving money and to get new ideas.

  530. Near Nashville, TN
    Hmmm . . . I think through a link from MSN money??
    Married – and I’m trying to get my husband to become a TSD reader too!
    I really enjoy your writing style Trent! It’s intellectual without being pedantic, stimulating without being overwhelming, and entertaining without being frivolous. I love that you combine research, number-crunching, and hard facts with the emotional and practical aspects of frugality, budgeting, and investing. Your appreciation for the importance of living well and making finances a part of your life, not your whole life, makes your perspective appealing. I enjoy the wide range of topics your articles cover as well.

    Looks like your “de-lurking” brought a lot of us out into the light of day! lol :)

  531. SF Bay Area
    I think through Zen Habits, which I probably found through another personal development blog.
    In a relationship 5 1/2 years

    I’ve liked some of the book reviews, frugal cooking tips (I soooooo wish you would start a cooking blog!), and there have been a couple of posts with the general idea that frugality is not about being cheap but rather getting the maximum benefit from your money. I’ve really liked your posts about people who know what makes them happy, and so they focus on that rather than fancy handbags and expensive cars.

    Oh, and did I mention that I like frugal cooking/grocery shopping/leftovers tips? I’m cooking at home a lot more since I started reading TSD regularly.

  532. Southern Alabama
    30 year old female, married with 1 child
    Your blog is a great motivator, and I feel I’ve learned so much in the months I’ve been subscribing.

  533. Springfield, MO
    Google search
    married with 2 month old twins

    Keep coming back because your writing is personal and thought provoking. I appreciate the time and passion being put into this project and I like that you break everything down step-by-step.

  534. I’m a 27 year old single make living in Chicago.

    I found the SD- I don’t even remember. I just sort of found it one day. I keep coming back because it’s packed with information and inspiration for me. Even though it’s very difficult for me to apply some of the frugality.

  535. Central PA
    A college friend knew I was interested in personal finance and mentioned the blog to me.
    early 20s — graduated from college in May
    Interesting, informative articles. I like to read the personal stories too.

  536. Milwaukee, WI
    I believe i stumbled upon it from a MSN article.
    I enjoy reading about personal finance and I usually find articles that are interesting and helpful. It has helped me understand how to best make my money work for me.

  537. What is your geographic location?
    Decatur, Georgia
    How did you find The Simple Dollar?
    I don’t remember.

    Are you male or female?
    How old are you? (Feel free to say “30s” or “40s” if you don’t want to leave your exact age)
    Are you married?
    Yes, with two teenagers
    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar?
    The writing is good, the insights are interesting, you review books that I’m unlikely to read and give me the best stuff from the books, you have a pretty good head for money matters and I learn something. And it’s a short, easy read.

  538. Los Angeles, CA
    Found TSD using Google
    This is the only blog I read daily. The articles are interesting, and it keeps me motivated to keep my finances in check.

  539. I am from Lincoln County, MO
    Found the website while googling about finances.
    Married female in my early 30s.
    I subscribe to emails and find the articles helpful in my every day life. I have learned many tidbits that may or may not apply to me.

  540. Walnut Creek, CA
    link from MSN a few yrs ago
    because you post so often. There’s always new content and its broad interesting subject matter

  541. 25 & married female

    I came to the site while looking for ways to survive on one income as I am still in school & we live off of what Hubbs makes & student loans.

    Great Idea! I have now officially de-lurked! :)

  542. DC
    I found you through a link from another blog.
    not married
    Your articles are often fun and informative, but I also like when you point out that there are more important things in life than money (such as family and friends). I like that you write about a variety of things.

  543. What is your geographic location?
    Kansas City, MO
    How did you find The Simple Dollar?
    I think I was looking for homemade detergent.
    Are you male or female?
    How old are you? (Feel free to say “30s” or “40s” if you don’t want to leave your exact age)
    Are you married?

    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar?

  544. Perth, Western Australia
    When googling ‘homemdae laundry detergent’
    Married with three children
    It’s well written, varied and keeps me thinking!

    Thanks, Trent

  545. Your questions are invasive. It is not your business how old i am or whether i am male or female.

    And this is the last time i will come to your site for exactly the reason that you are trying to gather demographics.

    If you post a blog as public, then it is public.

    Canceling my email subscription.

  546. St. Louis, MO
    female, 38, married
    found from another blog, maybe?
    Due to a cut in salary, had to make some big changes, and I have loved learning to live a simple, frugal life. Interesting and useful articles in helping me achieve that goal!

  547. Monterey, CA
    Through Wisebread
    It’s saved under my financial bookmarks folder. I open up every financial site I have linked and read through them all every day.

  548. Hi Trent,

    I’m 23 years old, female, married, live in upstate NY. I discovered you through Get Rich Slowly, I think. My husband and I are working on saving for a house and trying to establish good financial habits in our marriage, so we both look to you and other personal finance bloggers for information and new ideas.

    I usually comment profusely on blogs I follow, but for some reason I find your page format somewhat confusing and discouraging. It took me a while of puzzling to figure out where the comment box was (under all the other comments).

    Thanks for the good work you do here!


  549. Colorado

    I found the Simple Dollar by looking at other wedding blogs online and found a new world of financial blogs. I keep coming back because it is updated daily and gives interesting, insightful tips on living a frugal lifestyle. It also does a good job at making me think outside of the box when it comes to other aspects of my life as well. Such as work/life balance, etc.

