The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Campaign Work Edition

I’ve basically volunteered myself to spreading the word about a certain presidential nominee in my local town in advance of the January 3rd caucus here in Iowa. It’s been interesting – I printed out a bunch of flyers and have been talking to people about the candidate. It’s amazing how far rational discussion can take you.

How to Improve Your Performance Review This Year What I usually find works very well is to try to find opportunities to go over your objectives regularly with your supervisor, so that the annual performance review is a complete foregone conclusion when it rolls around. (@ money smart life)

Don’t Be Afraid of the Big Bad Debt Not only is this some good advice on debt management and using peer pressure to put yourself in better financial shape, but it meshes well with a topic that I’m going to write about later today. (@ clever dude)

How to Protect Your Personal Data When Disaster Strikes My best advice is to just make sure your most essential documents are in a vault at a bank somewhere. (@ gather little by little)

The Simple Dollar Retro: One Thing You Can Do Today That Will Put You In Better Financial Shape Tomorrow A lot of readers have written to me saying that this post inspired them more than any other.

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  1. Amanda D says:

    That’s awesome that you are volunteering. I’d love to hear who you are supporting and why. I think your blog is an excellent tool to reach a great deal of people. Hopefully the discussion will be civil. Have fun!

  2. LOL! a civil discussion about politics? I can’t even agree with the people on my side of the aisle. I appreciate you giving your time to a cause you believe in but in the terms of blogging about finances the only political thing I could see that applies would be tax policy.

  3. guinness416 says:

    I appreciate you not mentioning who you’re supporting. I am really hoping none of the American bloggers I read start into posts about the election, because it’ll make their sites unreadable to me.

  4. Scott says:

    I agree. I’d like to see who you’re supporting AND I also appreciate you not mentioning it as content on the blog. If you have time please shoot me a quick e-mail and let me know who your candidate is. a one liner with the name of the candidate would be fine.



  5. FMF says:

    Ha! Why even bring it up? Now we’re all in suspense. ;-)

  6. So are you going to take a stance and share whether you are supporting the Democrats or the Repulicans? :)

  7. Angel says:

    I’m also glad you’re not saying who you’re supporting. That would create a never ending debate.

  8. Marta says:

    Good for you! I’ve found that I feel the most connected to my community when I’ve volunteered for political campaigns – lit drops, phone banking, talking to other volunteers with the same principals, and meeting others who think differently – it makes you feel like your vote actually matters when you’ve done all that extra legwork supporting the candidates you believe in.

    I also appreciate you’ve chosen to keep your political preferences private!

  9. I think politics and economics are inextricably intertwined. Your views of how the economy should function and views toward social responsibility towards the less fortunate is heavily dependent on your political leanings. It’s not just Iraq and Iran…political affiliation affects the direction of one’s economic views.

  10. Aubrey says:

    I’m going to take a wild stab and guess Ron Paul! If so, I’m with you 110%.

  11. Tyler K says:

    I agree that this isn’t the place for political debate. If your dugg list is any indication of your politics you’ll find mine is similar.


  12. Beth says:

    On the point of one of your entries today, you said “…make sure your most essential documents are in a vault at a bank somewhere.”

    I don’t love that because I don’t have a local bank account, and really don’t want to pay for a safe deposit box. Instead, I think I’ll store my important documents in an envelope at my parent’s – they live 3000 miles away so it’s unlikely we’ll be affected by the same disaster, and I’m not worried about them using the paperwork for anything nefarious.

  13. lorax says:

    I’m curious about which candidate you’d support too. But I can understand that you’d be cautious about losing a portion of your readership.

    In the same situation, I’d not even mention that I was volunteering.

    I wish I could decide who is the least-bad choice.

  14. Amanda says:

    Thanks for not mentioning who you’re supporting, Trent. Given some of your writings here I bet I can guess – my guy! – but you have a bully pulpit here, in a manner of speaking, and it’s probably for the best that you don’t choose to exploit it.

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