The Simple Dollar Day After Christmas Report: The Best of What I Gave and Received

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.

This year, the most enjoyable gifts I gave were a cashmere sweater to my wife, a sizeable donation to a 529 savings account to my son, a top-quality HEPA air filter for my grandmother, and homemade wall calendars for my parents, my grandmother, and my brother’s family that incorporated snapshots of the array of children that my brothers and I have.

My favorite gifts I received were a 2007 Moleskine large desk diary (from a friend to use as an idea diary), a good Leatherman, a subscription to Consumer Reports and to Money Magazine, a copy of TurboTax, a couple personal finance books (that I’ll review in the next month or so), and several items of clothing.  Not a bad Christmas in terms of practicality.
What were your favorite gifts this year?

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  1. Kevin Zemanek says:

    My wife’s adult siblings and spouses switched a number of years ago to a gift lottery. On Thanksgiving we draw names and each give and receive a single gift. This is not particularly unique. But this year we did something different. We all have enough “stuff” and really don’t need anything. So we changed the rules. You had to make a donation (up to $25) to a charity or non-profit in the name of the gift recipient. It was fun to pick charities that matched people’s interests. Habitat for Humanity for the sister that is really into her house. The Food Shelf for the sister who likes to cook. A donation to an animal shelter for my wife (beagle lover) and a donation to the American Cancer Society for me (several relatives died from cancer). This allowed us all to put the money where it could be well used – and in keeping with the personal finance topic – we each got to take a tax deduction for a Christmas gift given. :-)

  2. rodgerlvu says:

    thanks. you are the most intelligent person i ever met…

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