  550. * Boston, MA
    * Googling budget type stuff when I first left college and got my first full time job (I think?)
    * female
    * 23
    * single
    * Not every post resonates, but I like to think about my spending habits and I like to spend little, save much, not accumulate Things, and really enjoy life and do what I want.

  551. Bristol, TN (upper eastern corner of state)
    My daughter told me about you.
    I’ve never been much of a spender, but a Dave Ramsey seminar helped me get organized. I enjoy your writing style, and I learn something new all the time. I’m really impressed with all the young people who are commenting and who are setting great priorities.

  552. San Antonio, TX
    I think though a series of blogs
    not married
    Simple, easy, non-intrusive advise to use over the course of my life. You post once or twice a day, and it’s easy to keep up. Thanks Trent, and keep up the great work. And I second (or third!), the thought of you doing a cooking blog, as those are my favorite posts.

  553. Chattanooga, TN
    male 28
    from another PF blog
    relationship but not married

    good writing about a variety of topic that revolve around but are not limited to PF…. very relate-able (i know it’s not a word)

  554. Somerville, MA
    early 30s
    woman, married
    think I found this via lifehacker or get rich slowly.
    keep coming back because I like the variety of different kinds of posts and I’m working hard to get out of debt and lead a simpler, more frugal life within my means.

  555. Canadian in Italy
    40′s, single
    I think I found you through zen habits or get rich slowly
    I like the articles on simplicity, spending less and book reviews.

  556. Nick

    Madison, WI

    I think from a random google search, but I don’t quite remember. It was 5 or 6 months ago I think.

    Male, 24

    I’ve recently graduated college and am finally out on my own, and some of the big decisions are intimidating. Your advice has helped explain some of these ideas more clearly than most other sources. Plus, the money saving tips are great! I don’t usually post because I read it at work during my lunch break, which usually only affords me enough time to read the articles themselves.

  557. I’m in Chicago
    Found Simple Dollar via Lifehacker a long time (18 months?) ago.
    I’m a male and 39 y.o.
    I keep coming back to the Simple Dollar because it’s in my RSS reader (heh) and I keep it there because I value the information and because I’m starting a blog myself and Trent is inspirational.

  558. Memphis, TN
    Linked from GRS, I think
    I like your warm and supportive style and that you understand that there usually isn’t one right way to do things that applies to all people. We’re in a good place now financially, and this site provides me with a daily reminder to keep up the good habits that brought us here.

  559. - Northern Virginia
    - Linked from another blog – I’m thinking Amy’s.
    - female
    - Almost 53! And proud of it.
    - Yes indeed. 26 years.
    - I’m a librarian, so I enjoy reading your book reviews. I’m a Christian homeschooling mom – we’ve always been frugal but there are always new things to learn in that area. Thanks for your hard work.

  560. Chicago area
    I think I found TSD through Zen Habits
    I like the book reviews and the different perspectives on personal finance and frugality.

  561. Nashville, TN
    Possibly through a money board on the nest
    Good advice that average people can benefit from and follow.

  562. Central Iowa, close to Des Moines
    Article in Des Moines Register about you
    I like the reader mailbag, try to live frugally, don’t always agree with you, but it’s interesting reading.

  563. What is your geographic location? Raleigh, NC
    How did you find The Simple Dollar? Searched for “budget” on google
    Are you male or female? Male
    How old are you? 33
    Are you married? Yes
    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar? I’m on a continuing journey to financial health, and your blog helps keep me on that path

  564. Missouri Ozarks
    50′s baby boomer – married
    I have no idea how I found this site, but have been a reader for several years – have always had a frugal mentality and am amused at some of the “new” ideas that are written about. I do find ideas, however, useful to us.
    I am waiting for someone to talk about our choice to invest our retirement money in land while other relatives in other places were making big, big money in the stock market. They have lost thousands, and we still have our land – not worth as much as it was, but certainly worth more than we paid for it. And since they don’t make any more we anticipate it will rise in price in the future. Just a couple old folks happy with our decision and our acres to do with as we wish.

  565. Female, Maryland (DC metro region), 27, married 5.5 years. Can’t remember how I found TSD, but I like the investment/saving/retirement information. Super-frugality and book reviews are less interesting.

  566. Central Virginia

    I forgot how I found TSD, probably through a link from another personal finance blog. I’ve been reading it daily for a good year now.

    Male, 22, Single

    I keep coming back for two reasons: the quality of the content and the quality of the writing. This blog’s content is different from most of the “typical”, cookie-cutter PF blogs, and that’s a good thing, because Trent does a great job of helping his readers apply what he’s discussing. Trent also does a good job of researching and adding value beyond what I could get with a few minutes of Googling on the topic. Also, the quality of the writing here is superb and the tone is quite genuine. I feel like I’m listening to a wise father or grandfather, albeit one who’s honest about his own mistakes and journey.

  567. California
    I can’t remember how I found you but I’ve been tracking your blog for about a year now.

    I keep coming back because you have a lot of good ideas and you are so real. I appreciate your honesty and the attitude that you have as you try to tackle new ways of saving money. I also enjoy the way you weave your life philosophy into your writing.

    Your new book is great. I hope you have many more!

  568. Chicago suburbs
    I think I found your site while googling budget
    I’m always looking for new tips to live frugally and save money

  569. 34, married with 2 kids. Hawai’i. Started reading when I got divorced 3 years ago and had to manage my finances paying rent and a mortgage (house we were trying to sell). Loved the solid, REAL advice. Now that I’m financially stable and responsible, I read to keep me stable and responsible.

  570. Iowa, google search, female, 50s, married

    My family and I have been frugal for years but I’m always learning something new from your blog.

