The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: And Now The Wife’s Family Edition

After almost a week with my family visiting and their exit on Sunday, my wife’s family came to visit starting yesterday. I look forward to rest in the future… but my wife is due with our second child in less than a month. Whew!

Stop Being Poor! What Low Income Earners Can Do To Get Off Minimum Wage I had an article very much like this that I was saving to post when my wife goes into labor. Instead, just enjoy this one now and maybe pretend I wrote it. I do agree with the advice. (@ the digerati life)

Restaurant Whoops I have actually walked out of a restaurant in the past because of high prices. I was actually far more bothered by a $3 price for ice water than an expensive entree, though. (@ make love, not debt)

How To Project Your Cash Flow If you’ve ever had trouble with overdrafts, this is great advice. (@ queercents)

The Simple Dollar Retro: Nine Financial Reasons For Getting Involved In Your Local Community This was perhaps my biggest disappointment I’ve ever written for The Simple Dollar. I dearly loved this article and thought it spoke to a real truth about the value of community … and it just went by almost unnoticed.

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  1. guinness416 says:

    I know I said it over there, but I didn’t understand the MLND post. It boggles my mind that anyone would sit down at a restaurant without asking the host/ess to check the menu first. Even if it’s going on expenses – apart from price levels, don’t you want to see what sort of food they serve?

    (PS don’t visit Ireland if you don’t like paying for water!)

  2. Trent,
    I’m excited for you and your wife. I can’t wait to see some pics of the baby…. you *are* going to post them aren’t you? :) Glad you were able to include me in this roundup! -SVB

  3. Artemisia says:

    OH! That breaks my heart that the article about being involved in your local community didn’t get much attention!

    I am VERY INTERESTED in community involvement – and the benefits of social capital. I’ll read the article and will post comments soon. I am very excited to see what you had to say!

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