The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Cookies Edition

My wife and I made a batch of homemade cookies last night, completely from scratch. Oatmeal chocolate chip. The temptation was intense, but I only ate one, as per the ongoing Volumetrics diet. I used to eat four or five of them alongside a glass of milk, so it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

Are Pets Worth The Price? A very interesting continuation of the ongoing pet discussion… it started on The Simple Dollar a few days ago and has continued in various places. (@ queercents)

When Paying Off Doesn’t Pay Another excellent Ben Stein column where he lays out the facts about prepaying your mortgage. (@ yahoo finance)

The Simple Dollar Retro: 15 Things You Can Do Right Now To Help Your career A nice little collection of career tips that you can use to get ahead during those spare moments at work.

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  1. mote says:

    In my family we never seem to be able to eat a batch up before it goes stale, so what we do is keep some out because nothing tastes as good as fresh cookies ;) but then we freeze the rest. Take them out one at a time and pop it in the microwave, and then have it with a cup of tea or whatever – they taste awesome this way, if you ask me =) having them frozen like this also makes the temptation easier to resist.

  2. j dawg says:

    I love Ben Stein but it just goes to show that even experts can have some screwed up opinions. I totally disagree with his assessment of not paying off the home. The one thing he does not asses is risk. Once the home is paid off you are very liquid.

  3. margo says:

    Life without homemade cookies is not a life worth living.

    Incidentally, homemade cookies are another frugal food item; the dough can be made relatively cheaply, frozen for long periods of time, and defrosted and baked on an as-needed basis.

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