  571. massachusetts
    I think from Zen Habits or another link like that
    not married/living together
    Your writing is easy to read and I really like the topics of trying to live a simpler life. It’s my goal. I’d like to cut my ours back at my job and do something from home. I love being home.

  572. * Melbourne, Australia
    * I found this website through Lifehacker
    * Male
    * Late 20s
    * Single
    * For ideas on how to live finacially healthy. I simply try to absorb all the ideas and apply those that fits my circumstances. On top of that it is an interesting read everyday.

  573. What is your geographic location?
    Overland Park, KS

    How did you find The Simple Dollar?
    msnmoney website

    Are you male or female?

    How old are you?

    Are you married?

    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar?
    I stumbled upon your website and have found it very helpful in my quest to wipe up the mess I’d like to call my (and my husband’s) finances. I like your writing style and find it an easy read. I read daily and it keeps me on my wagon. Thanks!

  574. Chicago area
    Lifehacker blog
    I am just starting out being independent from my parents and want to have a good financial base for my life.

  575. I live in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas metroplex. I’m turning 30 this month. Married.

    Either found you through Google Reader suggestions or

    I just eat up all the PF blogs. You put out quality work with a great writing style. You have a great intentional style to your work.

  576. St. Paul, MN
    Married 10 years
    Two daughters
    I belong to Refundcents, a couponing and rebate website, and someone posted an idea of yours along with a link to your site. Combine that with your love of the “Tightwad Gazette” and I was addicted! I also appreciate your honesty and your struggles and triumphs through everyday life. Sounds like my life! I read a few different blogs but yours has made a real connection with me. I have recently made the commitment to quit smoking, and reading your blogs is one thing I do to focus on what really matters. THANK YOU.

  577. Greenville, SC

    I found the blog through a link at

    I enjoy reading the daily blog via email as I prepare for the triple challenge of getting married, becoming a father, and buying a house this year.

  578. Phownix, AZ
    Not sure
    mid 60s
    Retired at age 52; investments in the toilet so decided hubby and I must live on our pensions and Social Security for a few years until things pick up. Through you I was inspired to believe it was possible and have discarded my spendthrift ways and we are living within our means. I have an excellent budgeting program, YNAB, and am happily thrifty now for several months. I know most of your readers are much younger but old dogs can learn new tricks!

  579. Hi!

    I’m 39 (40 next month) and married for 11 years with two daughters. I’m in North Carolina. I enjoy your site and check it daily. I like learning about money and how to save it and spend it responsibly. Keep up the great work!

  580. Brampton,Ontario,Canada
    Get Rich Slowly
    getting ready to live on my own and manage my own money. love the tips on frugality because university is super expensive. investment/savings/retirement information is also appreciated. book reviews are less interesting, but probably just because i don’t have time to read the books.

  581. I’m a history teacher at a private school, and I teach some pieces of finance and economics to my students in seventh and ninth grades. I live in northeastern Connecticut, and a former colleague of mine turned me on to the site. I’m a 38 year old man, and between my parents’ finances and my own, I need all the help I can get.

  582. 37, single woman, East Lansing, MI. I found this through a personal finance/frugal site and have enjoyed finding out about other sites and books out there.

  583. Melbourne, Australia
    Female 42

    I can’t remember specifically how I found you, but once I did, you’ve been in my favourites ever since. I come back daily because there is always something new. and I especially enjoy the book summaries.

    Keep up the great work!

  584. Dearborn,MI
    I don’t remember
    Female 36

    I want to live a frugal life and this site is a perfect place for everything frugal

  585. 67 years old Male. Don’t remember where or when I started reading your blog – well, I AM 67! Recently retired and need to keep expenses down although being born in Great Britain during the war years (1941 for those who are math challenged) I have always been frugal, I guess I just enjoy saving money, it may be that the less you have the more you enjoy it, which also means I enjoy it A LOT! BUT having said that I think that I would still be frugal even if I won a million dollars.

  586. 31
    Spokane, WA
    Have been checking your website for probably close to a year, at least weekly. I don’t remember how I found your blog, but have found it interesting enough to not be one of the one’s I purge occasionally :) I enjoy the variety of topics which help me/us stay on track w/ our plans.

  587. Western NC, married female 42. Found it thru MSN. I’ve been on about 6 months, love the daily newsletters. Just downloaded the “31 days to fix your finances” best $2.00 deal around. Lots of great ideas in one place. Thanks Trent.

  588. Madison, WI
    I think a friend sent me a link to TSD a while back.
    female age 43
    I like reading the common sense. I get the daily feed via email. I’m not interested in the investment advice, but I like most everything else. Frugal living is rich!

  589. What is your geographic location? UP of MI
    How did you find The Simple Dollar? Grandpa Terry
    Are you male or female? Female
    How old are you? (Feel free to say “30s” or “40s” if you don’t want to leave your exact age) 49
    Are you married? 27 yrs and 4 sons
    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar? Inspiration, Curiosity, Ideas, Advice. Keeps me heading in the right direction.

  590. Married, 47 professional with school-aged kids in SoCAL, making a combined $300K/yr.
    Linked through Get Rich Slowly one day.
    We grew up poor- food stamps and all… We continue to watch our money carefully and live frugally. Our co-workers complain about our paid for high mileage cars and brown bag lunches, but we don’t care.
    Enjoy budget articles and ways to be green.

