The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Ben Stein Edition

This week, my morning roundups are going to focus exclusively on specific personal finance writers. I’ve searched around the blogosphere researching these writers and the takes that others have on them and found a number of good ones.

I’m starting off with a writer whose biweekly columns on Yahoo! Finance have caused me to wax ecstatic in the past, Ben Stein. A speechwriter for a president, a truly excellent deadpan comedic delivery, and a great and wise personal finance writer to boot – Stein is the personal finance writer who I’d most love to have a dinner with. Here are some posts that discuss Stein:

Ben Stein: Keys to Retirement Savings A nice discussion of Ben’s principles when it comes to retirement savings, along with a very healthy discussion. (@ get rich slowly)

Book Review: Yes, You Can Time The Market! An excellent review of this rather interesting title. The author here directly examines Stein’s claims about dollar cost averaging versus lump sum inveting. (@ my money blog)

Ben Stein: Invest Or Pay Off Mortgage? Stein’s belief is that if you have a low interest rate on your home mortgage and have investment opportunties that can beat it after taxes, you should invest in those opportunities instead of paying down your home loan. This is great advice, assuming you have the financial willpower to follow through. (@ consumerism commentary)

Ben Stein Retro: How to Succeed in Hollywood — and Anywhere Else This is probably the best single dollop of all-around life advice I’ve ever read.

The Simple Dollar Retro: Ben Stein And I Explain Why I Just Bought Stocks Today, Even With Stocks Down 5% In The Last Week I took advantage of a small dip in the stock market in late February and early March and made a very quick 5% return on my money by investing with my mind and ignoring a herd mentality – in other words, following Stein’s advice.

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  1. Stein is such a well rounded guy and I find his logical advice to be so useful. I think the charisma he has enriches his writing as well.

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