The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Extended Family Christmas Edition

This weekend is all about the extended family Christmas celebration. Norwegian and German foods, lots of people, lots of presents… let’s look at the personal finance news, shall we?

We Would Be Better Off Without McDonalds I really enjoy posts like this: Ralph Nader liberalism at its finest. (Take that comment for what you will) (@ punny money)

Monopoly For Christmas? I played Monopoly so much when I was a kid. Then I moved on to a much, much, much more fascinating game: Acquire. (Someone, psst, please ask me to write a post about Acquire) (@ bean counter blog)

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  1. zim says:

    Do post on it! big fan of board games here…

  2. mudbug says:

    Please Ralph a liberal? Ralph is the only consumer advocate that’s turned it into his personal money making machine. The only thing liberal is the way he spends his “donation” money.

  3. Trent says:

    mudbug: Exactly.

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