  591. Female in Southeastern Massachusetts, married with no kids and 38 years old.
    My husband and I bought a house about 1 year ago and just trying to live more frugally than when we were kids.
    Linked over to the simple dollar from an article on msn money.
    We have no credit card debt and just 2 more months of car payments, after that only debt will be mortgage. We contribute $300/mth to our emergency fund.

  592. Central Virginia, married, female, 40.

    Found you through a friend. Keep coming back because the overall topic is timely and the individual post topics usually make me think about my situation. Not all the post topics always interest me but most of them do! Keep up the good work.

  593. What is your geographic location? Northern Minnesota

    How did you find The Simple Dollar? I can’t remember! Probably a friend on another site.

    Are you male or female? Female

    How old are you? 34

    Are you married? Yep – 7.5 years

    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar? I’m all about opening myself up to as many opportunities as possible to learn more about financial responsibility. This site is a daily check for me – doesn’t always pertain, but is typically informative and often eye-opening.

  594. Ohio
    found it just surfing around
    I continue reading because I like your writing style and learning about your life and all the tips you have

  595. Female, Texas, 40′s.

    I think you have a lot of common sense, and I enjoy reading your perspective on any number of topics. I consider myself a person who enjoys the finer things in life, and I always come away from your articles with new ideas on how to get the most out of life, as well as my resources. I always look forward to reading your articles, so keep up the good work.

  596. Columbus, Ohio
    Msn Money

    This site is somehow both pragmatic and wildly idealistic. I guess I am too. Your focus on using practicality to achieve huge dreams is inspiring and useful. I read it every day and hope you keep writing!

  597. Upstate New York
    Single female, 21 years old.

    I actually found this lovely site while looking for an easy homemade bread recipe.. That was almost a year ago, but I’ve been “lurking” ever since. I love getting the blog sent right to my email. It really gives me the motivation I need to stay on track with my budget and save for the future.

  598. Wisconsin (Green Bay area)
    Early 30s
    Married, two boys (almost 4 and 2)

    I first stumbled upon the homemade laundry detergent via Google. Being of the frugal mindset, I kept finding new (to me) posts that I found worthwhile, and therefore have kept up with the recent posts. I’ve been a reader for a little over a year now, I’d guess.

  599. Charleston, SC. 28 years old and married 2 years. I think I found TSD when searching for information on getting out of debt. I like reading about how you and your wife balance working at home and away from home, kids,and frugality vs quality of life. This site reminds me that we’re not the only family that isn’t addicted to TV and spends evenings playing cards and making things!

  600. 27, female, single, Virginia, don’t remember how I found you, but I’ve been lurking for over a year!

    It’s a good daily reminder to focus on what is really important. I especially appreciate your balanced approach: that saving money isn’t about forgoing all lattes and mochas, but it’s about really considering whether or not you need one every day.

  601. Midwest, found The Simple Dollar by following links from other frugal blogs, I’m 28, married, no kids yet, and I love the useful tips on this site as well as the personal anecdotes.

  602. Kingston, Ontario, Canada
    Probably a link from lifehacker
    This blog has real substance, as opposed to other personal finance blogs. It’s ‘real.’ (And it has a full RSS feed!)

  603. Houston-area, TX

    I found TSD when I was searching for make-your-own laundry detergent (over a year ago, if I remember correctly)

    Male, 30 yrs. old, Married

    The Simple Dollar has offered excellent insight for frugality and simple living concepts as well as helpful financial concepts & advice. In a constant search for a less-cluttered and less-stressful life, TSD continues to be a great, consistent place for inspiration. Thanks for all of your thoughts, Trent!

  604. Pittsburgh, PA
    Via a link from Get Rich Slowly
    Female and happily married
    50 for 14 more days!

    I found TSD late last year because I was looking for info about term life insurance. Now I have you on my Google home page and I always find tons of useful information about practical finance. Because of reading your blog, we now have a small (and growing) emergency fund and I have made a number of other changes in our finances that will help us live frugally and sensibly. I enjoy all your book reviews and as another reader mentioned, I have read them because of your reviews and also have chosen not to because of them. And any chance I get, I give your blog address to family, friends and co-workers to check out so they will be helped as I have.

  605. Maryland
    linked from Life Remix
    I like finance and productivity blogs, including this one.

  606. Los Angeles, CA, USA
    Found this blog when googling about the current financial crisis.
    Male, 20, unmarried.
    I have this blog RSS’d so I can stop-by if there are articles that interest me:your take on the economy, books related to that, investments et cetera.

  607. SF Bay Area
    58, female & married 19 yrs.
    Dound you through a link from Denofchaos. I became a real fan when I found out how much you love the Tightwad Gazette, my fave too.
    I appreciate your tips for people in college, because my son is now a freshman, and I don’t want him to make the same mistakes you did, so I pass on those posts to him.
    Personally, I appreciate your humanness and ability to share your foibles.

  608. San Diego
    25, female
    Not married but have lived with boyfriend for 4 years
    I can’t remember how I got here, but now I stay due to a general interest in PF and because I enjoy your writing…

  609. Ryan
    Central Indiana
    Can’t remember how I found it.
    Subscribe due to the many useful ideas I have seen. Many of which we have implemented.

    BumGenius Diapers being one of the big ones

  610. Washington, DC but trying to get back to SF
    Lifehacker article on a money-free weekend
    28 going on 29 …

    I keep coming back because:

    1) I need reminders to keep working towards my dreams, and to keep dreaming.

    2) I like your thoughtful and open writing. I didn’t know how to think about personal finances but realized I needed to start planning beyond the next paycheck or credit card bill.

    3) I need external support to stay on budget since my friends mostly make more than I do.

