The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Aimee Mann Edition

It’s kind of amazing when you realize that your favorite album when you were a single, unmarried senior in college (when it came out) is still your favorite album when you’re pushing thirty with a wife and a child – it just speaks to you in a completely different way. That would be Aimee Mann’s Bachelor No. 2, which I’m sitting here listening to once again – and singing along with every single word. You can download it for free (and it’s legally yours) from emusic if you sign up for a trial. Click that link for the album; you can jump to emusic and listen to samples of each of the songs.

Now that you have a nice soundtrack for the day, here are some personal finance posts.

Review: The Maui Millionaires Ol’ Flexo seems to feel that this book has some good advice buried underneath some overbearing salesmanship. Pretty much how I feel about Suze Orman. Plus, he’s dumping Netflix. Ol’ Flexo’s a pretty bright guy. (@ consumerism commentary)

Quitting Your Day Job I’m beginning to wonder if this whole “quit your awful job” concept is starting to become a meme. (@ english major’s money)

Peer Pressure Spending In The Twentysomething Crowd This article is spot on; there’s a huge amount of peer pressure for twentysomethings to spend money – and that’s why so many of us leave our twenties with a ton of credit card debt. (@ queercents)

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One thought on “The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Aimee Mann Edition

  1. Hey, thanks for the links–both to my post and to the Queercents post, which feeds a growing idea I have about young people and our finances.

    I’m also a big fan of “Bachelor No. 2″–I’m glad you’ve found it an enduring pleasure.

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