The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: End of the Road Edition

Today is the last day of July and our leases on our old apartment and our storage locker expire today. That means that today I’ll be turning in keys and such things. It’s a relief in a way, but in another way it’s a burden – I know those rentals are now replaced (and more) by the house.

Know Your Rights As A Debtor This is spectacular advice for dealing with an annoying creditor. I actually forwarded this link to a friend of mine who can really use the information right now. (@ queercents)

Buying Low And Selling High Might Sound Stupid, But People Still Do It When things take a dip, many people are automatically inclined to make panicky decisions. Bad move – the last week should have been an excuse to buy, not sell. (@ generation x finance)

Finances: Don’t Take Them So Personally An interesting perspective, one that I disagree with for most people. For such an analytical perspective to work, you have to have a very strong will, which, judging by the debt plaguing America, isn’t something that’s highly prevalent right now. (@ lazy man and money)

The Simple Dollar Retro: The Art Of The Slow Cooker A crock pot is a brilliant invention and one excellent way to start preparing delicious home-cooked meals without a lot of evening effort. This is a great guide for getting started.

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  1. Joy says:

    I think you mistyped the title for the generation x finance link – on that page, it’s “Buying High and Selling Low Might Sound Stupid, But People Still Do It”, while yours says “Buying Low And Selling High Might Sound Stupid, But People Still Do It “

  2. Kaitlin says:

    I’m wondering if anyone has any advice on how to get creditor’s to stop calling you for a relative’s debt. We have been getting harrassed for my mother-in-law’s debt for 6 months if not longer. I know it’s illegal for them to be doing this. I’ve tried picking up the phone, getting their information, that is usually when they hang up or get angry and claim they have a right to be calling us. Short of changing our number, which i’m not sure what would work, I am all of ideas.

  3. Thanks Trent, my point in the article was that people should strive to develop the mental fortitude if that’s what is necessary to make the best financial move. Rather than taking the psychology as a given and working within those parameters, we may look to change those parameters themselves.

  4. Jeremy says:

    Thanks for the mention, and as Joy pointed out, the high and low is reversed :)

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