    4) Finally, I’m shooting for $0 net worth (including student loans) by my 30th birthday. After going through saving/travel binges throughout my twenties and paying euros for grad school with loans in dollars, I need all the help I can get. I’m now credit card debt free, and I love it!

    p.s. Jade is spot on. It’s refreshing and liberating to realize that ‘frugality is not about being cheap but rather getting the maximum benefit from your money’.

    p.p.s. I love your bread recipe.

  611. 28, female, single, Seattle

    Google search for PF–I’m looking for more ways to cut back besides make your lunch and coffee at home.

    I admire Trent’s personal story and his humility about the decisions he’s made.

  612. NSW Australia.
    Googled a book.
    Married male.
    Still getting value – particularly like the financial book reviews, eg. Buffett.

  613. Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    Found TSD through another website
    Female 51 married 4 kids
    Never too old to learn new tricks!

  614. Alaska
    just surfing around
    I’ve had my share of financial troubles and decided to take control of it! Your daily emails are a constant reminder to make good choices and are also a source of good tips and tricks. Thanks and keep it up!

  615. I have commented a couple of times but I want to participate too!
    Hi I’m Heather!
    Located in St. Louis, MO
    I found TSD through a google search on frugality.
    I am single female 28 years old with kids.

    I keep coming back because I love the everyman feel to it. And Trent is always willing to try to help everyone out with what information he has and what he has learned from experience.

  616. Minnesota, female, 33, not married
    Can’t remember how I found it
    Read almost every day for the excellent writing and tips, and mostly to keep me on track in my goals to pay down debt and live frugally

  617. I’m 26, and married 5.5 years. I live in Oregon in a semi-small town, and my husband is a masters student right now. I came accross your site early on when you wrote about making laundry detergant. We haven’t tried it yet (my son has very sensative skin), but I think it would be great fun. I mostly read to reassure myself that we are doing a good job, and to get new ideas. I get a little lost when you start talking about investing, but I love everything else. Well, some of the book reviews I skip, since I am not intrested in some of the topics. I did read Stephen Kings book on writing though, and actually own it now.

  618. Jan
    North Central Illinois
    43, female
    married 24 years
    Found through the Lean green Family Blog
    I like your frugal household tips. I don’t much care for the investing tips or book reviews, but I like the household stuff and the reader mailbag. I enjoy hearing about your life as well.

  619. What is your geographic location? Vermont

    How did you find The Simple Dollar? Sorry, I really don’t remember

    Are you male or female?Female

    How old are you? (Feel free to say “30s” or “40s” if you don’t want to leave your exact age) 43

    Are you married? Yup — two kids!

    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar? For inspiration and money saving ideas — thanks for the laundry soap how-to — and also because I enjoy the author’s casual and warm writing style.

  620. I’m a 40-year-old married woman living in Minnesota. I found The Simple Dollar through a link on somebody else’s blog — can’t remember which one. I keep coming back because of Trent’s commonsense approach to money and life, the interesting posts on productivity/time management — and because I’m originally from Iowa, and I like sort of keeping up with my homestate.

  621. Normally Maine – now Rhode Island
    Living with Partner of 13 years
    Found through Lifehacker.
    Love the easy to read articles and find them very interesting:)

  622. James
    Male UK 28

    I’m not sure how I found the site, started reading loads of PF blogs at the same time. I have dropped a load they seem to be a waste of time, but this one keeps on getting mentions in the other sites. Honesty and originality.

    I read through my email feeds, and skim most of your posts, but some, just make me sit up and take notice.

  623. NC
    Google search for information on buying a house
    This site offers practical information that has helped my husband and I survive on one income in our new home while I continue to search for employment. The home articles are of excellent quality and a huge help to first-time home buyers/owners.

  624. What is your geographic location? Austin, TX

    How did you find The Simple Dollar?Can’t remember which one, but through another PF blog

    Are you male or female? Female

    How old are you? 30-something

    Are you married? Yes

    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar? I love the articles! Whether I agree or disagree, there is always food for thought and I enjoy reading all the comments, too! There are so many smart/wise readers/contributors on here.

  625. I live in Somerville, MA and found The Simple Dollar through researching GIMME BACK MY MONEY on Amazon. I’m a fiftysomething single female and haven’t lived within my means for most of my adult life (relying upon real estate sales and family gifts). My ‘house of cards’ financial lifestyle finally caught up with me and I am broke, scared and alone–BUT feel that this emergency is forcing me to finally learn how to live responsibly. Better late than never? You are a great writer and make me feel hopeful in the midst of the mess I’ve made…

  626. Tulsa, OK
    MSN Money
    Female, 52, Married
    I keep coming back because the writing is excellent and stays with money topics. Some blogs that say they are about money topics wander all over in their writing.

  627. Cheyenne WY out on 40 acres
    married 15 years, 4 children
    found you on a search for laundry detergent (decided to go with a homemade powder, easier to store has the same ingredients)
    stayed because of the financial articles. Your advise seems to work with my mind.

  628. I’m from MA, female, 17, unmarried of course. I think I found this blog via another finance blog.
    I read different finance blogs as a head start, gonna be 18 in four months…don’t want to be completely out of the loop.

  629. I’m 38, female, married, one kid. I work at a desk doing software testing in Silicon Valley. I came across your site last year I think. I loved your articles about your life and financial recovery. The aluminum can sorry was so good. I’m OK frugal right now; I like your site as it is a source of anti-consumerism motivation. I figure that there is so many CONSUME, CONSUME, CONSUME! messages out there, that it is responsible to make sure you expose yourself to other messages to balance it out.

