The Readers Have Spoken: Here’s What’s Coming Up

Recently, I asked you for some ideas on what you wanted to see here, and the response was tremendous. It basically helped me to map out some of the things I’m going to write about over the next few months. Here’s how the responses broke down (and how I’m going to tackle them here):

Big Interest (a weeklong series – maybe even multiple weeklong series)

Self-employment opportunities This one seemed the most popular. I plan on this being a weeklong series for the first go-round, with five entries on how to get started on your own. I’m going to focus on ones that have a low cost of entry and I’m also going to avoid ones that are pyramid schemes or MLMs, because I could not reasonably encourage anyone to do one or give one a fair shake.

Uses for common items This one got the most positive votes overall, but also a smattering of “blah” votes. My first stab at this will also be a weeklong series that should appear very soon about ten common items that are inexpensive and have a ton of utility around the house. It will be in ten parts (two a day). If that goes well, there may be a reprise of it on down the road.

Some Interest (a regular series)

Review of personal productivity philosophies There was a lot of positive for this, but also some negative. This will probably be a weekly series starting at some point soon.

Reviews of business/personal productivity books & how they apply to personal finance Much like the above one, lots of positive, but some negative, too. This will be a weekly series and start after the end of the Ten Books That Changed My Life series, same Bat-Time, same Bat-Channel.

Exposes The reaction here was very solidly positive, but not overwhelming. Given that these take a lot of work, I will definitely work on these as an irregular series.

Not Going To Happen Any Time Soon

Detailed look at stock information There was some positive reaction to this, but a lot of people made the point that you can find this information elsewhere. I will probably do occasional articles on this topic,

Video series Overall, this was the most negative one – it was the only item that actually received negative overall reception. Considering that the prep time for me for a video entry would be significantly longer than a written one, this one will go to the rubbish bin except for perhaps a one-time thing in a month or so.

What Else Is Coming?

Just to keep you interested, here are some articles coming up in the next two months:

A review of Rich Dad, Poor Dad as part of the 52 Books series Get out your flame-retardant boots for this one, kids. After my previous article about Bob Kiyosaki and the thread it spawned (with ardent defenders of the man coming out of the woodwork – even though I wasn’t nearly as hard on him as some have been), I have a feeling the comments on this review could be entertaining.

Mutual Funds Week: I get a cavalcade of questions on a regular basis about mutual funds, so I’m going to devote a week with multiple posts a day to explaining mutual funds in great detail.

Three Photo Diaries: A trip to Sam’s Club, a trip to CostCo, and a long-requested one about how I find mushrooms in the woods and prepare them to eat (seriously) and also to sell. The mushroom one won’t be until mid-April, though, as I have to wait for the weather to be right.

… as well as a huge pile of individual articles done explicitly at reader’s request. It should be fun.

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  1. Quang says:

    Hey Trent that sounds good, all the topics sounds great, I can’t wait =]

  2. Susan S. says:

    Hey Trent ~
    For those on the fast track to alternate uses and thinking about ordinary things, a surprisingly popular book The Tightwad Gazette is a good resource. Published in 1998 it is still a solid book to get viable ideas. Also, Simple Living has whacky alternate uses for things in every issue (for me, they’re way over the top but they work for some). Have fun with that one!
    Susan S.
    (who voted against the uses for common things – guess I’ve been there, done that)

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