The Reason

A few hours ago, my wife and I were sitting out in the yard watching our three children playing together.

I looked around me and saw all that I have.

I have a wonderful, intelligent, and witty wife who chose, for some reason beyond my comprehension, to marry me.

I have three curious, passionate, and funny children who fill every day of my life with laughter and surprise.

I have a home that I’m comfortable in, a circle of friends and family that I deeply value, financial security, and professional opportunities.

Everything isn’t perfect. I’m nearly blind in one eye. I am deaf in one ear. I was born with a largely non-functional thyroid. I’m sometimes overly serious and my memory sometimes feels like cheesecloth.

But when I step back and look around me, I see the glass is more than half full.

The wind blows through my hair. Sarah smiles and takes another sip of her tea. Our children run through the grass holding hands together.

This moment is why I choose not to buy things I might want. This moment is why I worry about every penny, probably more than I should. This moment is why it’s okay that I’m sometimes still working at two in the morning.

This moment, and the things that make it up, is what makes it all worthwhile.

Sometimes, it’s really easy to lose track of the forest because of the trees, but when you stand back once in a while and take everything in, the hard choices seem more than worth it.

What makes it all worth it for you? Take a moment, step back, and look at the big picture. It makes all of the little challenges seem small in comparison.

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