  630. brian
    i live in the bham of bama
    im 22, dental student at UAB
    married for almost 3 years and about to have a 2nd baby
    i forget how i found this site, but we are frugal people- shop at thrift stores, see dollar movies or rent from the library for free, grow our tomatoes

    like all the articles about frugalness and such

  631. Twin Cities, MN
    I think it was a link or mention through
    *laughs* female, obviously, as a mom!
    26 and proud of it! (My mom is 55 and not afraid to announce it, too!)
    Married for 18 months, and mother of a 7-month-old little munchkin who is cute as a button!
    I keep coming back to the Simple Dollar for several reasons:
    – the diversity of advice (investing, retirement, grocery savings, reviews of books, etc.)
    – the fact that you don’t seem to be that much older than I am – still young kids, etc., so what you have to say about topics relating to buying a house, kids (and paying for them!), etc., is relevant, unlike some of the older advice-givers who have great advice… if I was living in the 50′s again!

  632. *Philadelphia
    *I’ve recently gotten into working with financial clients and wanted to do some research. I’ve stayed because I’ve found the site to have some great ideas and explain things in a way even a newcomer can understand.

  633. Female, age 49, married

    I don’t remember how I found out about the Simple Dollar — probably from lifehacker or the unclutterer websites.

    I enjoy your work because it encourages me about two important things — how to save money, and how to focus on what’s really important in life.

  634. I am a female in her 50′s, live in TN, married for 37 yrs. Found the Simple Dollar looking for a laundry detergent recipe. Love the frugal advice, wish I had started reading 30 years sooner! Keep it up!

  635. San Jose, CA
    Female, 25 years old
    Married for 3.5 years.

    I found The Simple Dollar when searching for a bread recipe. I loved your tutorial and have since adapted the recipe to make whole wheat bread.

    I keep coming back because I enjoy your writing and advice. My hubby and I are both grad students right now, so it’s important for us to be smart about our finances. And I’m sure what we learn during these student years will stay with us in the years to come.

  636. Albuquerque, NM

    I believe it was linked to in an online article I was reading. I’ve been hooked ever since.


    Married (happily for 12 years, I might add)

    Great content. Most of it is relevant to me, and the part that’s not is still good nonetheless.

  637. I have commented briefly before, though not often, but as this seems to be in the way of a survey-style idea of your readership, I’ll bite. :)

    I am in New England, in my mid-to-late twenties, married but childless, and I found TSD via a post you did I think two years ago about essential pieces of free software. I stuck around because you give solid advice, even if some of it isn’t relevant to me right now–it’s interesting, and that’s good enough.

  638. Waconia, MN
    I think I found the site about a month ago by searching google for ideas to save money
    Male, 28 years old, Married
    We currently have about $4000 of credit card debt due to my wife going back for her Masters degree, That will be paid off by March, then all we’ll have are my wife’s student loans! I started coming to this site because we went from being DINKS (dual income no kids) to parents last winter and my wife cut back on hours at work and started school again which meant we started to spend more than we made so I was looking for ideas to cut spending and found many great ideas here!

  639. 57, Male, Los Angeles
    Found the Simple Dollar by accident during a web search.

    I like being frugal and learning more every day about how to watch each penny.

  640. female. close to 70, Springfield MO,,
    found it thru Dollar Stretcher….

    SS is my income, and no, I can’t travel the world, but I”m perfectly happy being where I am…
    no debt, and I always read what you send…soemtimes, I get ideas from it, sometimes I don’t…but find it quite interesting..

  641. Laila
    San Diego
    found this site to help me understand and learn more about money – it has turned into something I look at everyday!
    Plus I get ideas to pass on to my kids and ways in which I can learn to cut back.

  642. Denver
    29, female
    Not married
    Overwhelmed by student loan but also enjoy living a frugal life and always looking for tips to do so.

  643. Florida
    I don’t remember, I think it was a link from another site.
    I keep coming back because the information is relevant to my life.

  644. Boulder, CO
    I can’t remeber where I heard about it
    I like the inspiration to keep upping my savings and also the level-headed advice. Sometimes the volume of posts is too much though.

  645. 1)New Brunswick Canada
    2)Get Rich Slowly
    6)RSS in Google Reader keeps me up to date on this website. I drop by if any articles catch my eye. Looking for practical tips on living simply and investing/saving or ways to use GTD to manage my finances.

  646. Houston, Tx. Found you through links from other PF Bloggers. 36yo married Female. My favorite part of your blog is the Recommended reading/fave books section. Thanks for your work!

  647. Houston, Texas
    A friend told me about the site.
    50, Married, Male
    I keep comming back because of the relevant articles and the book reviews.

  648. What is your geographic location? South Carolina
    How did you find The Simple Dollar? Sorry, don’t now recall… maybe Stumbling?
    Are you male or female? Female
    How old are you? Hmmmm… “Middle Age”
    Are you married? yes
    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar? We have been living a frugal lifestyle for at least 5 years (really 7, but definitely for 5). I am always alert for tips or hints to improve/extend our resources and your blog is well-written.

