Planting Seeds

One of the best parts of gardening is that you get to watch the tiny seeds you plant in the early spring grow gradually into beautiful, blooming plants that provide food all throughout the harvest season. The smallest thing, with a bit of love and care and attention, turns into something incredible.

One of the best parts of life as a whole is that you get to plant seeds whenever you’d like, just like in the garden.

You can spare a ten dollar bill, plant it in a coffee can under the sink, and then keep feeding it with quarters and ones and fives whenever you can. Soon, a big down payment on a replacement car will sprout.

You can lend an ear to an acquaintance who really needs someone to talk to, and then keep feeding it with kind comments and extra time. Soon, a friendship will sprout.

You can spend an hour exercising until you feel completely worn out, and then keep feeding that experience with bursts of exercise. Soon, more energy in your life will sprout.

You can hold your wife’s hand on an ordinary evening and pull her close to you, and then keep feeding that experience with a little love note slipped into a purse and a kiss on the cheek and a smile. Soon, a deeper love will sprout.

You can spend an hour writing that story you’ve always had inside of you, and then keep feeding it by adding more to that story whenever the moment feels right. Soon, that novel you’ve always dreamed about will sprout.

You can stop by the library and find a book on a topic you’ve always wanted to understand better, and then keep feeding it by reading a few pages a day. Soon, a greater understanding of the world will sprout.

You can pull that old musical instrument out of your closet, clean it up, and try playing a simple song, and then keep feeding it by playing it a few times each day for a few minutes. Soon, beautiful music will sprout.

So many things in life start with a simple seed, one you can plant any time you want. Life offers us hundreds of seeds every single day; we merely get to choose which ones to plant.

Even the greatest seed won’t grow into something amazing without a little love and care, though. Once you’ve planted that seed, feed it and water it and keep the weeds away.

Something new and amazing will grow in your life if you take care of that seed.

You just have to make the choice to pick up one of the seeds life hands you and do something with it.

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