The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Birthday Party Edition

A few days ago, my son had his second birthday, and we celebrated it quietly at home. He got to choose what to have for supper – all he wanted was macaroni and cheese and peaches, so we called an audible and also had ultra-lean hamburgers, too – and he received three gifts, most notably of which was a very large box of Lego Duplos (which he’s starting to really get into). He and I built a giant castle using every Lego block he has on the floor in the living room – and then we quickly played “Godzilla Enters Tokyo” and the blocks went flying! He couldn’t have been happier – a wonderful and simple birthday for a nice little boy.

1 Year Ago Today: 10 Things We’ve Done to Regain Financial Control This is a really spectacular article, reminding me a lot of my own financial armageddon. This person went through a financial meltdown, figured out what to do, and dug himself and his family out of it, and here’s exactly how he did it. Some of the considerations were quite interesting – this one’s definitely worth reading. (@ gather little by little)

7 Ways Procrastination Has Cost Me Money If this isn’t a great encouragement to kick the procrastination habit, I don’t know what is – it kicks you squarely in the wallet. (@ lazy man and money)

The Simple Dollar Retro: Guilty Money: How Much Do You Have To Spend Frivolously Before You Feel Guilty About It? I thought this one generated some very interesting discussion.

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  1. Adam says:

    Happy Birthday Little Simple Dollar!

  2. Laura says:

    Procrastination this semester meant I lost out on $600! Next time, just do it that day.

  3. BigRed says:

    That 1st birthday is really more about congratulating yourselves for surviving the first year and celebrating a cool new little person who is no longer an infant. They need next to nothing, but love and a little cake. We celebrated my now-14 year old’s 1st birthday with a small cake, a couple of friends, and a big stuffed lion (which she still has), and I bought a DVD of THe Lion King, which the kids still like to watch. It was probably the simplest of the birthdays she had.

    None of the parties top her 8th birthday (backyard cookout and sleepover in tents and sleeping bags), because a neighbor mistook our “campfire” in the grill for a bonfire and called the fire department. So the kids all got a safety lecture from the firemen, who showed up with the hook and ladder and hoses (they used a lager stein from our kitchen to “put out the fire”) in their hats and turnout coats and axes. We were really beaming when the kids who had spent the night and who we brought back to their parents at church the next morning said it was the coolest party ever, then mortified when the described why it was so cool :)

  4. MegB says:

    What a sweet introduction to this morning’s edition of The Simple Dollar! Kids are so funny. Your son could pick anything he wanted, and he asked for mac ‘n cheese and peaches. I think that’s so cute and such an innnocent reminder of the importance of simplicity in our lives. Thanks for sharing, Trent.

  5. cendare says:

    This is a great post, except, what’s “calling an audible”?

  6. jeanie says:

    I tried the bread recipe you had in your column and it did not rise. So I threw it out and got another recipe and it did the same. The yeast was fresh. what happened?

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