The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Easter Weekend Edition

Traditionally, my wife and my son and I travel back to visit grandparents for Easter, taking in a service at the church my wife went to growing up and engaging in a community Easter egg hunt. I’m looking forward to it. Here are some personal finance posts for you to chew on.

Your Total Measure of Wealth: Income, Personal Savings Rate, and Rate of Return If you really want to get a grip on how you’re doing financially and your net worth calculation isn’t enough, this article is a great guide to getting a better picture of where you’re at. (@ punny money)

The Real Estate Generation Gap: The Baby Boomers Are Trying To Sell, But Who’s Buying? There are lots of big socioeconomic issues that are hitting home right now with the overconsumption of the Boomers finally starting to come home to roost. (@ generation x finance)

The Electronic Drool Aid Asset Test Aside from the great Wolfe reference, this article makes a good point: a lot of gadgets seem “useful” but they’re really not all that useful and actually just turn into money vampires when you figure up the costs of charging, accessories, etc. (@ my open wallet)

Right Turns – And Other Simple Tips – To Save Money And The Environment This article has a lot of interesting tips, but the titular one was the most intriguing to me – right turns save gas. I didn’t really think of it that way – when I consider traffic flow, it makes a lot of sense. The other stuff is good, too – the author of this blog always does a good job. I’d link to him every day if you guys wouldn’t get sick of it. (@ money, matter, and more musings)

The Simple Dollar Retro: The One Month Challenge This was the first post on The Simple Dollar that really “took off” … it inspired a lot of people. Here’s the general idea: spend one month recording every dime you spend, and then sit down with it and see what kind of picture it paints for your financial situation. For many people, it’s a picture that they don’t like – and one that might just spur them to make a commitment to change.

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  1. That’s a nice roundup–good resource.

    I especially liked the real estate generation gap.

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