The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Crazy Episode of Lost Edition

I’ve watched Lost since the beginning. During most of season one, I was basically sucked in and I couldn’t wait to find out what happened next. I kept watching through season two and the early part of season three, but it didn’t quite suck me in like it once did. Right now, though, the show is hitting on all cylinders. Why? Lost thrived by balancing humanity and mystery; when they would focus too much on one over the other, the show would suffer. Right now, they’ve found that balance again – and I can’t wait for Wednesday evenings. Last night’s episode has almost got me bouncing off the walls for next week. On to some personal finance notes.

How To Prioritize Your Retirement Accounts I was considering an article just like this a day or two ago, but nickel beat me to the punch. Nicely written and detailed. (@ five cent nickel)

Organic Crime: The Raw Milk Undereground This isn’t particularly personal finance related, but it is quite interesting and related in a frugal way. Raw milk, for those unaware, is milk straight from the cow: no processing or pasteurization or anything. In my opinion, it’s delicious, but I wouldn’t buy it on an open market. Why? Raw milk straight from a cow that you extracted yourself (or from a very trusted source) is actually really tasty and nutritious (and thick… and has a different flavor) and completely safe, provided that everything was cleaned correctly during the extraction process. If I went out and hand-milked a cow into a clean bucket, then took that bucket inside, poured it into a clean glass bottle, and stuck it in the fridge, I’d drink it – in fact, I’ve done this very thing. However, if it was done using the processes at most dairy farms (who basically rely on pasteurization for milk cleanliness), I wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole – it has to be pasteurized before I’ll buy it (though I’m not a big fan of homogenization). (@ consumerist)

Last Night I Threatened To Disconnect My Cable If you’ve ever wanted a great story and a primer on how to handle cable customer service, here you go. (@ wise bread)

The Simple Dollar Retro: Saving Money On Road Trips I wasn’t as good at writing titles early on as I am now, I suppose. This article is actually about four things you can do to save yourself some money over the course of a road trip – fifteen minutes of prep work can save you quite a bit of cash over a long road trip. This is basically most of my pre-trip checklist.

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  1. mike says:

    Lost = best network drama ever.

  2. Colby says:

    I called Time Warner cable on Friday and told them I wanted to reduce my monthly bill. We use TWC for Cable and Internet. He was quickly able to offer me $10 off my bill for 1 year, but wouldn’t do anything more despite me citing many competitive offers from Verizon, RCN, etc.

    $10 is a start… that’s $120 off, basically 1 free month of service.

  3. Tkriger says:

    Heroes > Lost > 24

  4. RG says:

    I’m addicted to Lost. And I’m a regular here I’m almost pathetic.

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