The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Come Back To Camden Edition

A close friend of mine is getting married this summer. The entire wedding and reception is going to apparently be themed around the 80′s band The Smiths and their lead singer Morrissey. Rumor has it that Morrissey may actually sing at the reception. They plan on having their first dance to the song Come Back To Camden, hence the title of this post. Apparently, a very wealthy relative of theirs is bankrolling the whole thing because he wants them to have a wedding that they will never, ever forget. Wow. Part of me wants to go to make a bootleg recording of the reception. Anyway, on to some personal finance posts.

Lifecycle Funds: Look But Don’t Touch A very tricky title here; he’s not actually saying avoid them. Nice commentary. (@ generation x finance)

1987 Versus 2007 This post does a very dramatic job of comparing 1987′s stock market to 2007 using an overlay chart. In 1987, we had a very terrible crash. Will it happen again? An aside: in 1987, I was already playing the market: in Topps baseball cards. (@ the big picture)

The Simple Dollar Retro: The True Cost of Generic Diapers Guess what, expectant parents? There are some additional costs that are associated with using the cheapest diapers.

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  1. Moz fan says:

    How do I score an invite to this wedding???

  2. Clever Dude says:

    Hey, I started collecting cards in 1987 (Topps as well). I stopped a few years later, but I still have all those cards at my parents’ house.

  3. Please, please, please record it. Soundboard quality, please :)

    BTW, the “Economics of Daughters” was an interesting read. All 3 of our kids are girls, and my wife also comes from an all-girl family. Her parents gave her (us) and her sister a fixed sum to spend as they pleased; we spent my wife’s on the wedding, and my sister-in-law spent it on, well, who knows? Now my sister-in-law is getting married this summer, and her parents aren’t contributing a dime. Sounds like a good arrangement to me. Some financial planners (especially Ric Edelman []) also recommends doing something similar for college money–if your child decides to use the $100k+ to start a business instead, all the better, since it should teach them about financial responsibility.

  4. mistermarr says:

    Saw this crossposted on a moz board. If it doesn’t work out with the big guy, have your friend check out Ronnissey (The Sons & Heirs, smiths tribute band). And I’d bring the Marr. We’d have the whole Smiths catalogue to choose from.

    I know it seems like shameless self promotion, but in this case, hey it could be useful to have a plan B. I know, I just got married last year.


  5. Trent says:

    Just to note, the whole Morrissey thing is just rumor among friends and family, nothing even close to a confirmation. I have been emailing with friends and apparently there IS something “huge” planned for the reception, and I know the couple is obsessed with Morrissey and plan on dancing to “Come Back to Camden,” and I do know that we’re talking about a potential very large payment for the guy to fly in, sing a few songs, and leave. Just a note for the Morrissey fans who found this post.

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