  649. What is your geographic location? ~ Central PA
    How did you find The Simple Dollar? ~ Seeking the recipe for the homemade laundry detergent thanks to it being shown on the Duggar family’s show (not sure it was exactly yours, but everything appears to match up perfectly!)
    Are you male or female? ~ Female
    How old are you? ~ 34
    Are you married? ~ Yes, with 4 kids and some exchange students to boot :)
    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar? ~ I’m fairly new, so I’m just now getting hooked. Keep up the interesting work! :)

  650. Brooklyn, NY
    30 years old
    Found TSD from links at various personal finance blogs
    I started reading The Simple Dollar in summer 2008 because Trent’s posts are practical yet entertaining. I keep coming back because it’s one of the most comprehensive sources of personal finance advice in the blogosphere. Though some of the ideas designed for Iowa will not work in Brooklyn, NY, I can adapt for my particular circumstances. I also find that TSD has really changed my money mindset and has given me a great start in my personal finance evolution. Keep up the good work.

  651. Michigan
    Found TSD through Lifehacker
    Variety of topics, enjoy your writing, learn a lot from different perspectives in the comments as well

  652. Thunderhardt
    Derby, N.Y.
    3 Children 29, 27, 22
    Found Through Google Search
    Read EVERY day for better financial wisdom.
    Great think tank for starting the thought process of greater ideas.
    I read the blog everyday because I TRY to live a frugal life and save money.
    I thank you and all of your readers for thier great advice. I Learned ALOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  653. Female, Tennessee, 60, married

    I am not sure how I found The Simple Dollar but I have read it for quite a while. I enjoy your ideas and thoughts on just about everything.

  654. Woman, 40′s, married, AB, Canada. Found this site through another blog, but I don’t remember which one.
    I am trying to learn more about finances, debt reduction and long term saving, and this site is easy to read and comes in nice bite-size servings each day. ;-)

  655. -South Dakota
    -Not Married
    -I don’t remember how I found it but probably though another finance blog. I’m subscribed though My Yahoo and read most articles that way, although I sometimes visit the site to read comments.
    -I like your writing, your honesty, and your overall style of how you publish TSD.

  656. I’m 28 years old, single, female

    Honduras (Central America)

    Found this site one day while just surfing the Internet

    I’m from the states, but live in Honduras. Because of living abroad, my financial situation is sort of unique, but I read your site to get ideas and stay on top of my finances. The advice is great, and I really like the book reviews. I read your site almost every day. It’s a natural part of my day. Living in Honduras, it’s more difficult to obtain books in English, especially about money/investing, so the internet has become a vital resource.

    It would be nice to have an international section somewhere within your website that discusses financial issues specific to expatriates. I’m been thinking about looking into creating my own, but anywho…. love your website. It’s great!

  657. female, married, 71, North Port Port Florida.
    Am looking for tips on saving money.
    Not sure how Ii found you. Now I get daily email which I enjoy/\/

  658. Tampa, Fl
    Through google. I was intrigued by your article to the twenty year old with no debt who wanted financial advice.
    I am not married but I am in a long term relationship and plan on getting married in the next year.
    I keep coming back to the simple dollar at least twice a day because I think that the articles are well written, entertaining and informative. I have emailed your articles to many of my friends and I have now started to print them out so that I can reference them even when I’m not on the computer. Keep up the great job!

  659. I’m an unmarried 23 years old male living in Minneapolis

    I found The Simple Dollar through a post on My Money Blog. I subscribe through an RSS reader so I can catch and at least skim everything that is posted at TSD. The articles here are some of the most well thought out posts of any blog that I read. I continue to read TSD because the advice here is more practical than that of the main stream financial websites.

  660. Sure, I can delurk for a day.

    - I’m in Alberta
    - I found the Simple Dollar shortly after it started by clicking on the suggested reading in my Google Reader.
    - Female, 31
    - Single parent
    - I subscribed way back then and keep on reading because Trent is straight forward and interesting in discussing his topics

  661. female, 66, Philadelphia PA
    Someone (my DIL, I think) forwarded one of your pieces & I subscribed.
    Widowed, living with partner.
    I like Trent’s writing – it reads so easily that, as a writer myself, i know how hard he worked to get the clarity and precision. And although i’m in a very different time of life i enjoy the musings of a young householder – brings up memories.
    I subscribed on e-mail b/c I don’t understand RSS.
    I like the links a lot, too.

  662. Female, 50s, married 39 years, 8 children, SoCal.
    I’ve been frugal all my life, and it’s so fun to see a GREAT blog that confirms my ideas! We were always careful to pay off debt quickly, and pay cash for most things, so it’s nice we have no debt now, home paid for, and are now working on investing funds. I found it a few years ago by searching for ideas on investing.
    Get lots of good ideas, and have recommended your blog to many others! Thanks.

  663. SLC, Utah
    23-year-old married female (been married for 3.5 years)

    I’m not exactly sure how I found your site, though I’m quite sure it was from my Lifehacker feed.

    I come back to The Simple Dollar b/c I enjoy the content. I have so debt myself (car and student loans), but still have a desire to save for other things and your blog has helped guide me in positive directions. Plus, you post a manageable number of articles per day so I’m not overwhelmed.

    Plus, I’m from the midwest and your writing reminds me of “that kind” of folk :) haha…it’s a compliment. Thanks for this site and your hard work, Trent!

  664. Female, 30s, Chicago IL, Married

    I found your blog when searching for information on “Simple Living”

    I keep coming back because of Trent’s great advice and helpful book reviews.

  665. Manteca, CA
    Clicked on someone’s blogroll
    Male 52 years young
    Married 32 years

    Read because one never knows what idea may trigger a “AHA” moment followed by taking action on a idea. Also it gives me encouragement to do better.

  666. Boston

    Came across the site via Google or maybe lifehacker. I come back for the practical advice and variety of posts.

