The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Book Club Update Edition

After the splendid discussion yesterday, I found a few themes running through the comments that were pretty consistent:

One, the first one went too fast and was posted too frequently. I agree with that quite a bit. Every day was almost overwhelming and caused some people to just start ignoring it.

Two, aside from that big complaint, the majority of people liked it. This includes a fair number of people who didn’t read the book, just the entries.

Taking those into consideration, along with the desire for people to have some advance notice and also the votes people indicated, I’ve decided to try it again with some little changes.

What Color Is Yours?This time around, we’re going to read What Color Is Your Parachute? by Richard Nelson Bolles. I reviewed the 2007 edition of this book a while back, but for the book club I’m going to read the 2008 edition. Don’t worry, though – the annual updates to the book don’t really change much, so most older editions will be just fine.

There will be entries about the book only twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The length of each one will be roughly the same as the previous time, varying heavily depending on the content of the reading. Some pieces of What Color Is Your Parachute? are very intense in terms of self-examination, so those readings will be very short. Others will be quite a bit longer. Overall, I believe it will have a few more entries than the previous book club, but the club will stretch out over three months or so instead of compressed into one month.

The first entry for this book club will happen on Saturday, December 1, 2007, with entries every Wednesday and Saturday following it.

The lower frequency should make it much easier for people who didn’t want to participate in the last one to avoid it as well as present a slower pace for people who want to slowly follow along.

I thoroughly enjoyed the last club and I also find What Color Is Your Parachute? to be a very valuable book on introspection (with a healthy dose of quirkiness). This should be fun!

When You Stretch and Stretch and the Ends Don’t Meet Great advice for those of us in a serious budget pinch. Are you reading this, Minimum Wage? (@ wise bread)

To Whomever Stole My Debit Card This is a fantastic little piece of writing. I personally would have entitled it “Ode to a Scumbag,” but to each his own. (@ gather little by little)

Things You Should Know About Percentage Traps This is actually more about psychology than math, but an excellent article, nonetheless. (@ money, matter, and more musings)

The Simple Dollar Retro: Seven Ways To Overcome Social Awkwardness That You Can Practice Anytime I still practice many of these myself – I’m naturally a deep introvert, so it’s work for me to be social.

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  1. Margaret says:

    I just read the one about the stolen debit card. Are you serious? You can use your debit cards without entering the pin number? Why on earth would you allow this?

  2. russ says:

    great, i can’t wait. i’ve always wanted to read that book. these changes to the book club format, i think will be very good. thanks for heading this up.

  3. Sm4k says:


    Most debit cards you can use online just like credit cards. All you need is the Debit card number and the CCV number (the 3 digit one on the back). You don’t need your pin number to spend it this way.

    Also, many cards can also be used as a debit card in stores. Quicktrip for example (a gas station/convenience store in the midwest) I will go in and buy whatever I need, use my debit card, tell them to treat it as Credit so I don’t have to bother with my pin number.

  4. Rita says:

    yey! i have a 2005 copy of what color is my parachute.

  5. Elaine says:

    Yeah, I’m really glad I live in Canada for that reason…. ALL transactions with a debit card require a PIN. EVERY TIME. phew.

    I really think the US is insane in this regard.

  6. Andrea says:

    I’m with Elaine for sure. I’d much rather have to “bother with” my PIN every time.

    At least when my credit card was stolen it was all worked out BEFORE any funds left my control.

  7. Jeni says:

    Oh boy I read this earlier this year (the 2007 version) so I’m ahead of the game! Ironically, reading the book, and creating my “flower” is what gave me the idea to start my blog to tie all of my interests together (skin care, photography, websites, working independantly), and that leads me full-circle to your book club. Maybe I am overzealous, but I am curious to see your “flower” and everyone else’s.

  8. Jenny says:

    Hi Trent,

    I appreciate your modifying the book club schedule. Another suggestion I have is this:
    Could you hide most of the text under a clickable link, so the full article would just appear on the comments page? (what I think is called a cut tag)

    I found it frustrating to have to scroll past such a long piece of text to get to your other articles, which are why I read the site. I love your writings on food – you inspired me to take packed lunches to work this summer.

  9. Ro says:

    I also appreciate you dialing it down with the book club. I got behind and did not post in the YMOYL series, but would like to participate, so this will work out well!

  10. louise says:

    that is a great book choice. Part of my job involves careers counselling and this is one of the books I recommend and use often with clients.

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