The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Baby Week Friday Edition

With the very recent birth of my daughter, I won’t be around too much this week, so I prepared some morning roundups in advance that list some of my personal favorite articles from various other personal finance sites. Each day, I’ll feature four of them. Enjoy!

Remove Car Dents Quickly And Cheaply Here in the Midwest, we get hail storms about once a year. I use techniques almost exactly like these to get rid of the small hail stone dents, no fuss, no muss. (@ wise bread)

21 Strategies For Creating An Emergency Fund, And Why It’s Critical Some great food for thought here, especially if you have no emergency fund. (@ zen habits)

Barriers, Again Or: The Emergency Fund, Vindicated Along those same lines, if you still need convincing of how valuable an emergency fund can be, read this one. (@ an english major’s money)

Fabulous Food From Frugal Folks This is a great collection of inexpensive and simple recipes. If you’re thinking of dipping your toes into cooking at home for the savings, but have no clue what you’re doing, give this a read. (@ my open wallet)

The Simple Dollar Retro: Money Magazine’s 25 Rules To Grow Rich By – Reevaluated Basically, I took apart, detail by detail, an article from Money. If you really dig into some of their puff pieces, you can find some really interesting juice.

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  1. Laura says:

    I’m in the middle of building up my fund right now. I especially like #2 (Automatic deduction)and #19 (stay in). I don’t even miss the money and I get a kick out of seeing the interest I earn.

  2. Madame X says:

    Thanks for the mention– I’ll have to add your post about how you save on food!

  3. Jeremy says:

    Thank you thank you thank you for the pointer on removing car dents! I just removed a shopping-cart dent in our quarter-panel using part of a compressed-air can I already had — so practically for free! It took a couple of tries, but worked perfectly on the third try. I only wish I had waited until we got an estimate from a body shop so I’d know exactly how much I just saved us!

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