  667. Long Island, NY
    Forgot how I got here but think I followed a link somewhere, or read about it in an article.
    Financial Advice that’s interesting, poignant — I’ve subscribed for a few months now & enjoy the new insights.

  668. CT
    Lifehacker, I think about a year ago
    No, but in a serious live-in relationship
    Reading The Simple Dollar helps keep me on track remembering what I’m trying to do, gives me ideas of how to get where I want to be, there’s a sense of community of interesting people here (despite my not having commented before), and recently inspired me to start a record for myself this year. Thanks!

  669. 40yr old married male- Corpus Christi, TX

    I found your site thru an article about early retirement on the MSN homepage. (investing in the 500 index fund).

    I check by every few days to see if I can learn anything new.

  670. Rochester, NY

    Found you through (over the summer) when they featured one of your articles. I am subscribed to your RSS feed and keep reading because you cover some interesting topics and I really enjoy the Mailbag segment every Monday.

  671. Poor farming county is Connecticut.
    Through GRS.
    27yr old sahm married for 8 yrs with a 6yr old and 3 yr old.
    You are the most realistic PF blog I’ve come across. I like that you have kids whereas a lot of PF bloggers do not. I have a hard time connecting with the PF blogging DINKs

  672. Central Maryland
    web search for something else a long time ago

    I keep coming back because the advise is useful and in small enough chunks to make me think on things a little at a time. Plus, over time, I’ve discovered that a lot of the “extraneous” things are relevant too–I love to garden, cook, make my own laundry detergent, hang out my clothes (I know you have reasons not too–but I’ve got trees and a corn field for neighbors, so they don’t care), to read, and to find more ways not to live beyond my means (frugal is good, cheap is bad).

    Keep up the good work!

  673. Atlanta
    Found TSD while researching budgeting tips
    Early 23
    Visiting the TSD is a daily habit. I like the personal finance advice.

  674. Vancouver, BC, Canada
    Not sure, likely a link somewhere
    Not married
    Great posts keep popping up in my blog reader… Thank you!

  675. I’m a woman from North Carolina and 62 years young. I’ve listened to Clark Howard on the radio for many years and you touch on some of the same issues he does, although I have certainly learned something new in your newsletter. I also enjoy your book reviews. It’s very refreshing to see young people so into trying to save money for their future. I don’t remember how I heard about your site but I’ve enjoyed it and pass the newsletters on to my daughters.

  676. Shreveport, Louisiana
    Found while searching for ideas about saving money.
    I really like how honest and straightforward your writing is. You have accessible ideas and good advice.

  677. Australia
    Found website by random google search
    Not married
    I love the tips and advice, as I started out with the same type of background as you.

  678. New York, NY
    I’ve been reading TSD email notices for some time – can’t say how long exactly.
    I enjoy the tips and financial advice.

  679. Orlando, Florida
    early 30s
    married w/2 kids

    I think I found you from the Smart Spending (MSN) blog. I enjoy reading here and learning new perspectives about finances and saving money. I also enjoy reading the readers’ comments – I learn from those as well.

  680. What is your geographic location? SF Bay Area

    How did you find The Simple Dollar? I honestly don’t remember. It might have been through The Compact group.

    Are you male or female? Female

    How old are you? 53

    Are you married? Nope.

    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar? The fact that you actually make thinking about finances *interesting*! I’m in good shape financially – no debt, pay off my credit card every month, and have more than a year’s salary in the bank. The Simple Dollar taught me how to set up a CD ladder to earn more on my savings.

  681. East coast, Australia
    Can’t remember – maybe from Get Rich Slowly? It was a long time ago.
    Partnered, not married
    I like the balanced approach, the book reviews, and also it’s interesting to get an insight into how Americans manage money.

  682. I’m in Kansas.
    A friend of mine reads this and had a link in her blog one day. You are also talked about on finance board.
    I am 31.
    I am married with 2 kids.
    I am in credit card debt, and you inspired me to get out of it. I keep coming back for more pointers, books to read, and ideas.

  683. What is your geographic location? St. pete, Florida
    How did you find The Simple Dollar? Not sure, been on my feed for a few months.
    Are you male or female? Male
    How old are you? (Feel free to say “30s” or “40s” if you don’t want to leave your exact age) Almost 40 :-O
    Are you married? Not technically, but close enough!
    Why do you keep coming back to The Simple Dollar? I can never know enough, I need to learn all that I can, there is great information here, and and have not been doing things the best way possible.

    Thanks! Love the information here!

  684. In my 40s, a Scot living in England, divorced (happily!), male, found you on the blogroll of another writer’s site (can’t remember which), drop by occasionally to see what you’re writing about …

    All the best!

  685. Cleveland, Ohio
    Found this from a Digg link from over a year ago, strangely enough

    The Simple Dollar is the first, and only, blog I’ve subscribed to receive actual emails vs. just the RSS feeds. Although the topics don’t mesh as well with my interests as they did in the past, they’re still great.

    This is my 1st post on TSD. Thanks for asking for the “silent majority” to drop you a line!

  686. 45 year old female who lives on the coast of VA. I found Simple Dollar on another blog that was designed to tell how to save money through couponing. I read it pretty much every day, have it linked to my personal blog. It is a kind of peer pressure/support to help me stay in a money saving mindset. I also appreciate reading about the family aspect of the blog, though my children are now grown. Its better reading than the newspaper!

  687. Los Angeles, CA. Female, 21, single.

    Found through Blogroll, can’t remember which. I subscribe to the feed. I’ll be a struggling student for a while, so it’s great seeing tips and such interaction with your readership.