Six Ways To Follow Up That Big Financial Talk With Your Spouse

Recently, I discussed how to break the ice and have a financial discussion with your spouse and an astute reader made a very good point afterwards during an IM conversation: after such an intense discussion, it might be appropriate to do something romantic – with a frugal attitude in mind.

With that idea in mind, along with the fact that Valentine’s Day is slowly approaching, here are six great (and inexpensive) romantic ideas for all occasions. I’m using a wide variety of different approaches, but they’re all tested ideas and they’re all quite frugal.

1. A bouquet of wild flowers.
This is free and completely romantic. Look for some places where you might find flowers growing in the wild. If you don’t know of any places, ask around. Go there, cut some flowers, make a bouquet out of them, and then give them to your lady love.

2. Space.
This seems kind of awkward to some of you, but quite often you can put the spark back in your relationship by giving the other person some space. Suggest doing a bunch of household chores outside or away from the home and encourage your spouse to just take it easy today and do something relaxing. After several hours, check in; the results will almost always be good. My wife and I do this for each other regularly; one of us goes to the park and shopping with our son while the other one stays at home and just relaxes for a few hours. It’s always a good thing.

3. A “first date” reenactment.
For most of us, our first date with our significant other was a pretty cheap affair. In my case, it was a matinee at a theater, a window shopping trip, and a very cheap dinner. I remembered when the exact day of that date was and ten years later we reenacted the whole thing. It cost about $12 and was incredibly romantic.

4. Breakfast in bed.
Get up early. Scramble some eggs, pour a glass of orange juice (or coffee), make some toast (or a bagel), and bring it in to your waking honey. A newspaper or a magazine is a good touch, too. Then let him/her relax while you tend to the kids (if you have any). A flower in a vase on the tray is another nice touch.

5. A love letter left somewhere special.
Spend some time writing a love letter in your own handwriting. Then just leave the letter somewhere where it will be found in the next day or two, preferably when you’re not around. I generally like using my wife’s pillow, as she always goes to bed before I do.

6. Picnic by candlelight
This is a great way to spend a romantic evening, and it works perfectly on an evening where there’s some chill in the air, but it’s not freezing. Essentially, you just pack a picnic basket with sandwiches and other picnic foods, but also pack some extra blankets and some candles. Get to the park a bit before dark, spread things out, and light the candles. Then eat, talk, cuddle up under some of the extra blankets, and look at the stars together.

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