The Simple Dollar Morning Roundup: Eye Infection Edition

Yes, the dreaded pinkeye was somehow acquired by my son, who has passed it to me, apparently. My sight’s just a touch blurry and my eyelashes… ugh. Anyway, personal finance posts:

Housing Slump Slows Down National Spending We’re just now starting to see the long-term effects of a ridiculous explosion in bad credit. This article goes over some of the consequences. (@ queercents)

Regular Versus Ethnic Groceries I used to be a huge fan of the ethnic groceries when I lived in a large city. Now, I don’t really have access to them – but I miss them. (@ living almost large)

The Simple Dollar Retro: Saving For Large Purchases Without Killing Your Budget This outlines my basic strategy for saving up for large purchases of any kind instead of just charging them and going into debt.

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  1. Mitch says:

    You probably know this, but…

    Even if you don’t often go to the doctor, if your cheek starts swelling, then you should see a physician as soon as possible to get some antibacterial eye drops (assuming it’s a bacterial infection) because you can actually have complications from conjunctivitis. I didn’t know this, but this happened the second-to-last time I had it, and everyone I knew told me to go to the doctor. All of the medical staff had to come and frown at my cheek. (It was the first time I went to a doctor for anything except exams/immunizations required for school.)

    You should also be disinfecting your pillowcases and towels and throwing out any eye makeup you may have used recently to prevent reinfecting yourself.

    Wishing you dim lighting!

  2. lorax says:

    I feel your pain… this happened to us a couple times. Apparently it’s very contagious if untreated.

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