The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Baby Week Thursday Edition

With the very recent birth of my daughter, I won’t be around too much this week, so I prepared some morning roundups in advance that list some of my personal favorite articles from various other personal finance sites. Each day, I’ll feature four of them. Enjoy!

Six Easy Ways To Make $100 Today Good stuff, but in most cases, the old adage applies – you need money to make money. (@ my money blog)

Economics of Burning Man I actually made plans to attend Burning Man once, mostly as spectator sport, but I didn’t make it. Nevertheless, I find Burning Man and events like it fascinating and this is a very interesting take on it from the perspective of “where did my youth go?”. (@ queercents)

How To Throw A Kid’s Birthday Party Without Spending A Fortune I’m going to have lots of children’s birthday parties in my future, so this is valuable advice to heed, indeed. (@ the digerati life)

The One Month Challenge Review: The Essential Part This couple tried the one month challenge and learned quite a bit about themselves. (@ we’re in debt)

The Simple Dollar Retro: One Thing You Can Do Today That Will Put You In Better Financial Shape Tomorrow A really simple idea, isn’t it?

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  1. Josh says:

    “Six Easy Ways To Make $100 Today”
    Most of that stuff sounds like fraud and if you screw up, you get hit with fees. I’d be very careful when messing with credit card companies and opening a lot of accounts.

  2. Very interesting collection of articles — I’m intrigued by Burning Man as many friends have attended it with colorful stories to tell. But I doubt I’ll ever make it there.

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